The State of Roche

Date: April 23, 2010
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The State of Roche
Expect the unexpected.

For pharma giant Roche, those were words to live by as 2009 came to a close.

Despite a strong showing in news analysis — of 179 articles published internationally on the company from October 2009 to February 2010, 64 percent were positive — the year ended with what one analyst described as “a mixed picture”. Although revenue from the company’s pharma division rose eight percent due to sales of Tamiflu, it wasn’t enough to strengthen a flaccid bottom line, as full-year profits fell 22 percent to $8.1 billion. Largely due to the acquisition of Genentech, the sales fell well below analyst expectations.

Yet as 2010 unfolds, the clouds hanging over Roche seem to be parting. So far, the company has rolled out several key deals, including a three to five year joint research collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University to use stem cell technology to advance drug discovery in high unmet medical needs areas. Roche also unveiled a $290 million deal to use Digital Biotech’s DBT-066 suppressor technology, as well as a $580 million agreement with Galapagos to develop new therapies for obstructive pulmonary disease.

Elsewhere, news from the world of clinical trials was positive: results from a late-stage trial showed that Avastin increased the time of progression-free survival in women with advanced ovarian cancer compared to chemotherapy alone, while the company announced the results from several other trials including the INFORM-1 trial, the first five studies on taspoglutide and the BTT-1023 trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients, amongst others.

And despite encouraging news that Roche and Novartis are better prepared for the coming storm of patent expiries expected to cut deeply into the industry, the unexpected is still just around the next quarterly corner.

Key insights on critical developments at Roche

FirstWord’s The State of Roche report charts the company’s current position and future moves by examining the news events behind 179 headlines, covering everything from potential layoffs to new drug developments and innovative collaborations. In the intriguing dossier, FirstWord analyzes not just news sentiment and content, but offers a breakdown of topics covered both in charts and in concise, clear-visioned reporting.

The report reviews year-end and Q1 events to establish:
  • Efforts by Roche to diversify away from chemical-based patented drugs at a time when generics are expected to gouge profits
  • The greatest areas of news coverage, divided by drug and research, corporate and financial categories

The report
  • Offers a detailed synopsis of major events, their coverage and corporate responses
  • Includes in-depth analysis of regulatory news, lawsuits and lobbying, as well as current deals and agreements, approvals and competitor activity
  • Reviews which news stories garnered positive and negative spins by quarter and topic, including acquisitions, pipeline developments, R&D and restructuring
  • Discusses critical collaborative strategies by Roche to overcome the influx of generics
  • Delivers a full descriptive list of drug approvals, clinical trials, outcomes and marketing

Critical information included in this report
  • Monthly news sentiment analysis, cross referenced and analyzed by subject
  • Overview of ongoing strategies by Roche to invest in novel pipeline developments such as stem cell technology
  • Point by point breakdown of all news events by category of drugs, research, corporate or financial

Key drugs included in this report

RG7128 for hepatitis C
BTT-1023 for rheumatoid arthritis



Positive News
    Mergers/Acquisitions/Joint ventures
  Financial News
    Q4 2009 and 2009 Year End Report
  Clinical Trials
  Generics and Patents
  Regulatory, Lawsuits and Lobbying
Negative News
    Analyst Valuations
  Generics and Patents
  Competitor Activity
  Clinical Trials
  Regulatory, Lawsuits and Lobbying
Roche & Co – Background Information
  R&D Pipeline
  Revenue Performance - By Product Line, 2006-2009
  Revenue Performance - By Therapeutic Area, 2006-2009
  R&D Locations
    Branford, US
    Basel, Switzerland
    Tokyo, Japan
    Burgdorf, Switzerland
    San Francisco, US
    Graz, Switzerland
    Indianapolis, US
    Kulmbach, Germany
    Mannheim, Germany
    Nutley, US
    Penzberg, Germany
    Toronto, Canada
    Pleasanton, US
    Schlieren, Switzerland
    Madison, US
    Rotkreuz, Switzerland
    Shanghai, China
    Tucson, US
    Welwyn, UK


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The State of Roche
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