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Research Report on China’s Condom Market, 2009

January 2009 | 60 pages | ID: RDE58BF706DEN
China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd.

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This report analyzes the demand and supply, brand competition and trends of China's condom market. It's helpful to those who want to know and capture the China's condom market. In 2008, there were about 370 million women of child-bearing age in China. Because of family planning and other reasons, many of them need to be put on birth control. At present, more than 200 million married couples of childbearing age in China have adopted contraceptive measures…

Market overviews on China
  Market classification
  Market Scales

Applications of condom in China
  Protection from STDs

Competitive Analysis
  Foreign brands
  Chinese brands

Marketing Channels
  Government Procurement (for family planning)
  Retail stores
  Public entertainment
  Vending machines

Main condom brands in China market
  Double butterfly

Development of China's condom market
  Market size forecast
  Impact factor analysis
  Analysis of new products


Chart Sales volume of China’s condom market, 2003-2008
Chart Sales of China’s condom market, 2003-2008
Chart Main condom brands in China Market
Chart Market share of China’s condom market 2008
Chart Main products of Sellman co., LTD.
Chart Main products of Qingdao double butterfly group Co., Ltd.
Chart Volume of government procurement of condoms in China 2003-2008
Chart New products of China’s condom market
Chart Sales volume prediction of China's condom market, 2009-2014

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