Research Report on Global and Chinese Tablet Computer Markets, 2011-2012

Date: July 23, 2011
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Research Report on Global and Chinese Tablet Computer Markets, 2011-2012
In 2010, Apple’s iPad tablet computers aroused great attention in international IT market as well as Chinese tablet computer market without exception. Good sales of Apple iPad makes international computer manufacturers successively try to be involved in the tablet computer market, and Chinese domestic manufacturers are also eager to have a try. At present, tablet computer products of dozens of brands are sold in Chinese market, and prices range from several hundred RMB to several thousand RMB.

In 2010, global tablet computer sales volume was 17 million, in which sales volume of Apple iPad exceeded 14 million, occupying major shares of over 80% of market shares in the entire global table computer market. There were over 50 brands in Chinese tablet computer market, but users’ attention to tablet computers was mainly centered on Apple. In 2010, Chinese tablet computer market mainly possessed 9 specifications of screen sizes, among which 7-inch tablet computer products occupied over 30%, mainly because Samsung, Hanvon and other brands initially involved in the tablet computer field mostly adopted this specification of screen size.

Good sales of iPad makes Apple iOS occupy a large proportion of market shares. However, Android enjoys an obvious advantage in proportion of product quantity since Google opens the support of Android system for other hardware platforms.

Although many manufacturers launch tablet computers aiming to contend for the market with Apple, their overall strength fails to compete with that of Apple iPad. By virtue of scale advantage, Apple rapidly monopolizes some resources in the upstream supply chain. Due to the threshold of supply chain cost, polarization has been obviously shown. Tablet computer enterprises except Apple are still beset with compatibility and stability brought by Android, an operating system originally applied in mobile phones.

Because of large purchase quantity, Apple often procures upstream screen resources on a large scale at relatively favorable prices, which puts the dual squeeze of short supply and cost on other competitors. In addition to touch screens, Apple also buys out a large quantity of key components, such as graphics processors, random access memory (RAM) and Nand-flash memory, all of which are the indispensable supply chain in the production of high-performance tablet computer products. Besides, good sales of iPad peripheral products also brings about great profits to Apple and related manufacturers.

Based on advantages of manufacturing solutions and Android open-source systems of foreign manufacturers, current emulational tablet computer manufacture has a low threshold, and only needs the initial investment of hundreds of thousands of RMB. Costs of emulational product manufacturers are extremely low compared with brand tablet computer manufacturers.

Sold at the retail prices of CNY 500-3,000 in Chinese market, emulational tablet computers mainly adopt 7-inch and 10.10-inch displays, and also have 9.70-inch 4:3 displays emulating those of iPad. Emulational tablet computers enter emerging countries and regions by virtue of their price advantages and obtain an initial success. Because of adopting inferior panels eliminated by mainstream brand manufacturers, emulational tablet computers are more competitive in prices. These emulational computers have some quality problems, but still appeal to students, the consumer group emphasizing prices. The research on manufacturers in the tablet computer supply chain shows that emulational tablet computers will enjoy many development opportunities in the future. China is the world’s largest emulational tablet computer market, and the emerging markets including Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa are accepting these low-price tablet computers.

In 2010, sales volume of Chinese tablet computers was about 1.50 million. The annual growth rate is expected to reach 80%-150% in the next few years, and a considerable part of the market will be occupied by emulational tablet computers.

Through this report, more following information can be acquired:
  • Status quo of global and Chinese tablet computer markets
  • Tablet computer industry chain analysis
  • Competition of tablet computer market
  • Hotspots in tablet computer market
  • Development trend of tablet computer market

Following persons are recommended to buy this report:
  • Tablet computer manufacturers
  • Tablet computer software enterprises
  • Tablet computer trading enterprises
  • Investors and research institutions concerned about tablet computer market
  • Other people concerned about tablet computer market

1.1 Development Course
1.2 Characteristics of Tablet Computers
  1.2.1 Characteristics
  1.2.2 Advantages and Disadvantages
1.3 Development Trend of Global Tablet Computer Industry
  1.3.1 Beginning to Enter a Rapid Development Period
  1.3.2 Large Quantities of Emulational Products Arise
  1.3.3 Opportunities of Service Content Supply and Peripheral Equipment Approach
  1.3.4 Cloud Service Will Become a Part with the Highest Value
  1.3.5 Role of Upstream Chip Manufacturers Weakened
  1.3.6 Brand Manufacturers Will Become Solution Suppliers
  1.3.7 Tablet Computers Encounter a Comprehensive Reshuffle


2.1 Constitution of Global Tablet Computer Industry Chain
  2.1.1 Upstream Accessory Suppliers
  2.1.2 Brand Manufacturers
  2.1.3 Operating System Platform Providers
  2.1.4 Application Software Developers
  2.1.5 Telecom Operators
  2.1.6 Service Suppliers
  2.1.7 Distributors
  2.1.8 Peripheral Equipment Manufacturers
2.2 Prediction on Development of Tablet Computer Industry Chain


3.1 General Situation
  3.1.1 Discrepancies Between Chinese Tablet Computer Market and International Tablet Computer Market
  3.1.2 Scale of Chinese Tablet Computer Market
  3.1.3 Product Structure of Chinese Tablet Computer Market
3.2 User Structure of Chinese Tablet Computer Market


4.1 Upstream Accessory Suppliers
  4.1.1 Chip Suppliers
  4.1.2 LCD Panel Suppliers
4.2 Foreign-funded Tablet Computer Brand Manufacturers in Chinese Market
  4.2.1 Apple
  4.2.2 ASUS
  4.2.3 Acer
  4.2.4 DELL
  4.2.5 Samsung
  4.2.6 Toshiba
  4.2.7 HP
  4.2.8 Motorola
4.3 Chinese Domestic Tablet Computer Manufacturers
  4.3.2 Lenovo
  4.3.3 Malata
4.4 Tablet Computer Operating System Platform Suppliers
  4.4.1 Apple iOS
  4.4.2 Android
  4.4.3 Windows
  4.4.4 WebOS
  4.4.5 MeeGo
4.5 Tablet Computer Application Software Developers
  4.5.1 Main Battlefield of Developers
  4.5.2 Participation of Traditional Software Developers
  4.5.3 Hotspot Market Analysis
  4.5.4 Mature Profit Model of On-line Shops
  4.5.5 Marketing Mode Transformation of Software Developers
  4.5.6 Problem of Piracy
4.6 Telecom Operators
  4.6.1 3G Operators in International Market
  4.6.2 Chinese 3G Operators
4.7 Service Suppliers
  4.7.1 Application Shop Suppliers
  4.7.2 Information Service Providers
  4.7.3 Application Development Service Providers
  4.7.4 Mobile Social Service Providers
  4.7.5 Cloud Application Service Providers
  4.7.6 Digital Reading Content Suppliers
4.8 Distributors
4.9 Peripheral Equipment Manufacturers
  4.9.1 High-profit iPad Accessories
  4.9.2 Participants and Competition Pattern


5.1 Tablet Computer Operating System Will Present Coexistence of Closure and Openness
5.2 Chip Manufacturers Present a Diversified Pattern
5.3 Transformation Serves as an Opportunity for Small and Medium-sized Developers
5.4 Industrial Application Faces Market Vacancy
5.5 Prediction on Scale of Chinese Tablet Computer Market, 2011-2015


Chart Sales Volume of Global Tablet Computers, 2010-2015
Chart Sales Volume of Chinese Tablet Computers, 2010-2015
Chart Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages among Tablet Computers, Mobile Phones and Notebook Computers
Chart Distribution of Channels of Acquiring Tablet Computer Application Software for Users
Chart Quantity of Brands in Chinese Tablet Computer Market, 2010-2015
Chart Acer Tablet Computer Products and Major Parameters
Chart Lenovo Tablet Computer Products and Major Parameters

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Research Report on Global and Chinese Tablet Computer Markets, 2011-2012
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