Bishop Report Newsletter - Published Monthly

Date: October 23, 2011
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Bishop Report Newsletter - Published Monthly
A Subscription To The Bishop Report Provides:

Analysis of Country and Regional Connector Markets

Each year, Bishop & Associates analyzes the electronic connector market for all major and developing countries. This information is published and supplied to the electronics, and electronic connector industry in a variety of ways. The Bishop Report is one of those vehicles, providing a cross section of all research conducted by the firm. Each year, The Bishop Report furnishes regional, country, and product line information on the North American, Japanese, Asia-Pacific, Chinese and European connector markets. In the coming year, The Bishop Report will supply detailed information for each of these world connector markets.

Detailed Studies of Worldwide Electronic Equipment Markets

The key to developing any detailed market information on the world connector market is a complete analysis of the many worldwide electronic equipment markets. Bishop & Associates maintains, and updates annually, extensive databases on all worldwide electronic equipment markets. This information is developed and maintained at the country level, which provides the most accurate base for all component and connector projections.

Quarterly and Annual Sales and Profit Results

An important feature of The Bishop Report is the "How's Business" updates on the performance and profitability of the connector industry. Each quarter, Bishop & Associates recaps' information derived from public and proprietary sources to provide the industry with current, and projected trends in both sales and profits. Information on public connector companies is supplied at the company level, enabling the subscriber to evaluate each company individually, as well as comparing their own sales and profit results to the rest of the industry.

Projections by Country, and Region of the World

During your annual subscription, The Bishop Report will provide numerous connector growth projections at a regional, country, equipment, and product category level. The Bishop Report is a major source of growth estimates for the U.S. and world electronic connector markets.

Supplier Performance by Region, Product Category, And End-use Markets

Each year, Bishop & Associates dedicates one issue of The Bishop Report to the performance of connector suppliers worldwide. This information is extracted from an annual study published by Bishop & Associates on "The World's Top 100 Connector Suppliers." Supplier information is furnished by region of the world, product category, and end-use markets. Complete information is always provided on the top 10 worldwide suppliers, with individual sales by region of the world, sales by end-use markets, and sales by product category.

Market And OEM Trends

Each quarter, The Bishop Report analyzes results of public OEMs that purchase the majority of the world’s connectors. We report on how the large connector consumers are performing in sales and profit growth. The OEMs are categorized by principal market sector, providing visibility by end-use equipment segment. Additionally, we will monitor companies that comprise major sales channels, i.e., contract manufacturers and distributors.

Key Industry Benchmarks

The Bishop Report also provides "Key Connector Industry Benchmarks." The industry benchmark is a graphic or pictorial snapshot conveying a variety of information on the world connector market. Topics range from key industry results to, customer preference surveys, sales and profit results, cost of goods sold, SG&A, ROE, ROA, inventory turns, and others.

End-use Equipment Analysis by Country and Region of the World

Throughout the year, The Bishop Report will furnish information for end-use equipment markets with country, regional, and worldwide summaries.

Connector Industry Forecast and Outlook

Each quarter, Bishop Report subscribers will receive an in-depth “Outlook and Forecast” analysis of the World connector industry.

Product Analysis by Country and Region of the World

The Bishop Report furnishes country, regional, and worldwide information on connector sales by product category.

Monthly Indices

Book-to-Bill analysis measures industry sales and orders to prior periods.

Connector Confidence Index (WCCI) measures industry personnel confidence in business conditions now and in six months.

Lead Time and Price Indices monitor trends in connector prices and calculates the average lead-time on new orders in weeks.

Significant Events Affecting Connector Suppliers and Distributors

The "Significant Events" section of The Bishop Report furnishes a recap of important information and events related to the suppliers and distributors of electronic connectors. Bishop & Associates reviews industry publications, summarizing events having a bearing on the connector industry.

Updates on Key Industry Executives

The Bishop Report keeps you updated on key executives within the connector industry. This section provides current information on promotions, changes in responsibility, and moves involving connector supplier and distributor executives.

Connector Industry News Briefs

Your subscription to The Bishop Report includes the "Connector News Briefs." The news brief is a service that keeps you up-to-date on all significant events happening within the worldwide connector industry. Each subscriber receives the "Connector News Brief" by e-mail, in this way; you receive information and news on a timely basis.
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Bishop Report Newsletter - Published Monthly
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