The Global Rise of Social Networks: Brave New World or the Same Old Thing?

Date: November 23, 2010
Pages: 48
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This report covers the history and evolution of social networks from the early days of bulletin boards to today’s mobile internet. It looks at current behaviour and explores the psychological and social impact of connecting through social media. Social networks are changing the balance of power between brands and their customers as well as changing how people connect with one another. Brands need to understand the implications of these changes for their marketing and communications strategies

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The Global Rise of Social Networks: Brave New World or the Same Old Thing?
Euromonitor International : Strategy Briefing
November 2010


Executive Summary
History and Evolution
What People Are Doing
Identity and Self - the Psychological Implications
the Sociology of Networks
Implications for Business and Marketing
  Summary 1 Opportunities and Threats in Social Networking
Chart 1 The Inter-Connected Nature of Social Media
Chart 2 Most Popular Websites in Major Markets (August 2010)
Social Networks
Chart 3 Social Medial andscape
A Brief History of Internet-enabled Social Networks
Chart 4 Twitter facts
  Table 1 Top 10 on Twitter (October 2010)
What's Changing Now
the Internet Goes Mobile
People - Who's Doing What?
Chart 5 Map of Real World Social Connections
the Underlying Technology
Chart 6 Possession of Broadband Internet Enabled Computer 2009
Chart 7 Broadband and Dial-Up Internet Access - Household Penetration (%), 2009
Chart 8 Growth in Broadband Access, 2010-2014
Chart 9 Mobile Phone Subscriptions Per Household, 2009
the Americas
  Table 2 European Access To and Use of Internet Technology, 2008
  Table 3 Top Five Networking Sites in India, July 2010
Psychological Implications of Networks
Identity and Self
Who Am I?
Return To 'village Life'
Where Am I? New Views of Privacy
New Boundaries and Etiquettes
Real Reality at A Premium
Mobile Lives
Maintaining A Distance - the Complex Checks and Balances of Trust
the Applification of Life
New Jobs and Money
the Sociology of Networks
Social Implications
Chart 10 Dramatic Events Relate to Network Effects
150 - the Magic Number for Networks
Technology Is Transforming Our Perceptions of How Things Work
Global and Local
Implications for Business and Marketing
Where Is Your Brand? the Move To Popularity
New Models of Communication
Privacy Is Not Just Personal
Moving To the Cloud
Old Media, New Media - Who Cares?
Build Your Social Media Strategy in Line With Your Brand Strategy
Branding Is Everyone's Responsibility
Brand Advocates
Glossary of Terms
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The Global Rise of Social Networks: Brave New World or the Same Old Thing?
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