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China Computed Radiography (CR) Market Assessment and Outlook 2012-2015

July 2012 | 57 pages | ID: C4A413684ABEN
Maverick China Research

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China’s recent economic growth and increasing attention on healthcare for its large, older population has created various new opportunities in medical devices markets. In recent years, Chinese hospitals have focused on investing in new, advanced medical imaging equipment. This report examines patterns in the Computed Radiology (CR) equipment market and provides an in-depth analysis of the CR market in China.

The report outlines China’s Computed Radiography (CR) market, including user survey results and analysis, market size and segmentation, market shares, a market forecast, and brief supplier profiles. The report also examines hospital purchasing plans and procedures, total sales of CRs, and CR market shares. This study draws from first-hand interviews and also includes a survey of Chinese hospitals containing more than 100 beds. For this study, a total of 329 in-depth interviews with different market participants (hospitals and suppliers) were conducted.

Key Market Players Included Hospitals:Interviews with hospitals were conducted for overall information on CR use in China and for qualitative information and understanding of the market to support data. Through these interviews, we can acquire a better understanding of usage, purchasing, and future intent to purchase. Suppliers: We focus on the major, active suppliers in the CR market. Most interviews were conducted with leading foreign players who dominate the CR market.

Key Topics Covered
  • Market size
  • Development trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Revenue forecasts through 2015
  • Extensive analysis of CR product revenues by geographical region, hospital grade, and product category


2.1 Key Industry Segments


3.1 Interview Sampling
3.2 The Research Process
3.3 Specific Issues for this Study


4.1 CR Suppliers
4.2 Industry Structure and Value Chain


5.1 Trends in CR Purchasing
  5.1.1 Number of Units
  5.1.2 Purchase History
  5.1.3 Unit Types
  5.1.4 Unit Price
  5.1.5 Applications
  5.1.6 Units by Supplier
5.2 Satisfaction with CR Purchases
5.3 CR Purchase Plans
  5.3.1 Plan Timeline
  5.3.2 Purchasing Delays
  5.3.3 Unit Specifics
5.4 CR Purchasing Procedures
  5.4.1 Purchase Method
  5.4.2 Purchase Authority
  5.4.3 Decision Factors
  5.4.4 Research Channels


6.1 Market Analysis by Product Type
6.2 Market Analysis by Facility Type
  6.2.1 Hospital Class
  6.2.2 Hospital Grade
  6.2.3 Hospital Scale
6.3 Market Analysis by Location
  6.3.1 Geographic Region
  6.3.2 City Coverage


7.1 Rayco Medical Products; Supplier for Carestream
7.2 Agfa Healthcare Systems
7.3 Konica Minolta Medical Printing Equipment
7.4 Fuji Film


8.1 Forecast
8.2 Conclusion


Figure 1: Total Interview Sampling and Breakdown
Figure 2: Hospital Sample by Hospital Category (%)
Figure 3: Hospital Sample by Hospital Grade (%)
Figure 4: Hospital Sample by Hospital Scale (%)
Figure 5: Hospital Sample by Region (%)
Figure 6: Hospital Sample by Administrative Level (%)
Figure 7: CR Suppliers and their Products
Figure 8: Number of Units per Hospital
Figure 9: CR Units Purchased by Year
Figure 10: CR Slot Type
Figure 11: Multifunctional or Dedicated Unit
Figure 12: CR Unit Price (RMB)
Figure 13: CR Application in Hospitals
Figure 14: Daily CR Use
Figure 17: Cost per Use (RMB)
Figure 18: CR Unit by Brand
Figure 19: General Satisfaction
Figure 20: Average Satisfaction by Brand (1-5)
Figure 21: Hospitals that plan to purchase a CR within five years
Figure 22: Number of CR Units to Purchase
Figure 23: When hospitals plan to purchase a CR
Figure 24: Delays and Cancelations
Figure 25: Estimated Price
Figure 26: Slot Type
Figure 27: Dedicated vs. Multifunctional
Figure 28: Purchase Method
Figure 29: Involvement Ranking
Figure 30: Influence Rating
Figure 31: Rank of CR Purchasing Considerations
Figure 32: Research Channels Used (Number of Votes)
Figure 33: Market Share by Revenue (%)
Figure 34: Market Breakdown by Slot-Type (%)
Figure 35: Three-Year CR Purchases by Hospital Category (%)
Figure 36: Three-Year CR Purchases by Hospital Grade (%)
Figure 37: Three-Year CR Purchases by Hospital Scale (%)
Figure 38: Three-Year CR Purchases by Region (%)
Figure 39: Three-Year CR Purchases by City Administrative Level (%)
Figure 40: Rayco Medical CR Sales Volume (%)
Figure 41: Agfa Healthcare Systems and Equip CR Sales Volume (%)
Figure 42: Konica Minolta CR Sales Volume (%)
Figure 43: Fuji Film CR Sales Volume (%)
Figure 44: Forecast for CR Sales in China, 2005-2015


A Definitions
B Methodology
C Profiles and Analysis of Major CR Suppliers

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