2010 Trendology: U.S. Collection Agencies

Date: April 23, 2010
Pages: 98
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Publisher: Barnes Reports
Report type: Strategic Report
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2010 Trendology: U.S. Collection Agencies
The 2010 Trendology report on the U.S. Collection Agencies industry characterizes the industry in three descriptive methods: qualitative analysis, quantitative data and lists of major industry players. The written analysis includes financial issues, technology issues, human resources issues, supplier issues, consumer issues, government regulations, global factors, major industry news highlights, major earnings and profit reports, major mergers and acquisitions, and our exclusive industry SWOT analysis (industry internal strengths, internal weaknesses, external opportunities and external threats). Along with the trend analysis, quantitative data includes five-year trends (2007-2011) on number of establishments, industry and number of employees. This data is developed through Trendology's economic model using regression analysis based on historical industry trend data. Forecasts are available for 2011. Quantitative data for current year 2010 is provided for the U.S., 50 U.S. states, and 900 metro areas. The report also lists up to ten of the industry's major players, their current sales and stock symbol (for public companies). Color charts and graphs run throughout the report to highlight trends and are ready for presentations and displays. Links to Internet sources in the report are useful for additional research and data gathering.
Users' Guide, Industry Definition and Related Industries, 5-Year Trends (Number of Establishments, Sales, Number of Employees), Analysis (SWOT, Financial, Human Resources, Technology, Supplier Issues, Consumer Issues, Government Regulations, Global Factors), Industry News (Earnings & Profits, Mergers & Acquisitions), Major Players (Sales, Stock Symbols), 2010 U.S. States (Number of Establishments, Sales, Number of Employees), 2010 U.S. Metropolitan Areas (Number of Establishments, Sales, Number of Employees), Definitions and Terms
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2010 Trendology: U.S. Collection Agencies
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