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Marketing Research: A Kuwaiti NGO wants to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage stronger environmentalism

August 2015 | 28 pages | ID: A77A3ECC00BEN
Sadia Saeed

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The research is about the environmental problems in various regions of the Kuwait. This study helps in gaining information that how much this issue is severe in Kuwait. Most of younger generation did not know about these issues. The research tells the importance of various advertising and sales promotion techniques in distributing knowledge to all areas in Kuwait. The research is generally about that how we can overcome these issues which are enhancing day by day thereby telling how effective advertising can positively affect a business. In this study the results shows that only 20 % people force government to take necessary actions to reduce these issues. I have concluded this report with discussing briefly the limitation and recommendations and a brief conclusion. This study is important contribution in previous studies and it will have future implications.
Executive summary:
Identify and describe the key marketing problem you will research
The impact of the problem if decisions are poor:
Information needs
Discuss the marketing decisions that should be made to deal with the problem:
Qualitative Methodology
Research Design
Purpose Statement
Target Population
Sampling Methodology and Procedure
Interview Procedure
Semi - Structured Interviews
How did you choose all these locations? Justify that they will give you a representative sample

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