Global DRM Market Analysis

Date: May 23, 2011
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Global DRM Market Analysis
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The global market for the Digital Rights Management (DRM) has witnessed significant changes with a plethora of opportunities in the form of media & entertainment DRM, enterprise DRM, and software DRM. Media & entertainment sector will witness the strongest growth in the next few years followed by enterprise DRM and software DRM. Mobile content market will be one of the major driving forces behind the growth in the DRM industry.

In addition to securing content on PCs, televisions, laptop computers, and smart phones, DRM companies are ready to provide content protection for rapidly developing industry sectors including mobile, gaming, and GPS navigation. Besides, telecom operators are offering premium multimedia content to compensate the falling Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for their voice services. Moreover, healthcare, financial, and educational sector will be among the key sectors for the development of the DRM market.

It is projected that the growth in Asia Pacific will achieve requisite pace during the forecast period. Many countries in North America and Europe have witnessed highest growth over the past years, which are expected to get eroded in the years to come as the market gets saturated. Additionally, pay-TV services will also fuel growth in the overall DRM market with more premium content required to be secured against piracy.

According to our analysis, DRM interoperability remains a key issue for the industry. It is essential for the industry to develop a platform where creator of the content and end-user get fair compensation. It is projected that the DRM market will grow more than three times during 2008-2014.

The RNCOS report, “Global DRM Market Analysis”, provides extensive research and objective analysis on the DRM market at global level, sorted by applications of the technology. This report will help clients to analyze the leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the DRM industry. Detailed data and analysis will help the potential investors to navigate through the evolving market of DRM Technology and also help in examining the key application areas of DRM in different industries including Financial Services, Healthcare Industry, Education, Software Industry, and many others.



3.1 Emerging Digital Watermarks Technology
3.2 Pay TV Fuel Market Growth
3.3 Digital Media Market
3.4 Interoperability: A Key Issue
3.5 Corporate Scandals Driving Growth
3.6 Content Customization Market


4.1 Mobile Content Industry
4.2 Music Industry
4.3 Healthcare Industry
4.4 Educational Services
4.5 Software Industry
4.6 Financial Industry



6.1 Adobe
6.2 Microsoft
6.3 Hewlett-Packard
6.4 IBM
6.5 Sony Corporation
6.6 RealNetworks
6.7 VeriSign
6.8 Philips Electronics
6.9 EMC Corporation
6.10 Oracle Corporation


Figure 2-1: Global - DRM Industry (Million US$), 2008 & 2014
Figure 2-2: Global - Mobile Applications Download Revenue (Billion US$), 2010-2013
Figure 2-3: Europe - Average Annual Spending Per User on Mobile Downloads (Euro), 2005 & 2010
Figure 4-1: Global - Mobile Content Service Industry (Billion US$), 2010 & 2014
Figure 4-2: Global - Mobile Gaming Industry (Billion US$), 2010 & 2014
Figure 4-3: Global - Online Music Industry (Billion US$), 2010 & 2014
Figure 4-4: Global - Comparison of Digital Music to Physical Music Sale (%), 2010 & 2014
Figure 4-5: Global - Value of Unlicensed Software (Billion US$), 2008 & 2009
Figure 4-6: Global - Piracy Rates by Region (%), 2008 & 2009


Table 6-1: Adobe - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-2: Microsoft - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-3: Hewlett-Packard - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-4: IBM - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-5: Sony Corporation - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-6: RealNetworks - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-7: VeriSign - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-8: Philips Electronics - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2008 & 2009
Table 6-9: EMC Corporation - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 6-10: Oracle Corporation - Financial Overview (Million US$), 2009 & 2010
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Global DRM Market Analysis
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