Rural Market in India 2012

Date: January 2, 2012
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Rural Market in India 2012
Vijya Research & Advisory, a consulting firm promoted by Vijyalaxmi Group, has released a market report on rural India giving complete insights about the rural markets. Last decade has seen prominent interest in ‘Rural India’ as technology improvement, policy focus and strong demographic dividend underlying the rural economy of India, sought the attention of marketing czars.

About 68% of India’s population lives in rural areas. Rural population has grown by 12% in last decade. Rural market has distinguished characteristics, accounts for 40% of Indian economy. Rural India has huge, heterogeneous and growing consumer market, which contributes more than 50% to India’s total consumer market size. Vijya Research’s report on rural India studies in detail the size, growth and composition of rural market.

Rural India has witnessed significant development in last decade, with commitment of financial resources and launch of a range of programmes by government towards physical and social infrastructure development. The report elaborates the status of rural India’s infrastructure, social development, living conditions, economy and industry.

The Rural India Report enables rural-urban comparisons, study trend of rural statistics over time and gives long term projection essential for market planning. Also, there are detailed state level tables in annexure on each subject covered in the report. Finally, the Report helps in breaking the myths and common perceptions on rural India, with robust facts and figures.
I. Introduction and Methodology
II. Knowing the Rural India
  a Population
  b Child Population
  c Migration
  d Literacy
  e Employment
  f Social Set up of Rural India
III. Rural Economy
  a Industries
IV. Rural Income and Spending
  a Rural Income
  b Where rural India does spends?
  c Rural Asset Ownership
V. Rural Infrastructure
  a Roads
  b Electricity
  c Telecom
  d Internet
  e Post Office
  f Finance
VI. Living Condition in Rural India
  a Water and Sanitation
  b Housing
  c Source of Energy
  d Media Habits
VII. Indian Rural Market – Good, bad and ugly
VIII. Annexure


Table II 1: India’s Rural and Urban Population
Table II 2: Sex Ratio in Rural and Urban India
Table II 3: Child Population in Rural and Urban India
Table II 4: Projected Households in Rural India, 2011
Table II 5: Estimated Birth Rate, Death Rate, 1991-2010
Table II 6: Infant Mortality Rates in India in %, 1995-2010
Table II 7: Migration Rate in India (in %)
Table II 8: Literacy rate in rural and urban India (%), 2011
Table II 9: Level of education in rural and urban India (%) (2009-10)
Table II 10: Labour Force Participation Rate for above 15 years population (2007-08)
Table II 11: Labour Force Projection in Rural India, 2002-2022
Table II 12: Labour Force Projection in Urban India, 2002-2022
Table II 13: Employment status of households between 1993-94 to 2007-08
Table III 1: Net Domestic Product for Rural and Urban India (in Rs. Crore), 2011-12
Table III 2: Number of establishments by major activity groups
Table IV 1: Aggregate income levels in rural and urban India, 2004-05 to 2014-15
Table IV 2: Item wise monthly per person spending in rural India. 2009-10
Table IV 3: Asset ownership in rural and urban India (%), 2007-08
Table V 1: Total and surfaced road length by categories (in kilometers)
Table V 2: Eligibility of habitations connected under PMGSY, All India
Table V 3: All India Target& Achievement of up-gradation of rural roads under Bharat Nirman Programme, 2005-2012
Table V 4: Tele density in Rural and Urban India (%)
Table V 5: Total Telephones across rural and urban India
Table V 6: Number of Rural post offices (2005-2007)
Table V 7: Number of Offices of Scheduled Commercial Banks in Rural India (2001-2010)
Table VI 1: Percentage of Households that have toilet facility (%)
Table VI 2: Percentage of households that live in Kachcha & Pucca House
Table VI 3: Fuel used for cooking in rural and urban areas
Table VI 4: Media exposure of men and women in rural India (%)
Table VIII 1: Towns and villages in India and its states, 2011
Table VIII 2: State-wise rural and urban area in India
Table VIII 3: State-Wise Population Density in rural and urban areas
Table VIII 4: Source: State wise birth rate in rural and urban India (per 1000 persons), 2008
Table VIII 5: State wise crude death rates in rural and urban India (per 1000 persons), 2008
Table VIII 6: State wise infant mortality rate in rural and urban India (per 1000 persons), 2008
Table VIII 7: State wise percentage decadal growth of rural and urban population
Table VIII 8: State wise literacy rate in rural and urban India, 2011
Table VIII 9: State level electrification of villages under RGGVY
Table VIII 10: State-wise Number of Broadband Connection Provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in Rural and Urban Areas of India ((As on 30.06.2010)
Table VIII 11: Telephone per 100 population-urban/rural (tele-density) as on 31st March’10 & 31st December’10
Table VIII 12: Rural Broadband Connections provided by BSNL (as on 31st January, 2011)
Table VIII 13: State wise Post office in rural India
Table VIII 14: State wise average monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) for rural and urban areas (Rs.), 2009-10


Figure II 1: Rural and Urban Population Projection, 2031-2071
Figure II 2: Literacy rate in rural and urban India (%), 2011
Figure III 1: Sector wise Composition of Rural NDP
Figure III 2: Sector wise Composition of Urban NDP
Figure III 3: Per Capita Net Domestic Product (Rs.), 2011-12
Figure III 4: Wealth Classes in Urban India, 2005-2006
Figure III 5: Wealth Classes in Rural India, 2005-06
Figure IV 1: Average Rural & Urban Monthly per Capita Consumer Expenditure (MPCE), (in Rs.)
Figure IV 2: Per capita income level by 2015 – projections for rural and urban India (Rs.)
Figure V 1: Percentage of Households with electricity connection (%), 2007-08
Figure V 2: Share of rural and urban in mobile connections
Figure V 3: Rural Deposits with Scheduled Commercial Banks (Rs. Crore)
Figure V 4: Rural credit provided by scheduled commercial banks (Rs. Crore)
Figure VI 1: Percentage of Households that have improved sources of drinking water (%)
Figure VI 2: Average number of rooms in rural and urban India
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Rural Market in India 2012
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