Legal Services: Market Research Report

Date: January 1, 2012
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Legal Services: Market Research Report
The global outlook series on Legal Services provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings.

This GIA report discusses the prevailing trends, issues, demand forecasts, and activities that affect the industry.

The report offers an aerial view of the Global Legal Services Market, identifies major short to medium term market challenges, and growth drivers.

The report also offers a recapitulation of recent industry activity in addition to an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 472 companies active in the market.

Global Legal Services Market

Table 1. World Market for Legal Services by Geographic Region/Country – US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Billion for Years 2010 through 2015
Table 2. World Legal Services Market (2011 & 2015): Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Geographic Region – US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World

Competitive Landscape

Table 3. Leading Global Law Firms by Revenue in US$ Billion (2011)

Structural Changes in Legal Profession Continue Unabated
Business Sector – A Key Growth Area for Legal Services
Law Firms Adopt Outsourcing Models
Legal Process Offshoring: A Flourishing Industry
Reccesion Impact and Aftermath
Offshoring Gains Prominence as Spending Wanes
LPOs Capitalize on Demand
LPO Services Industry Trends in the Recent Past
Changing Legal Landscape
Changing Vendor Landscape
Flexible Agreements and Growing Third Party Vendor Influence
Emerging Outsourcing Destinations
Employment Opportunities Galore
Growing Transparency


Birth of Law and Legal Services
Market for Legal Services
Legal Aid
Legal Aid Delivery Modes
Staff Attorney Model
Judicare Model
Community Legal Clinic
Legal Aid Practices in Select Countries
The United States
Organizations Involved
The UK
Technological Milestones in the Global Legal Services Industry
Legal Process Off-Shoring – A Growing Industry
Market Landscape
Secretarial and Administrative Tasks – Key Outsourced Functions
Paralegal Outsourcing –Complex Processes
Off-shoring of Lawyer’s Work- A Testimony to Success of LPO
India – A Key Destination for Offshore Legal Services
Integrated Technology Enabled Solutions Revolutionize Contract and Litigation Processes
LPO Markets to Face Regulatory Changes





US Legal Services Industry
Market Overview

Table 4. US Legal Services Market Revenues for Years 2010 through 2015 (in US$ Billion)

Recession and Aftermath
Legal Services Industry Adopts External Financing Model
Legal Process Outsourcing to Surge in the Near Term
US Exports and Imports of Legal Services
Competitive Landscape

Table 5. Leading US Law Firms by Attorneys Employed (2011)
Table 6. Market Share of Leading US Legal Advisor Companies for Mergers and Acquisitions (2010)

Structure of Legal System in the US
Women in the Field of Law
Historical Perspective
Current Scenario

Table 7. Women Population at ABA (2010-2011): Percentage Breakdown for Board of Governors, House of Delegates, Section/ Division Chairs and Section/Division Officers
Table 8. Women Population in Private Law Practices (2010): Percentage Breakdown by Category-Summer Associates, Associates, Partners, Equity Partners and Managing Partners
Table 9. Population of Women Judges in the US Federal Judicial System: Percentage Breakdown for Supreme Court of the United States and Circuit Court of Appeals
Table 10. Population of Women Judges in the US State Judicial System: Percentage Breakdown for State Final Appellate Jurisdiction Courts, State Intermediate Appellate Jurisdiction Courts, State Limited and Special Jurisdiction Courts, State General Jurisdiction Courts and All US State Court Judges
Table 11. Women Lawyer Members in the ABA: Percentage Breakdown for Category: Total Presidential Appointments, Section/Division Chairs, Board of Governors, House of Delegates, Section/Division Officers and Committee Chair Appointments

Technological Milestones in the US Legal System
Trends in the US Legal Services Market
Corporate Legal Spending on the Decline
Clients Negotiate Alternative Fee Structures
Economic Downturn Affects Employment at Law Firms
Attorneys Preferring Solo Practice
Online Legal Services – Expanding Market Reach
Downturn Distresses Legal Aid Services
Legal Process Outsourcing
LPO Industry Witnesses Surge in Business Volume
Client Push and Cost Escalation Drive Offshoring of Legal Work
Legal Service Plans Gaining Popularity
Working of Legal Service Plans
Paralegal Services
Increasing Demand for Paralegal Services
Law Firms Seek Economical Alternatives
Rising Demand for Compliance Paralegals
E-Discovery Creates New Roles for Paralegals
Paralegals Subject to Regulation by Law
Mediation Services


Legal Services Market: Current Scenario

Table 12. Leading Law Firms in Canada by Number of Deals in Hand (Q2 2011)
Table 13. Canadian Legal Services Market Revenues from 2010 through 2015 (US$ Billion)


Current Scenario

Table 14. Japanese Legal Services Market Revenues for Years 2010 through 2015 (in US$ Billion)

Liberalization Opens Legal Services Market in Japan
Types of International Law Firms in Japan
Rapid Growth in Number of Lawyers Drawing Intense Debate
Strong Opposition Leads to Review of Plan
Quality of New Lawyers Pose a Major Concern
The Gatekeeper Issue – A Potential Threat to Client-Lawyer Relationship
Overview of Japanese Legal System
Professional Structure
Bar Associations


Market Overview
Globalization Now Rampant in the European Law Industry Too
Niche Law Firms Increase in France and Germany

Table 15. European Legal Services Market by Geographic Region - France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and Rest of Europe Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Billion for Years 2010 through 2015
Table 16. European Legal Services Market (2011 & 2015): Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Geographic Region – France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and Rest of Europe

Competitive Landscape

Table 17. Leading Law Firms in Europe by Number of Lawyers (2011)

New Centers of International Law Practice in Europe



Table 18. German Legal Services Market Revenues for Years 2010 through 2015 (in US$ Billion)

Recession Gives German Law Firms56 a Run For Their Money
Law Firms Employ Alternative Strategies to Tide Over Slowdown
Legal Aid in Germany
Types of Legal Professionals in Germany
Patent Attorneys
Opportunities for Foreign Nationals



Table 19. UK Legal Services Market Revenues for Years 2010 through 2015 (in US$ Billion)

Structure of Legal Services in England and Wales
London – A Major Center for International Legal Services
Industry Growth Unaffected by Fall in Remuneration
Larger Firms Corner Majority of Revenues

Table 20. Leading Law Firms in the UK by Revenues (2011)

Business and Commercial Legal Services Lead the Market
Declined Revenues Force Law Firms to Lay-Off Staff
Legal Aid Services Affected by High Costs
Legal Services Act 2007 Ushers in Reforms in England
Reforms to Legal Aid System


French Law Firms in the International Landscape
Mid-size and Boutique Firms Prosper
Rising Competition on the Home Turf
Legal Aid in France
Full and Partial Legal Aid
Actions Covered Under Legal Aid


Italian Legal Services Market Overview
High Consolidation among Domestic Firms


Russian Legal Services Market Overview
Foreign Firms Lead the Suite


Asia-Pacific Propping Global Legal Services Market

Table 21. Asia-Pacific Legal Services Market by Geographic Region- Japan, China, India, Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Billion for Years 2010 through 2015
Table 22. Asia-Pacific Legal Services Market (2011 & 2015): Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Geographic Region – Japan, China, India, Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific


Australian Legal Service Industry
Overview of Legal System
Professional Structure
Market Overview
Government Legal Expenditure Witnesses Slowdown
Downturn Sends Legal Aid into a Quandary as Funds Dry Up
Overseas Markets Offer Growth Prospects
Exports by Region
Exports by Practice Area
Competitive Scenario


Market Overview
International Law Firms Follow Businesses into China
UK Firms Score over Law Firms from Other Countries
Foreign Firms Maintain Firm Stand
Accession to WTO Open Further Opportunities for Foreign Firms
Domestic Firms Gain Ground

Table 23. Leading Domestic Law Firms in China by Number of Participating Lawyers and Partners (2011)

Legal Services in China
Overview of Legal System in China
Professional Structure


Overview of Legal Services Market in India
Competitive Scenario
Overview of Legal System in India
Professional Structure
Overview of Legal Services Industry In India
Regulation of Legal Profession
The Contentious Issue of Liberalization
Present Restrictions over Liberalization
Entry of Foreign Law Firms – An Issue Still Being Weighed
Relevance of Liberalization of Legal Services to Business Growth
Transformation in the Legal Services Market
India Mulls Over Allowing UK Law Firms Practice Law in India
India – A Key Destination for Global Legal Process Outsourcing Business
LPO Sector Dispels Recession
Key Markets For Indian LPO Industry
Structure of Indian LPO Industry
Classification Based on Type of Vendors
Classification Based on Value of Work
Classification Based on Source of Work
Quality of Service and Data Confidentiality – Key Challenges Ahead
LPO Industry Offers Numerous Employment Opportunities
Indian LPOs Explore Opportunities in Japan and South Korea


Overview of Legal System in South Korea
Professional Structure
South Korea Liberalizes Legal Services Market
Three- Stage Liberalization Plan for Korean Legal Service Sector
Stage I
Stage II
Stage III
Liberalization to Significantly Alter Market Dynamics
Business Sector – A Key Beneficiary of Liberalization


Market Overview
Legal System Overview
China, the Leading Destination for Hong Kong’s Legal Services Exports
Key Provisions of CEPA
Effects of CEPA on the Hong Kong Legal Industry


Privatization Increases Demand for Legal Services
Overview of Brazilian Legal Services Market
Regulation of Lawyers
Qualification of Lawyers
Code of Conduct


Booming Economy Fuels Growth in Legal Service Industry
Foreign Law Firms to Expand into Israel
Global Directory
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