Asia Pacific Handset Shipments, Vendor Market Share, Strategies and Key Trends Q3’2011

Date: October 22, 2011
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Asia Pacific Handset Shipments, Vendor Market Share, Strategies and Key Trends Q3’2011
This report and its associated database provide an in-depth assessment of handset shipments, vendor market share, strategies and key trends in Q3’2011 for the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific region witnessed 172.56 million units which was a massive 24.91% increase over the same period in 2010 (138.15 million units). As a result, the full year 2011 is expected to be a record one. By contrast the Q3 2011 handset shipments fell in North America by 6.63% over the same period of 2010 and by 1.51% in Central and Eastern Europe but these declines were more than compensated for by the dramatic rises of in Asia Pacific as well as in Latin and Central America (23.39%) and in the Middle East and Africa (45.58%) resulting in overall Q3 shipments worldwide that grew in Q3’2011 by 14.86% over Q3’2010. Within Asia Pacific, quarter 3 has witnessed great changes with vendors with several making announcements of new products, new operating systems and new functionality in a drive to generate sales ahead of Q4 demand. There are now active battles being fought by all vendors to capture, maintain or win back market share but these are unlikely to immediately threaten the Nokia and Samsung lead positions although Nokia may continue to see a declining market share. In terms of the key players and market leaders, Nokia has achieved a Q3 2011 market share of 28.27% of all shipments to Asia Pacific and while it remains in poll position, this share is down on all previous Q3 volumes in this marketplace as it is in battle with so many aggressive competitors. By contrast, Samsung in second place with a Q3 share of 17.09 is 33% up on the same time last year and is thus gradually increasing its share and slowly eroding Nokia’s lead. ZTE has come from nowhere in 2009 to third position in Q3 2011 with shipments of 9.15 million units and a 5.33% share in Asia Pacific that is set to further challenge both market leaders. Similarly, Huawei is fighting aggressively and has captured a 4.33% Q3 2011 share and is also set to make its mark hereafter. Apple continues to make good inroads with its iPhone series and while its Q3 share of 3.16% is down on both previous 2011 quarters, it is double that of the same period last year. Like Nokia, Sony Ericsson is losing out to the competition with a declining market share although its Q3 performance has been a substantial improvement over recent times reaching a 2.46% share with 4.22 million units; 50% on the same time last year.

1.1 Coverage
1.2 Executive Summary


2.1 Historical Market Size and Share by Region
  2.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments by Region
  2.1.2 Historical Year on Year Growth
2.2 Global Shipments: 2011 Quarters 1-3
  2.2.1 Handset Shipments by Region 2011 to date
  2.2.2 Global Handset Shipments by Region volumes


3.1 Trends in Handset Shipments to Asia Pacific
  3.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments
    Asia Pacific: Historical Handset Shipments 2004-2011 (Quarters 1-3 only)
  3.1.2 Handset Shipments 2011 Quarters 1-3
    Asia Pacific: 2011 Quarters 1-3 Handset Shipments – Percentage per Quarter
  3.1.3 Asia Pacific Handset Shipments 2011 Quarters 1-3 compared to 2010 & 2009
    Asia Pacific: 2011 Quarters 1-3 Handset Shipments compared to 2010 & 2009


4.1 Historical Trends by Vendor
  4.1.1 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors by volume
  4.1.2 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2 2011 Quarters 1-3 Shipments to Asia Pacific
  4.2.1 2011 Quarters 1-3 Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
  4.2.2 2011 Quarter 3 Handset Shipment Vendors
  4.2.3 Vendor Strategies Nokia Samsung ZTE Huawei Apple Sony Ericsson HTC LG Lenovo Motorola Mobility RIM
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Asia Pacific Handset Shipments, Vendor Market Share, Strategies and Key Trends Q3’2011
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