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High Tech/Electronics Industry Scouting Report

June 2010 | 8 pages | ID: HBBBCF9C46CEN
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Executive Summary

High Technology is over a $3 trillion industry worldwide. In 2009, IT spending is expected to fall between 2- 4% from 2008 as a result of the global economic downturn. However, Q4 2009 and 2010 have seen steady growth. Within the High Technology industry, Telecommunications (including Internet services) is the largest sector with IT services being second. As economic recovery begins, technology companies are focusing on revenue growth initiatives. For companies that are well capitalized, M&A activity is rampant as they try to diversify, strengthen, and most importantly expand their services. Despite modest recovery, price is still one of the most important factors for customers even as spending increases from 2008-2009 levels. Customers are proceeding with caution as they invest in new IT initiatives and are determined to maximize the value of the solutions purchased, but the good news is that the IT purchasing freeze appears to have ended. Hardware, software, and the internet sectors are all projected to experience sustainable growth this year. Therefore, when targeting high technology companies, positioning your product or service towards revenue growth activities should be the paramount objective.
The High Technology Industry Scouting Report is a resource for executive and sales professionals in the technology and services industries. This Scouting Report is designed to:
  • Segment the market into key types of target customers, and provide a brief overview of the differences between the segments
  • Identify the right titles to approach within your target
  • Make you smarter about your customer’s business so that you are comfortable with a business conversation
  • Help you position your product or service to address the precise pain of your customer
  • Provide you a conversation starter to help secure a meeting
  • Give you the typical technology landscape within the industry so that you can come better prepared to the meeting

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