Voice/Speech Recognition Systems: Market Research Report

Date: January 1, 2012
Pages: 130
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Publisher: Global Industry Analysts, Inc
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Voice/Speech Recognition Systems: Market Research Report
The global outlook series on Voice/Speech Recognition Systems provides a collection of market briefs, concise summaries and statistical anecdotes of research findings.

The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry and details trends such as, growing demand for speech-based searching and analytics, increased focus on voice Internet and speech-enabled systems by technology vendors, and growing popularity of network-based speech recognition and distributed speech recognition technologies.

Additionally, the impact of the ongoing economic recession is discussed, while also identifying growth drivers such as fast paced adoption of speech recognition systems at contact centers, growing use of biometrics, and technology advancements in mobile and in-vehicle applications.

The report also presents a recapitulation of latest strategic corporate developments and product launches/innovations.

Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 216 companies worldwide.

Speech Recognition Systems – A Prelude
Current Market Scenario
Technology Hurdles Obstruct Wider Acceptance
Technology Providers Focus on Improving Awareness Levels of Enterprises
Ranking of Speech Recognition Solutions Adoption by Industry Sectors
Automated Voice Systems Cannot Completely Eliminate Human Agents
Speech Recognition Software Prices to Go Down in Future
Hosted Speech Services Offer Significant Benefits to Smaller Enterprises
Speech Recognition: A Review
Ubiquitous Applications Characterize the Market for SR Systems
Growing Popularity of SR Triggers Innovations in Voice-Interface Devices
Pitfalls of Embedded Speech Unleash a Search for Effective Alternatives
Network-Based SR & Distributed SR Technologies Rise in Popularity
Open Standards: A Key Architectural Requisite
Use of Speech Technology in Next Generation Networks
Speech-based Searching Gaining Pace
Demand for Speech Analytics On the Rise
The Internet Holds Out Lucrative Potential for Speech Recognition Technologies
Audio Mining for Searching Online Audio and Video Content
Speech Recognition Technologies Get a Fillip from Video Integration
SR Technology Vendors Focus on Voice Internet & Speech Embedded Systems
Fast Paced Adoption of SR Systems at Contact Centers Drives Growth

Table 1. Cost Comparison of Customer Calls Handled by A Single Call Service Agent and a Speech Enabled IVR System: Breakdown of Number of Calls, Call Cost per Year & Average Call Cost
Table 2. Payback Period Analysis for a 72-Port Speech-Enabled IVR System

Biometrics Offers Lucrative Opportunities for Voice Recognition Systems
Increasing Security Threats Drive Voice Verification Biometrics Market
Speech Security: A Business Case for Growth
Voice Recognition Systems and Software - An Outlook

Table 3. World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Voice Recognition Systems and Software by Geographic Region/Country – US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2015
Table 4. World 5-Year Perspective for Voice Recognition Systems and Software by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Annual Revenues for US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed for Years 2011 and 2015

Emergence of Standards Contributes to the Automated Speech Recognition Market
Applications of Automated Speech Recognition
Rapid Growth in VoIP Driving Speech Recognition Technology
Demand for Speech Enabled IVRs on the Rise

Table 5. World Market for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Europe and Rest of World for the Year 2010
Table 6. North American Market for Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Systems (2010): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Technology

VoiceXML Set to Become the Dominant IVR Technology
IVR Vendors Shift Focus to Small & Medium Sized Companies
Mobile Phones: The Next Frontier for Speech Recognition Systems
Growing Adoption of SR Technology in “In-Vehicle Systems”
Demographic Trends & Findings
Telematics & Car Infotainment: A Boon for the SR Technology Market
Technology Challenges to Reckon With…
Promising Applications in the Healthcare Industry: A Sneak Peek
Redefining the Standards of Healthcare Efficiency
A Peek into Technology Adoption
Radiology Department & Point-of-Care: Potentially Strong Application Areas
How Real Is the Threat of Substitution of Medical Transcription Services?
Speech-Enabled Self-Service Solutions Have Healthcare Providers Up by the Ears
Growth Drivers In a Capsule: A Recapitulation
Market for Voice/Speech Recognition Systems Remained Mostly Resilient During Recession


Speech Recognition: A Definition
Voice Recognition Systems
Top Voice/Speech Recognition Software in 2009
Voice Service Categories and Market Leaders for the Year 2010
Application Areas
Strengths and Weaknesses
Speech-Enabled IVR Solutions
Benefits of Speech-Enabled IVR Solutions
Voice/Speech Recognition Systems: An Evolution Scan
Noteworthy Milestones in VRS Development
A Primer

1700S & 1800S

1960S & 1970S




Types of Speech Recognition (SR) Systems
Speaker Dependent System
Speaker Independent System
Discrete Speech System
Continuous Speech System
What is Speech Recognition Software?
Speech Recognition Framework
Telephony Platform
Enterprise-Based Speech Recognition Applications
Network-Based Speech Recognition Applications
Voice Portals
Speech Recognition Technology: A Classification
Major Brands in the Market
Key End-Use Application Sectors
High-Performance Fighter Aircraft
Battle Management Command Centers
Training of Air Traffic Controllers
Communications & Telephony
Automotive Industry
Commercial Establishments
Consumer Electronics & Appliances
Other Applications of Speech Recognition Programs
What is VoiceXML Technology?
VoiceXML Design
VoiceXML Improves Customer Service
VoiceXML Offers Benefits at Low Costs
VoiceXML - Enhancing Speech Recognition Technology





IVR Market in North America: An Overview
Where Do the Opportunities Lie?
Factors Influencing the IVR Market
Packaged Applications Drive Growth

Table 7. US Market for Speech Applications (2010): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for Custom Applications and Packaged Applications

Speech Recognition Market in the United States: A Review

Table 8. US Speech Technology Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown by Application – Call Centers, Directory, Communications, Business Process, Transactions, and Others
Table 9. US Market for Speech Technology (2010): Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Product Segment – Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, and Speaker Verification

Growing Adoption of Speech Recognition Systems Among American Doctors
Speech Recognition Market in Canada: A Review
Canadian Government Steps in to Push Up the Technology’s Adoption
Key Statistical Findings

Table 10. North American Market for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems by End-Use Sector – Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Banking/Finance, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel/Hospitality, Healthcare and Other Markets for the year 2010


Voice Recognition in the European Healthcare Industry: A Review
Major Growth Drivers and Challenges
Increased Integration of Speech Technologies in Hosted IVRs


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems in Call Centers: A Review
Organic Growth of Telecom and Banking Industries Fuel IVR Adoption
SR Technologies Expand to Encompass Numerous Asian Languages
Focus on Select Regional Markets
Global Directory
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