Radio Industry: Market Research Report

Date: July 22, 2009
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Radio Industry: Market Research Report
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Radio Industry in Millions of US$.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period 2006 through 2015.

A six-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets.

The report profiles 988 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., CBS Radio, Inc., Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, ABC Radio Networks, Clear Channel Communications, Inc., Corus Entertainment, Inc., Cox Radio, Inc., Cumulus Media, Inc., Emmis Communications Corporation, Entercom Communications Corporation, Entravision Communications Corporation, Grupo Radio Centro, S.A.B. de C.V., Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc., Nassau Broadcasting Partners L.P., NextMedia Group, Inc., NRG Media, LLC, Radio One, Inc., Regent Communications, Inc., Saga Communications, Inc., Salem Communications Corporation, Sirius XM Radio, Inc., Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc., Univision Communications, Inc., and WorldSpace, Inc.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study



The Radio Industry: A Prelude

Table 1. Number of Radio Stations Owned by Leading Broadcasting Companies in 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

What Does It Take to Survive in the Marketplace?
Impact of the Ongoing Recession: A Straight Talk
Weak Economic Conditions Reinforces the Strength of Radio Advertising
Changing Strategies: Key to Staying Afloat
Mobile Radio Listeners On the Rise
Radio in Telephony
Transition from Analog to Digital Broadcasting Gains Momentum Worldwide
Advent of New Technologies Transforms Radio Broadcasting
Technological Innovations Enable Radio Broadcasters to Compete Effectively
Digital Radio: The Next Frontier
HD Radio: The Latest Technology for Digital Broadcasting
Government Regulations Worldwide Drive the Digital Radio Market
Contractual Agreements Generate Significant Revenues for Radio Stations
Presence of On-air Talent and Program Hosts Critical to Radio Business
SDR and CR Technology: Antidotes to Compatibility Issues
Hispanic Population Drives Demand for Spanish-Language Media in the US
Liberalization Increases the Number of FM Stations in Arab Countries
Market Restraints
Economic Downturn Hits Ad Revenues and the Overall Industry Growth
Competition from Alternative Forms of Media Hinders Market Growth
Outlook: A Recapitulation
Focus on Select Regions
United States
Industry Structure: A Review
Advertising: A Major Revenue Stream
Market Composition
Traditional Radio Continues to Gain Audience

Table 2. Types of Music Broadcasted on Radio in the US (2007): Percentage Breakdown by Category for Hip-Hop, Country, Pop, and Rock (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Radio Broadcasting Technology
Various Audio Platforms Competing for Listeners
Internet Radio

Table 3. Leading Internet Radio Stations in the US (2007): Percentage Breakdown by Listening Hours for Shoutcast (AOL), Clear Channel (Online), Yahoo Music, AOL Radio, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 4. Average Monthly Listeners of Internet Radio in the US for the Years 2008, 2010, and 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Public Radio
HD Radio
Cell Phone Radio
Podcasts and MP3 Players
Satellite Radio
An Overview
An Overview
GE06 Agreement
An Overview
Costs Associated with Radio Broadcasting
Prospects for Digital Radio
Challenges & Opportunities for Radio Companies in Advertising
Regulatory Issues
Market Overview
Market Overview
National Radio Services
Commercial Radio Services
Community Radio Services
Narrowcasting Services
Radio Industry in Arab Countries
Radio Industry in BRIC Nations


Definition of Radio
History of Radio
Channels and Station Categorizations
AM Stations
FM Stations
Radio Broadcasting
Types of Broadcasts
Live Broadcast
Recorded Broadcast
Live-to-Tape Broadcast
Broadcast Distribution Techniques
International Broadcasting: An Insight
Constraints for International Broadcasting
Technological Developments
Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Service
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Technology
HD Radio
Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services (SDARS) Technology
DTH Satellite Broadcasts
Internet Radio


Radio Stations Operate Under the FCC Regulatory Environment
License Grant and Renewal Contingent on Credentials and Utility
Alien Ownership Restricted
Factors Determining the Assignment and Transfer of Licenses
Public Interest Works as the Prime Determinant
FCC Policies Regarding the Grant, Renewal and Repealing of Licenses
Radio Stations Required to Serve the Public First
Compliance to a Range of FCC Rules Mandatory
Equal Employment Opportunity Regulations
Broadcasting of Decent Materials Mandatory
FTC and DOJ Undertake Maximum Scrutiny of Radio Station Transactions
Revised FCC Multiple Ownership Rules Raises Concern
New Regulations & Proposals May Pose Threat to Existing Broadcasters


Clear Channel Radio Introduces Live Traffic Services
Skokie Village to Launch Emergency Radio Station
National PTA Introduces PTA Radio
XM Satellite Radio and ESPN to Unveil “ESPN Xtra” Radio Channel
Salem Media Launches The Apple Radio Station
Salem Media Introduces Radio Luz
Salem Media Unveils All-Business Radio Station
Cox Radio Rolls Out New Radio Station in Kentucky
Cox Radio Unveils Country Legends
CBS Radio Unveils Sports Station
CBS Introduces Advanced Video Platforms
Radio FM Channels to be Introduced in Tribal Languages
Buzz Technologies to Launch Buzz Radio
Yobe State to Roll Out Pride FM Radio Station
Rural Radio Station Unleashed
Corus to Introduce Internet-Driven Radio Station
Nassau Broadcasting Introduces 107 The Bone
Clear Channel Unveils Tailor-Made Mobile Phone Applications
Slacker Introduces Premium Radio Service
CSR Introduces RadioPro
Platform Launches Latest Radio Communications System
IDEA Introduces M-Radio


NRG Media Acquires Five Radio Stations
Colorado Public Radio to Take Over 88.1 FM
Cox Radio Acquires Six Radio Stations
RRsat Acquires Hawley Teleport
Debut Broadcasting to Acquire Two Radio Stations
Capitol Broadcasting Completes Acquisition of Seven Radio Stations
Modavox Signs Letter of Intent for Acquisition of TalkZone
RRsat to Take Over Satellite Business of Bezeq
Invicta Group to Purchase Radio Broadcasting Licenses
XM Satellite Radio Merges with SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Dream 107.2 and Radio Hampshire Enter into Merger Deal
Metalloinvest to Form Joint Venture with Arnold Prize Group
BBC Joins Hands with Five FM Stations
Entercom Collaborates with FlyTunes
Emmis Partners with WorldBand Media
WorldBand Media and NextMedia Enter into an Alliance
CBS RADIO Partners with
Sports Radio 66 WFAN and New York Mets Extend Broadcast Partnership
Debut Broadcasting Corporation Partners with MJI Interactive and Boswell Media
Corus Entertainment Forms an Alliance with Stream TheWorld
Comcast Entertainment and ABC Radio Enter into Agreement
Harris Corporation Signs Licensing Agreement with Voyant
CBS RADIO Enters into an Agreement with AOL Radio
Entercom New Orleans Enters into Agreement with New Orleans Saints
Nassau Broadcasting Inks LMA Agreement with 1050 ESPN New York
WORLDSPACE Satellite Radio and Delphi Enter into Agreement
STMicroelectronics Join Hands with WORLDSPACE Satellite Radio
Corus Radio Hamilton Extends Agreement with Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Harris Supplies HD Radio Broadcast Transmitters to American Public Media
Regent Communications Enters into a Contract with MySimbook
CBS Corporation Sells Three Radio Stations to Wilks Broadcasting
Spanish Radio Association Voices Concern Over Portable People Meter
URBan Radio Announces Acquisition of WMSR-FM
Spreadtrum to Acquire Quorum
Salem Communications to Take Over WTPS-AM
NPR and WGBH to Take Over National Public Broadcasting
Magnum Radio to Take Over Radio Stations from NRG Media
WYPR to Acquire WRXS Radio Station from Ocean City
Bentley Commerce Takes Over Radio Forecast Network
Mapleton to Acquire Seven Radio Stations in Spokane
CalAmp Takes Over SmartLink Radio
DBTB Completes Acquisition of Radio Stations
Northern Lights Broadcasting Announces Acquisition of KTTB FM - B96
Sprint Nextel Corp Takes Over Washington MDS
NRG Media to Take Over Nebraska Broadcasting
Sprint Nextel Takes Over St. Louis MDS Co
Sprint Nextel Completes San Francisco MDS Co Acquisition
CommScope Acquires Signal Vision
Perry Publishing and Broadcasting Acquires Radio Broadcasting Stations from Radio One
Culver Communications to Take Over Regent Communications
Sprint Nextel Corp Takes Over Phoenix MDS Co
Merrimack Valley Radio to Take Over WCAP- AM Radio Station
Sprint Nextel Corp Takes Over Milwaukee MDS Co
URBan Radio Communications LLC Acquires WMSR-FM
Sprint Nextel Corp Takes Over Los Angeles MDS Co
Greater Media to Take Over Radio Stations from Lincoln Financial Media
Cochise Broadcasting Takes Over KOMJ-AM Radio Station
News Corp Acquires Stake in Imedi
Regional Media Group Acquires Stake in Interradio OOO
Enlightment LLC Acquires WYYZ-AM Radio Station
Legacy Communications Takes Over KTNP-AM Radio Station
Galaxy Communications to Acquire 9 Radio Stations
Pohlads Acquires B96 Radio
Sprint Nextel Takes Over MDS Co., Inc. from Bell Industries
Lone Pine Acquires Minority Stake in Dogan Holdings AS
Wilks Broadcast Group Acquires Radio Stations in Columbus and Kansas City
Legacy Communications Acquires Radio Station
Kenwood to Acquire Zetron
UTV Media to Acquire FM104
Balkan Broadcasting Acquires Infopress
Astral Media Takes Over Standard Radio
Regional Media Acquires Stake in Two Radio Companies
Telecominvest to Acquire a Stake in Moscovia
Econet Takes Over EMG Media, Radiocafe and SanOrg
Finam Takes Over Bolshoye Radio Station
Communicorp to Acquire Radio Stations from Emap
Sun TV Acquires Stake in Red FM
Odien Group Acquires Stake in Saran Broadcasting
SUN Sports & Entertainment Takes Over Sports Radio Event Network
Town & Country Broadcasting Acquires Southampton Leisure Holdings
Royal Broadcasting Completes WHYLAM Acquisition
Lehigh Valley Broadcasting Acquires WEST- AM Radio Station
WGL Entertainment Holdings Acquires Stake in Open Road Television Acquires Media Broadcast Network
Rogers Communications to Take Over CIKZ-FM
Balfour Capital to Acquire Stake in Noble Broadcasting Corp
LBI Media Holdings Takes Over KWIE-FM
Educational Media Foundation Acquires Radio Stations
Access Industries Acquires Minority Stake in CTC Media
Corus Entertainment to Acquire CIGR-FM Radio Station
TMG to Acquire Sky Radio Group
Entravision Communications to Acquire WNUE- FM Radio Station
Clear Channel Radio Partners with Google
GAC and ABC Form Alliance to Produce GAC Nights
Entercom Communications Enters into Partnership with Nassau Broadcasting
Beasley Broadcast Inks Two-Year Agreement with James Loupas
RRSat Enters into an Agreement with Asia Broadcast Satellite
Entravision Inks Agreement with Arbitron
Arab Radio Broadcast Company Secures Radio Broadcast Licenses
OCM Enters into a Purchase Agreement with Cumulus Media
Radio One Sells Three Radio Stations
Regent Communications to Divest Four Radio Stations
Radio One Sells WKAF-FM to Entercom Communications Corp
Chrysalis Announces Sale of Radio Venture to Global Radio
Mizati Selects Latino 96.3 FM to Launch Radio Campaign
Entercom to Expand Radio Broadcasting Operations in San Francisco
Triad to Acquire WGZO-FM 103.1
Univision Acquires KLOK and KBRG from Entravision
Metro Networks Signs Renewal Contract with Beasley Broadcast Group
Beasley Broadcast Group to Takeover WJBR- FM 99.5Mhz
Beasley Broadcast Group Acquires KDWN-AM Radio Station
Ameron Television Takes Over TV K Lumea
The Angels Announces to Acquire Radio 830 KMXE
Peak Broadcasting LLC to Take Over California Based Radio Stations
Radio One, Inc. Acquires WRDA-FM Radio Station
Independence Media Acquires Radio Stations from Regent Communications
Regent Communications to Acquire WNYQ-FM Station from Vox Radio
Saga Communications Acquires WCTU-FM from The Stair Co
Salem Communications Acquires KORL-AM Radio Station from Hochman Hawaii
Entercom Communications to Take Over Radio Stations from CBS
Nassau Holdings Acquires WKLB-FM Radio Station
Greater Media Acquires WTHK-FM Radio Station from Nassau Holdings
Legacy Communications Acquires KIFO-AM Station from Eastern Sierra
Polnet Acquires WPJX-AM Radio Station from Multiculltural Broadcasting
Mission Nebraska Acquires KMMJ-AM Station from Legacy Communications
Bonneville International Takes Over KKFR-FM from Emmis Communications
Radio Assist Ministry Acquires KBPU-FM Radio Station
Regional Radio Group Takes Over Three Radio Stations from Entertronics
The News Corp Ltd to Acquire Imedi
EduLink Acquires Mega Media Group
Citadel Broadcasting Acquires KRDO-FM Radio Station
Citadel Broadcasting Corp Acquires WEFG-FM Radio Station
Clear Channel Communications Takes Over WRNX- FM Radio Station
Cenla Broadcasting Co Acquires Four Radio Stations from Clear Channel
Iredell Broadcasting Takes Over WSIC-AM Radio Station
Forever Communications Acquires Seven Radio Stations from Clear Channel
Whitfield Communications Takes Over Radio Stations from Clear Channel
Schurz Communications Acquires Radio Stations from Triad Broadcasting
Clear Channel Acquires KVJM-FM Radio Station
Clear Channel Acquires WFMX-FM Radio Station from The Walt Disney
Clear Channel Acquires Van Wagner Communications
Cox Radio to Acquire WBGB-FM Radio Station
Peter & John Radio Fellowship Acquires WITH-AM Broadcasting Services
Hochman Hawaii Publishing Acquires KHCM- AM Radio Station
Mountain Broadcasting Acquires WBTK-AM Station from Salem Communications
Principal Broadcasting Acquires Radio Stations from Television and Radio Broadcasting
Entercom Communications to Take Over WILD- FM from Radio One
Regent Communications Acquires WXMP-FM and WZPW-FM Radio Stations
Mapleton to Acquire Ten Radio Stations from Regent Communications
Cumulus Media Partners Takes Over Susquehanna Radio
Liberman Broadcasting Takes Over Radio Stations from Entravision
Regent to Take Over Radio Stations from CBS
Entercom to Take Over WBEC FM Radio Station from Great Northern Radio
Urban Communications to Take Over Cyber Mesh Systems
Border Media Partners to Purchase Radio Stations from CBS Corporation
Google to Take Over dMarc Broadcasting
Texas Instruments Acquires Chipcon
Europa Media Group Acquires RBMH Broadcast Media Holdings
Corus Entertainment to Take Over The Beat and Cool FM
Walt Disney and Citadel to Merge ABC Radio with Citadel Broadcasting
Clear Channel to Merge with a Private Equity Group


Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. (USA)
CBS Radio, Inc. (USA)
Citadel Broadcasting Corporation (USA)
ABC Radio Networks (USA)
Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (USA)
Corus Entertainment, Inc. (Canada)
Cox Radio, Inc. (USA)
Cumulus Media, Inc. (USA)
Emmis Communications Corporation (USA)
Entercom Communications Corporation (USA)
Entravision Communications Corporation (USA)
Grupo Radio Centro, S.A.B. de C.V. (Mexico)
Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc. (USA)
Nassau Broadcasting Partners L.P. (USA)
NextMedia Group, Inc. (USA)
NRG Media, LLC (USA)
Radio One, Inc. (USA)
Regent Communications, Inc. (USA)
Saga Communications, Inc. (USA)
Salem Communications Corporation (USA)
Sirius XM Radio, Inc. (USA)
Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (USA)
Univision Communications, Inc. (USA)
WorldSpace, Inc. (USA)


Table 5. World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis of the Radio Industry by Geographic Region – US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan), and Latin American Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 6. World Historic Review of the Radio Industry by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan), and Latin American Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2000 through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 7. World 10-Year Perspective of the Radio Industry by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan), and Latin America for Years 2006, 2009 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)


Total Companies Profiled: 988 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 1037)
The United States
The United Kingdom
Rest of Europe
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan)
Latin America
Middle East
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