Prospects in the US Home Healthcare Market

Date: February 23, 2011
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Prospects in the US Home Healthcare Market
Executive Summary

The home health care industry is in its developing stage all over the world, US and Europe leads the market with the support of its developed economy and advancement in technology. US offer great potential for third party service providers and equipment manufacturers to take the benefit of demand and supply gap. In case of services such as practitioners, nurses availability this market offers bright career opportunities. Health insurance for home care is also gaining popularity in the US with rising awareness and low cost treatment.

Demographics changes such as the growing longevity of the patient population are making home the ideal setting for healthcare delivery. The US market for home healthcare equipment was valued at USD ~ billion in 2010, and is forecast to reach USD ~ billion in 2012. The market is expected to be driven by government’s cost containment efforts, reimbursement reforms and continued advances in device technology. In terms of mobility devices, there is an upward trend in the number of orthopaedic patients which will contribute in the growth for medical furniture and bathroom safety products.

The report titled “Prospects in the US Home Health Care Market” describes the industry past performance present analysis and future prospects. It covers home health care expenditures, market size of home healthcare equipment and role of third party service providers. It also discusses industry segments and assess outlook of the industry and its segments. In the industry development section we talked about recent trends and opportunities which contribute in the overall growth of the industry. In the driving forces section we have discussed factors supporting the industry growth. Further, the report highlights the positioning and strategies of top global dental consumables and equipments manufacturers – Baxter International Inc., Fresenius Medical Care AG, American Home patient Inc. and Nxstage Medical Inc.

Key Findings
  • Home healthcare expenditures are also expected to show a continuous positive growth trend in coming years and expected to reach USD ~ billion by 2014 with a CAGR of 5.85% from 2010-2014.
  • Globally demand for medical oxygen system has increased in the recent past led by rising number of COPD and asthma patients.
  • Home hemodialysis growth has even overshadowed the market growth of dialysis demand. The adoption of home hemodialysis is expected to be more in 2011 & 2012, as more awareness would be created with the entry of more players in the dialysis market.
  • The future of dialysis treatment and related device demand is bright with growing rate of patients and awareness level worldwide.
  • For 2009, health care expenditures in the United States are estimated to be USD~ trillion dollars or approximately 17.3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the highest among industrialized countries.
Scope of the Research
  • The report includes various aspects of the home healthcare industry with analysis of service industry and equipment and device industry.
  • It identifies segments offering opportunities and future outlook of the industry which may help the new and existing players to form development strategies.
  • The report presents market demand and size trends in respect to past, present and future performance.
  • Discusses industry players positioning, market share, profile and scope for foreign players.
  • The research report will be helpful for third party service providers in home care sector, enabling them to assess their positioning and investment prospects.

1.1 An overview
1.2 Healthcare Expenditures


2.1 Home Healthcare Expenditures
2.2 Market Size for Home Healthcare Equipment
  2.2.1Third party Services-Homecare Agencies
  2.2.2 Frequency of Practitioner Visit


3.1Home Patient Monitoring Devices
3.2 Medical Oxygen Devices
3.3 Home Haemodialysis


4.1 Home Healthcare Expenditures
4.2 Third Party Service –Homecare Agencies Outlook
4.3 Future Outlook of Dialysis Demand and Market Size


5.1 High Demand for Health Insurance Products
5.2 Home Health Care Career Opportunities
5.3 Introduction of New Technologies in the Home Care Sector
5.4 Opportunities for new players in the sector
5.5 Preference for Home Treatment Creating Demand for Peritoneal Dialysis
5.6 Need for an At-Home Blood Dialysis Industry
5.7 Rising Incidence of Diabetes in Younger Populations Could Benefit Home Hemodialysis
5.8 Distribution Channels


6.1 Rising Healthcare expenditures
6.2 Favouring Disposable Income in Developing Countries
6.3 Health Problems Leading Demand for Medical Treatment
6.4 Intensifying Hospital Supplies with Growing Elderly World Population
6.5 Rising Per Capita Income


7.1 Baxter International Inc.
  7.1.1Business Overview
  7.1.2 Financial Performance
  7.1.3 Business Strategies
7.2 Fresenius Medical Care AG
  7.2.1 Business Overview
  7.2.2 Financial Performance
  7.2.3 Business Strategies
7.3 Invacare Corporation
  7.3.1 Business Overview
  7.3.2 Financial Performance
  7.3.3 Business Strategies
7.4 American Homepatient Inc.
  7.4.1 Business Overview
  7.4.2 Financial Performance
  7.4.3 Business Developments
7.5 NxStage Medical, Inc.
  7.5.1 Business Overview
  7.5.2 Financial Performance
  7.5.3 Business Developments


Figure 1: US National Health Expenditures (2000-2009)
Figure 2: US Health Expenditures by Sectors in % (2009)
Figure 3: sources of Payment for Home Health in 2009
Figure 4: Home Healthcare Expenditures by Value (2005-2010)
Figure 5: Home Medical Equipment Market by value (2005-2012E)
Figure 6: Practitioner Visits in Numbers (2008-2012E)
Figure 7: Home Healthcare Expenditure Forecast by Value (2010-2014E)
Figure 8: Number of Home care Agencies Forecast (2010-2014E)
Figure 9: New Cases of Diabetes in United States (Ages 18-79) (1980-2008)
Figure 10: Urban per capita Disposable Income in China (1998-2009)
Figure 11: WW Aging Population within age group 55 to 80+ (1996-2010)
Figure 12: Invacare Revenues and Gross Profit (2007-2009)
Figure 13: American HomePatient Inc. Revenues (2008&2009)


Table 1: End Stage Renal Didease Patients by Treatment in U.S. (in '000) (2000-2008)
Table 2: Chronic Home Hemodialysis Market Estimates and Opportunity (2008-2012E)
Table 3: U.S. End Stage Renal Disease Patients (By Treatment) Projections (in '000) (2009-2012E)
Table 4: Baxter International Revenues by Business Segment (2004-2010)
Table 5: Fresenius Medical Total Revenue by Geography (2008&2009)
Table 6: NxStage Medical Revenue by Business Segments (2008 & 2009)
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Prospects in the US Home Healthcare Market
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