Railroads: Market Research Report

Date: April 22, 2009
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Railroads: Market Research Report
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Railroads in US$ Billion.

The market for Railroads is analyzed by the following segments: Passenger Transport Services, and Freight Transport Services.

Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2006 through 2015.

The report profiles 141 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Aeroexpress Ltd., Arriva Plc, BNSF Railway, CSX Corporation, Canadian National Railway Company, Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd., Deutsche Bahn AG, DB Mobility Logistics AG, Schenker AG, First Group Plc, The Go-Ahead Group Plc, Indian Railways, Kansas City Southern, National Express Group Plc, National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Norfolk Southern Corporation, NSB AS, Sinotrans Ltd., Thalys International, Union Pacific Corporation, Veolia Transport Ltd., and VIA Rail Canada, Inc.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study



Railroads – Description
Advantages of Rail Transport
Factors Influencing Growth in the Sector
Measures for Building Traffic
History of Railroads
Recession Hits Rail Travel Market in Western Regions
Global Rail Market to Witness Moderate Growth Till 2015
Regional Trends in the Global Rail Market
Urbanization and Industrial Development Drive Transport Services Market
Lower Costs and Easy Access Drives Demand for Intermodal Service
Rail Market in Asia-Pacific Records Highest Growth Rates
Replacement of Parts and Maintenance to Create Opportunities for Supply Sector
Growing Need for Light Rail in the Middle East and North Africa
Advantages of Light Rail
Contrasting Trends Exhibited by the US and European Rail Market
Factors Contributing to the Growth of Rail Freight in the US
Statistical Finding:

Table 1. Total Rail Network Size by Country (2008) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)


United States
Market Outlook
An Overview of Passenger Railroads
Passenger Rail Services in the Nation
Role of Amtrak
Intercity Passenger Train Service
Long-Distance Trains
An Overview of Freight Railroads
Evolution of Freight Railroads
Government Acts Liberate Railroads from Passenger Services
Establishment of Amtrak for Passenger Services
Introduction of The Staggers Act
Productivity Improvement Measures
Classification of Freight Railroads
Class I Railroads
Regional or Class II Railroads
Local Linehaul Carriers or Class III Railroads
Switching and Terminal railroads

Table 2. Freight Railroad Industry in the US: Miles Operated by Class I, Regional, Local Linehaul, and S &T Railroads for the year 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Commodity Transport by Freight Railroads

Table 3. US Class I Railroads Commodity Traffic for 2007: Percentage Breakdown by Tons Hauled and Revenue Generated for Coal, Chemicals, Farm products, Transportation equipment, Food, Metal products , Lumbar & wood, Pulp & paper, Stone & clay products, Nonmetallic minerals, and Miscellaneous shipments (Mainly Intermodal) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Grain Transportation by Freight Railroads

Table 4. US Class I Railroad Grain Transportation for 2007: Percentage Breakdown by Tons Hauled and Revenue Generated for Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Sorghum, Barley, and Other (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 5. US Class I Railroad Grain-Related Food Transportation for 2007: Percentage Breakdown by Tons Hauled and Revenue Generated for Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Sorghum, Barley, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Coal Transportation
Rail Freight Volume Decline Further Deepens in the US
Rail Freight Transport Records Robust Growth Before the Declining Trend
Railroads to Invest more in Intermodal Service
Intermodal Service- A Viable Option for Manufacturers
Post Recession Scenario
High Fuel Prices Drive Demand for Railroads
Investment Shortages Hinder Rail Services
The US Railroad Industry Witnesses Expansion
Increasing Rail Traffic Exerts Pressure on Rail Capacity
Production Cuts by Automakers Hurts Railroad Traffic
Commodity Traffic in US Railroads to Rise
Canada and Mexico- The Largest Partners for Travel & Trade
Trade Statistics

Table 6. US International Trade by Transportation Mode for 2007: Percentage Breakdown by Revenues for Rail, Truck, Air, Water, Pipeline, and Other (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 7. US Trade with Canada and Mexico by Rail for the Years 2000 to 2007 in US$ Billion (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 8. US Imports and Exports with Canada and Mexico by Rail for 2007 in US$ Billion
Table 9. US Trade with Canada by Rail for 2007: Percentage Breakdown of Value of Imports and Exports for Transportation Equipment and Others
Table 10. US Trade with Mexico by Rail for 2007: Percentage Breakdown of Value of Imports and Exports for Transportation Equipment and Others
Table 11. US Imports from Canada by Rail for 2007: Percentage Breakdown by Weight (Short Tons) of Commodity for Wood, Fertilizers, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 12. US Imports from Mexico by Rail for 2007: Percentage Breakdown by Weight (Short Tons) of Commodity for Transportation Equipment; Alcohol, Beverages, Vinegar; and Others includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Market Overview
Railway Infrastructure

Table 13. Track Miles Operated by Province in Canada in 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

The Historical Development of Railways
Passenger Services
Main Passenger Routes

Table 14. Canada's Intercity Passenger Transport Statistics (2007)
Table 15. Canada's Commuter Rail Service Statistics (2007)

Freight Railroads Scenario
Classification of Freight Railroads

Table 16. Freight Transport by Rail in Canada in Million Tonnes from 2003 to 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 17. Freight Transport in Canada by Commodity for 2007: Percentage Breakdown of Carloads Originated for Minerals, Chemicals and Fuel, Agriculture, Metals, Coal, Forest Products, Paper Products, Automotive and Machinery, Food Products, Miscellaneous, and Intermodal (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 18. Intermodal Traffic in Canada by Trailers and Containers from 2003 to 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Opportunities and Challenges for the Railway System
Market Outlook
Economic Growth Boosts Market for Railway Equipment and Technology
Railways Lose Traffic to Other Modes of Transport
Road Shines on European Transport Landscape
Railroad System Mainly National-Centric
EU Directives Make Rail Transport Competitive
Railway Services Market- Further Deregulation on the Cards
Shortage of Funds Represents Significant Barrier to Growth
Rail Freight Services Exhibit Declining Growth
Contributing Factors for Dismal Scenario
Rail Transport Enhancement Measures
Revival of Railways - Significant for Sustenance
Renewed Financial Organizational Structure-Key for Improvement
Rail Transport Liberalization- For Quality Services
Interoperability of National Systems - For a Unified Market
Creation of Trans-European Freeways for Rail Freight Services
Efficiency Enhancement of Regulatory Structure
Transformation to Boost Rail Traffic in the Sector
Developments in Passenger Transport
High-Speed Rail Dominates in Passenger Services
High-Speed Rail Service Gains Over Air Travel in Short Distance Routes
Railway Market Exhibits Variable Growth Across Different Regions
Focus on Select European Markets
Market Outlook
Market Structure
Deutsche Bahn AG- The Largest Rail Operator in Germany
Other Rail Transport Companies Operating in the Region
Rail Freight Expands in Germany Despite Recession
The UK Rail Travel Sector Continues Growth Trend
Passenger Railway Travel Segment Registers Healthy Growth
Future Prospects
Light Metros and Light Rail
Trends in Rail Passenger Journeys
Players Scenario
Rail System in Scotland
The Railway Market Structure
Federal Regulations
Market Players
Passenger Transport
Freight Transport
Market Overview
Private Rail Freight Records Significant Growth
Overseas Investment to Propel Growth
Fleet Modernization Initiatives to Enhance Infrastructure
New Regulations to develop Rail Sector
Russia Plans to Introduce High-Speed Railroads by 2014
Development of Railway Transport in Sweden
Main Railway lines in the region
Liberalization of Swedish Railway Market
Rail Transport Market Dominated by State-Owned Enterprises
State-Owned SJ Monopolizes Profitable Services
Major Participants
The Netherlands
Rail Transport Market Continues to Liberalize
Growth in Rail Cargo Market Remains Slow
Overview of Railroad System
An Overview of Passenger and Freight Transport
Role of State in Rail Transport
Privatization and Restructuring in Progress in Few Countries
Rail Vehicle Industry in Asia
Railway Sector in South Asia
Rail Vehicle Industry in East Asia
Investments to Drive Growth
Asian Rail Markets Offer Significant Business Potential for Western Suppliers
Role of Railways in Freight Transport in Asia
Diversified Growth in Passenger Transport
High-Speed Trains Gain Momentum
Concentration of Rail Facilities in Centralized Location
Railway Infrastructure Inventories and System Technology
Railway Infrastructure in Asia
Focus on Key Asian Markets
Rail Transport in China

Table 19. China Railway Freight Transport in Billion Tons from 2003 to 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Railway Infrastructure in China
Infrastructure Improvements Planned in the Sector
Lower Investments Impede Growth in Rail Transportation Sector
High-Speed Passenger and Cargo Transport- Key for Growth
China Embarks on Railroad Development
Railway Transport Sector Offers Huge Investment Opportunities
Railway Equipment Industry Scenario
Railway Spending to Soar in China
China to Step Up its Railway Network in Yangtze River Delta
Other Network Improvement Initiatives Planned in the Sector
Metro Line Network to Become One of the World’s Major Network
Intermodal Service to Enhance Rail Transport
Rail Vehicle Industry in China
Cargo Volumes to Remain Relatively Flat Due to Slackened Economy
Market Overview
Indian Railways Revenues
Indian Railways Commodity Revenues
Rail Industry in India
Key Facts of Indian Railways

Table 20. Indian Railway Route by Gauge in Route-Km (2007) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 21. Indian Railway Route by Track Type in Route-Km (2007) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Railway Infrastructure in India
Steam Locomotives in India
Freight Loading Major Source of Revenue for Indian Railways
Rail Industry in India
Private Sector Participation in Railways
Port Rail Connectivity Projects
Potential Projects
Massive Investment Projects Attract International Players
New Initiatives to Increase Revenues
Growth Prospects in the Sector
Indian Railways Register Record Freight Loading
Railways Eyes Big Money with Advertisements
Railway Infrastructure in Japan
Passenger Rail Transport
Myanmar Registers 60% Increase in Railroads in 20 Years
Market Overview

Table 22. Commodity Transport by Railways in Australia (2007): Percentage Breakdown of Volume transported by Commodity (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Australian Rail Freight Market Revives with Competition
Freight Market Overview
Low Traffic Hinders Infrastructure Cost Recovery Process
Focus on Select Middle-East Regions
History of Railroad Construction in Iran
The First Railroad Project
The First Railway Line
Construction of the National Railway Network
Advantageous Location Enables Iran to Develop as Transit Hub
Increasing Transit of Goods Generates Huge Revenues
Measures for Enhancement of Railway Sector
Demand Swells for Railroad Services in Iran
Railroad Facilitates Transit Industry Growth
Advantages of Rail Transport
Railway Services Market- an Overview

Table 23. Freight and Passenger Transport by Rail in Turkey from 2003 to 2007 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)

Historical Development of Railway Services
Infrastructure Projects to Drive Future Growth in Railways
TCDD Plans New Railway Restructuring Projects
Saudi Arabia
Railways Remain a Less Developed Transport System
South Africa
A Well-developed Railway System
Gautrain Project to Ease Pressure on Road Transport
ONCF Manages and Augments Railroad Infrastructure
Latin America
An Overview of Railfreight Sector


Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific Introduce Vehicle Co-Loading Service
CrossCountry Debuts Refurbished HST on the Glasgow–Plymouth Route
Amtrak to Introduce New Raleigh-Charlotte Service
Alstom Launches Prima II Locomotive
FESCO Transport Group to Introduce New Container Service
Sical Introduces Container Train Services
Alstom Rolls Out High-speed Train, AGV
Cog Railway to Launch Eco-Friendly Locomotive
East Japan Railways Launches Hybrid Railcar
CrossCountry Launches Train Service in UK
UP and NS Launch Westbound Intermodal Service
GE Launches Evolution Hybrid Locomotive
National Express Launches East Coast Franchise Passenger Rail Service
Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific to Enhance Local Transcontinental Service


SSAB Signs Rail Freight Transport Agreement with Green Cargo
Patriot Rail Corp Acquires Utah Central Railway
Deutsche Bahn Takes Over 50% Stake in LOROL
Veolia Cargo Takes Over Rail4Chem
Genesee & Wyoming Acquires CAGY Industries
CN Takes Over Three Rail Subsidiary Units from QRC
Genesee & Wyoming Acquires Maryland Midland Railway
Patriot Rail Takes Over Louisiana & North West Railroad
Genesee & Wyoming to Acquire Ohio Central Railroad
Genesee & Wyoming Takes Over Georgia Southwestern Railroad
Berkshire Hathaway Acquires 18% Stake in BNSF Railroad
Watco Cos Acquires Operations of Reload Inc for Expansion
BNSF Logistics Acquires Diversified Freight Logistics
Russian Railways and North Korea to Form a Joint Venture
FPN Teams up with Chinese Investors to Enhance Baja California Railroads
Deutsche Bahn Enters into a Cooperation Agreement with Qatari Government
CN and Amtrak Conclude Agreement to Allow Amtrak’s Access to St. Charles Airline Route
Union Pacific Signs a Deal to Transfer BulkTainer Service to ChemLogix
Russian Railways Signs a Deal with North Korea for Reconstruction of Railroad
Russian Government Inks a Deal with Yenisei for New Railroad Line
Major Railroad Operators Enter into a Deal for PTC Interoperability Standards
Russian Railways Signs Contract to Construct Railroad in Libya
ENRC Secures Order for Developing Railway Line between China and Kazakhstan
Ferrovial Agroman Consortium Secures Railway Construction Contract
CFR Grants Contract to Austrian-German Consortium
Alpine Bags €63. 6 million Railway Order in Germany
Russian Railways Signs Contract for Developing Libyan Railway Line
SCT to Upgrade National Railroad Infrastructure
Kuzbassrazrezugol to Invest in Railroad Transport
Russian Railroads to Develop Southern Seaport Railroads
RZD to Invest in Losevo - Kamennogorsk Railroad
Russian Railways to Invest in Development of South Ural Railroad
Union Pacific to Invest US$3 billion in Punta Colonet Railroads
Ferroeste to Enhance Railroad Capacity
Russian Railroads to Reconstruct Trans-Korean Railroad
Sao Paulo to Expand Ferroanel Railroad
Bulgaria to Enhance Transport and Railroad Infrastructure
Russian Railroads to Develop Railroad Lines for Seaport Region
Russian Railways to Construct a Railroad Section for Libya
Brazilian Government Increases Investments in Railroads
ALL to Spend R$200 Million for Brazilian Railroad Renovation
Mechel to Build Railroad to the Elga Coal Deposit
Western Railway Plans Chhotaudepur-Dhar BG Railway Line Project
Ukrzaliznytsia to Set Up Railway Line to Boryspil Airport
Hanfeng to Construct Heilongjiang Railway Spur
Turkmenistan to Invest in Railway Equipment for Kazakhstan-Iran Railroad
UNMIK reaffirms Control over Railway Track
Norfolk Southern Deploys Uni-Level Railcar Services
CSX to Implement Multi-Million Track Expansion Project
Armenia and Iran to Build Railroad
Union Pacific Enters into a Deal with Progress Rail to Test Intermediate-Haul Locomotives
BNSF Reopens Rail-Served Facility in Illinois
Kowloon Canton Railway Merges with Mass Transit Railway
BNSF Acquires Pro-Am
WTLC to Acquire South Plains Subdivision from BNSF
Deutsche Bahn to Acquire Two European Freight Carriers
Arriva Plc Acquires Stake in Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen
Fortress Investment to Acquire Florida East Coast Industries
Berkshire Hathaway Acquires Stake in Major US Railroad
TCI Fund to Acquire More Stake in CSX
Patriot Rail Acquires Rarus Railway
Fortress Investment Group to Takeover Florida East Coast
The Great Circle Fund Takes Over STS Logistics
Canadian National Railway to Take Over Elgin Joliet & Eastern Railway
Toll Holdings Takes Over Toll (NZ) Ltd
SC Rail Leasing Takes Over Southern Illinois Railcar
Canadian Pacific Acquires DM&E Railroad
Railion Completes Acquisition of Brunner Railway Services
Canadian Railway to Acquire Majority Stake in Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Co
Bridgepoint Completes Acquisition of CTL Logistics
The Carlyle Group Takes Over Railcar Management
The Great Circle Fund Takes Over Stake in Balnak Logistics Group
Watco Cos Takes Over Millennium Rail
Canadian Pacific Railway Takes Over Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad
MER MEC SpA Takes Over ImageMap
Washington State Signs MOU With Watco to Acquire CW Line of PCC
Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railroads Company to Establish a Joint Venture
Poland, Germany, Belarus and Russia to Form a New Joint Venture
Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan Team Up for New Railroad Construction
Kazakh and Turkmen Railroad Departments Collaborate to Build New Railroad
Eurotunnel Partners with Port Autonome de Dunkerque
BNSF Enters into Agreement with BLET
OAO Norilsk Nickel Signs Agreement with Federal Railroad Transport Agency
Indian Railways Enter into Agreement with NPCL to Transport Coal
BNSF and BLET Enter into an Agreement
Georgian Government Agrees for Railroad Link to Turkey
Cuba and Venezuela Enter into a Deal for Railroads Improvement
Kyrgyzstan Railway to Receive Equipment Worth US$1 Million from Russia
Skanska Bags Czech Railway Project Order
Veolia Cargo Obtains Contract from ECT
Lafarge Ciment Awards Freight Transport Contract to Veolia Cargo
Agroman Bags Railroad Contract
Bulgarian Transport Ministry and International Consortia Sign Railroad Contracts
Washington Selects Two Firms for Operation of Freight Railroad
UPDS Inaugurates a New Business Division
Arriva Opens Train Care Facility in Wales
Edmonton and GE to Deploy Advanced Signaling and Crossing Technology
RVNL Undertakes Gauge Conversion Project
Union Pacific Announces Closure of Weld County Roads
Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan Plan to Build a New Railroad Branch
Eurasia-America Transcontinental Railroad Proposed for Construction
Russia Plans to Build High-Speed Moscow-Petersburg Railroad by 2012
Azerbaijan to Develop Railroad System
Russia Announced Plans for Railroad Infrastructure Development
Russian Railroad Network to Link with New Caspian Railroad Line
City of Pomona Pioneers Establishment of Quiet Zones in Railroad Network
East Siberian Railroad to Operate Shuttle Trains on Irkutsk-Beijing Line
Norfolk Southern to Rebuild Railroad Crossing
BNSF Railway to Begin Construction of New Rail Yard
CSX to Invest US$6. 4 Billion for Enhancement of Tracks and Equipment
RailAmerica to Install New N-ViroMotives in the Company's DGNO
Russian Railways Invests RUR 5. 4 billion in Railroad Reconstruction to Ust-Luga
Pennsylvania State to Enhance Rail Service
Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Iran to Construct Railroad Linking Four Nations
Vale do Rio Doce to Construct Norte Sul Railway Line
Mexico to Construct New Railway Line and Port
ALL to Invest in Brazil- Bolivia Rail Line
Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan Sign an Accord to Construct a Railroad
North Railways to Construct More than 2,300 km of Railroads
Zabaykalskaya Railways to Construct New 909 km Railroad
Russia to Invest 13 Trillion Rubles on Railroad Projects
Railroad Bridge Across Kerch Strait to be Ready by 2012
Gorkovskaya Railway Opens New Railroad Terminal
Astaldi Wins Railroad Upgrade Contract in Bulgaria
Belon Plans 550 Million Rubles Investment for Railroad Development
West-Siberian Railway to Invest of RUR6 billon for Kuzbass Railroads
RZD to Invest RUR53 billion on Railroad Equipment
GW Travel Launches Luxury Train on Trans-Siberian Rail Line
NYK Introduces Rail Freight Service
Chartwell International Acquires Middletown and New Jersey Railway Company
CN Acquires Alberta Short Lines of RailAmerica


Aeroexpress Ltd. (Russia)
Arriva Plc (UK)
BNSF Railway (USA)
CSX Corporation (USA)
Canadian National Railway Company (Canada)
Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (Canada)
Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany)
DB Mobility Logistics AG (Germany)
Schenker AG (Germany)
First Group Plc (UK)
The Go-Ahead Group Plc (UK)
Indian Railways (India)
Kansas City Southern (USA)
National Express Group Plc (UK)
National Railroad Passenger Corporation (USA)
Norfolk Southern Corporation (USA)
NSB AS (Norway)
Sinotrans Ltd. (China)
Thalys International (Europe)
Union Pacific Corporation (USA)
Veolia Transport Ltd (Germany)
VIA Rail Canada, Inc. (Canada)


Table 24. Global Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Railroads by Service Segment – Passenger Transport Services and Freight Transport Services Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenue Figures in US$ Billion for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 25. Global 10-Year Perspective for Railroads by Service Segment – Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Passenger Transport Services and Freight Transport Services for Years 2006, 2009 & 2015
Table 26. Global Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Railroads by Geographic Region – Asia-Pacific and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenue Figures in US$ Billion for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 27. Global 10-Year Perspective for Railroads by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Revenues for Asia-Pacific and Rest of World for Years 2006, 2009 & 2015

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