Power Wheelchair Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018

Date: April 6, 2012
Pages: 467
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Publisher: WinterGreen Research
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Power Wheelchair Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018
WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on power wheelchairs. The 2012 study has 467 pages, 143 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve remarkable growth as the populations age all over the world, as technology and manufacturing efficiency bring down the unit costs, and as older people are more affluent and can afford better power wheelchairs.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the study, 'Reimbursement drives power wheelchair markets'. As people and governments pay for medical insurance more money is available for medical treatment and equipment.

The government provides people over age 65 with medical insurance in the US. In many parts of the developed world, there is complete medical coverage provided by the government, though working people tend to supplement government coverage with medical insurance. Power wheelchair users may be eligible to receive a power chair at little to no cost. Vendors research the qualifications and negotiate the payments for many potential power wheelchair users.

As the population ages, people are more frail and need assistance for mobility. Hospital and homecare wheelchair technology is evolving to give people with disabilities more mobility. Mobility depends on a wheelchair that is fit to purpose. Are people going to move themselves? Are they going to be inside or outside? Is the wheelchair used for traveling by car? Many issues impact the choice of a wheelchair, including cost and reimbursement availability.

Power wheelchair markets are poised to create the ability for people to get more exercise and impact the healthcare delivery industry. By encouraging mobility of people who were previously bed ridden, the quality of life rises significantly. Wheelchairs impact care delivery, permitting the patient to control mobility for the rehabilitation efforts. Power wheel chairs give patients the ability to control movement.

Transport power wheelchairs are used for permitting patients to go from home by auto to another place. Patients and family gain more control over care delivery with the availability of rehabilitation and travel with power transport wheelchairs. Care can be delivered in familiar settings.

Power wheelchair markets at $1.1 billion in 2011 are anticipated to reach $3.9 billion in 2018. Market growth comes in large part from demand for mobility from people who might otherwise be bedridden.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market Research.com, Research and Markets, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.

Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Market Driving Forces
Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Market Share
Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Market Forecasts


1.1 Private Cloud Computing Model
  1.1.1 IBM WebSphere SOA Open Systems Cloud Foundation
  1.1.2 IBM SOA Foundation
  1.1.3 IBM SOA Governance Lifecycle
  1.1.4 Cloud Model For Consuming And Delivering Business And IT Services
  1.1.5 IBM Cloud Computing
  1.1.6 IBM Cloud Business Model
  1.1.7 Microsoft Cloud Business Model: Private Cloud Unlimited Virtualization Rights
  1.1.8 Comcast Expands Commercial Play With Cloud-Based VoIP, UC offering
1.2 Office Productivity Software
1.3 Office Productivity Suites
  1.3.1 Productivity Software Vendors
1.4 Teams Work Together Effectively
  1.4.1 Digital Notebook
1.5 Cloud Computing Permits User Web Services Access
  1.5.1 Cloud Computing Aspects
1.6 Web 2.0 Internet Scale Mainstream Applications
  1.6.1 Design Patterns
  1.6.2 Data Driven Cloud Computing
  1.6.3 Network Effects
  1.6.4 Collaboration
  1.6.5 Social Networking Heuristics
  1.6.6 Wiki-Style Collaborative Editing


2.1 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Market Driving Forces
2.2 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Market Share
  2.2.1 Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud Productivity Applications
  2.2.2 Google Apps for Medium Business
  2.2.3 IBM
  2.2.4 IBM SmartCloud Social LotusLive
  2.2.5 IBM SmartCloud Features of LotusLive iNotes
  2.2.6 IBM PureFlex System Provides Benefits for Managed Service Providers
  2.2.7 IBM SmartCloud LotusLive iNotes Targets Google
  2.2.8 IBM LotusLive Marketing Tools
  2.2.9 IBM Takes Aim at Microsoft Exchange
  2.2.10 Amazon Web Services
  2.2.11 Appe iCloud
  2.2.12 Fujitsu
  2.2.13 Adobe Creative Cloud
  2.2.14 Hewett Packard
  2.2.15 Dell/Wyse Technology
2.3 Cloud Office Applications Services Provider Market Shares
  2.3.1 NTT
  2.3.2 Comcast Offers Cloud-Based Unified Communications Solution for the Mid-Market
  2.3.3 Verizon nPhase M2M Service Delivery Platform
  2.3.4 AT&T Cloud Services
  2.3.5 Century Link
  2.3.6 Sprint Complete Collaboration
  2.3.7 British Telecom (BT) and Cisco
  2.3.8 Orange
  2.3.9 Deutsche Telekom Data Services From The Cloud
  2.3.10 Vodafone
2.4 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Market Forecasts
  2.4.1 Cloud Office Productivity and Collaboration Applications Software Markets Forecasts
  2.4.2 Cloud Office Productivity and Collaboration Service Provider Applications Market Forecasts
  2.4.3 Thin client and desktop virtualization solutions
2.5 Cloud Office Productivity and Collaboration Applications Software Regional Market Segments
  2.5.1 127 Telecommunications Operators Worldwide Selling Cloud Data Services


3.1 Microsoft Office
  3.1.1 Microsoft Office
  3.1.2 Microsoft Applications
  3.1.3 Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Operating System
  3.1.4 Microsoft Application Controller
  3.1.5 Windows Server 2008 R2 Hardware and Scaling Features
  3.1.6 Microsoft R2 Supports Reduced Power Consumption
  3.1.7 Microsoft Reduces Costs with Virtualization
  3.1.8 Microsoft Simplifies Datacenter Management
  3.1.9 Microsoft Improves Datacenter Security
  3.1.10 Microsoft Sharepoint for Windows
  3.1.11 Microsoft Solutions for Internet Sites
  3.1.12 Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  3.1.13 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Sites
  3.1.14 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Communities
  3.1.15 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Composites
  3.1.16 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Content
  3.1.17 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Insights
  3.1.18 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Search
3.2 IBM Lotus Live Social Cloud
  3.2.1 IBM Lotus Software
  3.2.2 IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
  3.2.3 IBM SmartCloud Email & Calendar
  3.2.4 IBM LotusLive Marketing Tools
  3.2.5 IBM LotusLive Engage
  3.2.6 IBM LotusLive Suite Social Cloud for Selling
3.3 Google Apps for Small Business
  3.3.1 Google Apps for Medium Business
  3.3.2 Google Apps for Enterprise
  3.3.3 Google Gmail
  3.3.4 Google Calendar
  3.3.5 Google Docs
  3.3.6 Google Cloud Connect
  3.3.7 Google Sites
3.4 Apple Documents in the iCloud
  3.4.1 Appe iCloud Comes With Every New Apple Device
  3.4.2 Apps Ready For Apple iCloud.
  3.4.3 Apple iTunes in the Cloud
  3.4.4 Apple Photo Stream
  3.4.5 Apple Apps, Books, and Backup
  3.4.6 Apple Calendar, Mail, and Contacts
  3.4.7 Apple Find My Friends and Find My iPhone
  3.4.8 Apple Set up iCloud
3.5 Amazon Web Services
  3.5.1 Amazon Web Services Economics Center
  3.5.2 Amazon Web Services Agility and Instant Elasticity
  3.5.3 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  3.5.4 Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
  3.5.5 Amazon Application Hosting
  3.5.6 Amazon Content Delivery
3.6 Adobe Creative Cloud
  3.6.1 Adobe Online Business Optimization, powered by Omniture
  3.6.2 Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture
3.7 Dell Acquires Wyse Technology
  3.7.1 Wyse Technology Leadership
3.8 Corel VideoStudio Pro X5
  3.8.1 Corel WordPerfect Office X5
3.9 Novell LibreOffice
  3.9.1 Novell/NetIQ Cloud Manager
3.10 OpenOffice.org
  3.10.1 OpenOffice Writer
  3.10.2 OpenOffice Calc
3.11 Salesforce.com Sales Cloud
  3.11.1 Salesforce.com Trusted Cloud Apps And Platform
  3.11.2 Salesforce.com Sales Cloud
3.12 Facebook Groups
3.13 AppScale
3.14 Verizon nPhase M2M Service Delivery Platform
  3.14.1 Outsourcing IT Functions to Verizon
  3.14.2 Verizon Everything-As-A-Service (EaaS) Model
  3.14.3 Verizon EaaS: IT Integrated Tool Suite
  3.14.4 Verizon Ability To Provide A Fully Integrated And Always Up-To-Date It Environment
  3.14.5 Verizon Cloud Moves from Administration To Innovation
3.15 Workday Integration Cloud
3.16 Intermedia Hosted Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
3.17 AT&T Cloud Services
  3.17.1 AT&T SaaS Enablement
  3.17.2 AT&T Cloud Storage
3.18 Comcast
  3.18.1 Comcast Offer Cloud-Based Unified Communications Solution for the Mid-Market
  3.18.2 Comcast Combines Voice Services with E-Mail and Messaging
  3.18.3 Comcast Business VoiceEdge Cloud-Based Voice And Unified Communications Solution
  3.18.4 Comcast Business Services Expands Voice Portfolio with Business VoiceEdge
3.19 Century Link
3.20 Sprint Fully Integrated Cisco Hosted Solution
  3.20.1 Sprint Complete Collaboration
  3.20.2 Cisco, Sprint all IP network with SIP Trunking
  3.20.3 Sprint Deploying Cisco Customer Collaboration At Its Contact Center Locations
3.21 British Telecom (BT) and Cisco
3.22 Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
3.23 Orange
3.24 NTT
  3.24.1 Cloud-Based DaaS (Desktop as a Service) Offerings Powered by Fujitsu
  3.24.2 70 Percent Of Japanese Businesses Have Prohibition On Taking PCs Away From The Office
3.25 Deutsche Telekom Data Services From The Cloud
  3.25.1 Deutsche Telekom Group-Wide Alignment Adding Momentum To International Cloud Strategy
  3.25.2 Deutsche Telekom As The Trusted Cloud Partner for SMBs
  3.25.3 Deutsche Telekom Start of De-Mail
3.26 Vodafone
  3.26.1 Vodafone Cloud Services Features:
3.27 Fujitsu
  3.27.1 Fujitsu Cloud Services
3.28 Telstra Certified by Cisco
3.29 Windstream


4.1 State Machine
  4.1.1 Network Strategy
  4.1.2 Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Tier Architecture
  4.1.3 SOA Representational State Transfer Is A Mode Of Communication Accessible To Programs And Humans
  4.1.4 Registry SOA engine
  4.1.5 FastSOA Architecture
4.2 Office Productivity Dynamic Architecture
  4.2.1 Google Search Engine Dynamic Architecture
  4.2.2 BigFiles
  4.2.3 Repository
  4.2.4 Microsoft .Net Defines Reusable Modules Dynamically
  4.2.5 Microsoft Combines Managed Modules into Assemblies
  4.2.6 Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing
  4.2.7 IBM SOA Architecture is Dynamic for the Transport Layer
4.3 Business Benefits of Office Architecture
  4.3.1 Technology Issues
  4.3.2 Technology Platforms
  4.3.3 Existing Enterprise Asset Automated Virtualization
  4.3.4 Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies
  4.3.5 Impact of Platforms
  4.3.6 Platforms and Disparate Technologies
  4.3.7 Technology Analysis
4.4 Business Events
  4.4.1 Event Transmission
  4.4.2 Business Process Automation
4.5 Process Oriented Architecture
  4.5.1 Business Process Automation
  4.5.2 Business Process Management Modular Architecture
  4.5.3 Business Components
4.6 Advanced E-Business Infrastructure
  4.6.1 Application Integration Technical Advantages
  4.6.2 Integration System Architecture
4.7 Development Toolset
  4.7.1 Infrastructure And System Management
4.8 Web Services
  4.8.1 Promise Of Web Services
  4.8.2 Java
  4.8.3 Java Technology
  4.8.4 J2EE
  4.8.5 Soap
  4.8.6 Apache Soap
  4.8.7 Load Balancer With SSL Support
  4.8.8 Points Of Failure
  4.8.9 Soap Limitations
  4.8.10 WSDL
  4.8.11 WSDL Service Descriptions
  4.8.12 UDDI
  4.8.13 UDDI Test Registries
  4.8.14 UDDI Distributed Web Service Discovery
  4.8.15 UDDI Consortium
  4.8.16 WS-Inspection Document Extensibility
  4.8.17 XML
  4.8.18 Metadata Repository
  4.8.19 Metadata Describes Location, Format, Relationships, Transformation, Rules, Cross-Reference
  4.8.20 Metadata Drives Data Integration Services
  4.8.21 Wrappering
4.9 Service Level Challenges
  4.9.1 Quality Of Service (QoS) Functions
  4.9.2 Network Efficiency
4.10 Business Need
  4.10.1 Business Process Management Packaged Solutions for Rapid Deployment
  4.10.2 Quality Of Service Control
  4.10.3 XML Standards
4.11 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  4.11.1 IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  4.11.2 Business Challenge IT Imperative
  4.11.3 Services Oriented Architecture And Relevant Standards
  4.11.4 XML Family Of Standards
  4.11.5 Integration Engines Leverage XML Processing
  4.11.6 XML Standards
  4.11.7 XML Role In Application Topology
  4.11.8 XML Meets The Integration Challenge
  4.11.9 XML Standard Communication Language
  4.11.10 Web Services Protocols
  4.11.11 Web Services Input And Output Formats
  4.11.12 Web Services Coupling Versus Cohesion
  4.11.13 Web Services Coupling
  4.11.14 Web Services Cohesion
4.12 Open Systems
  4.12.1 Apache Hadoop
4.13 Obtaining More Spectrum
4.14 M2M: A New Paradigm For Business
  4.14.1 The Next Wireless Revolution


5.1 Adobe
  5.1.1 Adobe Business Overview
  5.1.2 Adobe Systems Digital Media
  5.1.3 Adobe Systems Supports Handling The Plethora Of New Devices, Formats And Business Models
  5.1.4 Adobe Systems Digital Marketing
  5.1.5 Adobe Completed An Acquisition Of Privately Held Efficient Frontier
  5.1.6 Adobe Systems Net Sales by Segment
  5.1.7 Adobe Print and Publishing—
  5.1.8 Adobe Systems Positioning
5.2 ADP Payroll Services
  5.2.1 ADP Payroll Services
  5.2.2 ADP Payroll Processing Choices Fit Unique Business
  5.2.3 ADP Multiple Payroll Input Options
  5.2.4 ADP Variety of Payroll Payment Options
5.3 Akamai
  5.3.1 Akamai Customers
  5.3.2 Akamai Segment Analysis
  5.3.3 Akamai Video
  5.3.4 Akamai Security
  5.3.5 Akamai Platform Adoption
5.4 Amazon.com
  5.4.1 Amazon.com Consumers
  5.4.2 Amazon.com Sellers
  5.4.3 Amazon Enterprise Cloud Services Positioning
  5.4.4 Amazon Content Creators
  5.4.5 Amazon Appstore
  5.4.6 Amazon Web Services Amazon DynamoDB Now Available in Europe
  5.4.7 Amazon Net Sales
  5.4.8 Amazon Business Focus
5.5 Apple
  5.5.1 Apple Business Strategy
  5.5.2 Apple Products
  5.5.3 Apple iPhone
  5.5.4 Apple iPad
  5.5.5 Apple Mac Hardware Products
  5.5.6 Apple iPod
  5.5.7 Apple iTunes
  5.5.8 Apple Mac App Store
  5.5.9 Apple iCloud
  5.5.10 Apple Software Products and Computer Technologies
  5.5.11 Apple Operating System Software iOS
  5.5.12 Apple Mac OS X
  5.5.13 Apple TV
  5.5.14 Apple Net Sales
5.1 Ariba
5.6 AT&T
  5.6.1 AT&T Revenue
  5.6.2 AT&T Wireless
  5.6.3 AT&T Services and Products
  5.6.4 AT&T Voice Service –
  5.6.5 AT&T Innovative Data Services
  5.6.6 AT&T Business Customers
  5.6.7 AT&T Data/Broadband 5.6.8 AT&T Business Secure Mobile Threats
  5.6.9 AT&T Mobile Security
5.7 Axios
  5.1.1 Axios Survey Reveals 68 Percent of Global Organizations Planning to Adopt Cloud Strategy
5.8 BMC
  5.1.2 BMC Software Control-M
5.9 Brocade
  5.9.1 Brocade Radically Simplifies Enterprise and Hosted UC Deployments
  5.9.2 Brocade and Microsoft
5.10 CA Technologies
  5.10.1 CA Technologies Cloud-Enables Networks
  5.10.2 CA/3Tera
  5.10.3 CA Acquires 3Tera Cloud Computing Solution Provider
  5.10.4 CA Rapid, Simplified Cloud Enablement
  5.10.5 CA Integration with Virtual and Physical Management Technologies
  5.10.6 CA Revenue
  5.10.7 CA (CA: New York Stock Exchange)
  5.10.8 CA Acquisitions
  5.10.9 CA Business Strategy
  5.10.10 CA Mainframe Products
  5.10.11 CA Secure
  5.10.12 CA Enables the Adoption of New Technologies
  5.10.13 CA Cloud Computing
  5.10.14 CA SaaS Offerings Appeal To Emerging Enterprises
  5.10.15 CA Strategic Positioning For Growth
  5.10.16 Analysis Of CA Strategy
  5.10.17 CA Subscription and Maintenance Revenue
5.11 Century Link
  5.11.1 Centurylink Fourth Quarter 2011 Revenue
  5.11.2 Centurylink Regional Markets Group (RMG)
  5.11.3 Centurylink Business Markets Group (BMG)
  5.11.4 Centurylink Wholesale Markets Group (WMG)
  5.11.5 Centurylink Savvis
  5.11.6 Centurylink Savvis
  5.11.7 Centurylink Integration Update: Embarq Completed; Qwest and Savvis Integrations on Track
  5.11.8 Digital Realty Partnering with Centurylink/Savvis
  5.11.9 Centurylink Key Strategic Initiatives
5.2 Cassiopeia Internet/Constellate
  5.11.10 Constellate Strategy
5.12 Cisco
  5.12.1 Cisco Forecasts Mobile Data Traffic
  5.12.2 Cisco Creating Long-Lasting Customer Partnerships
  5.12.3 Cisco Information Technology
  5.12.4 Cisco Virtualization
  5.12.5 Competitive Landscape In The Enterprise Data Center
  5.12.6 Cisco Architectural Approach
  5.12.7 Cisco Switching
  5.12.8 Cisco NGN Routing
  5.12.9 Cisco Collaboration
  5.12.10 Cisco Service Provider Video
  5.12.11 Cisco Wireless
  5.12.12 Cisco Security
  5.12.13 Cisco Data Center Products
  5.12.14 Cisco Other Products
  5.12.15 Cisco Systems Net Sales
  5.12.16 Cisco Systems Revenue by Segment
  5.12.17 Cisco Telepresence Systems Segment Net Sales
  5.12.18 Cisco Tops 10,000 Unified Computing System Customers
  5.12.19 Cisco Customer Focus
  5.12.20 Cisco Tops 10,000 Unified Computing System Customers: Captures5- 53 Industry Benchmark World Records
5.13 Comcast Business Services
  5.13.1 Comcast Cable
5.14 Consona
  5.14.1 ActFact and Consona Partner to Deliver ERP
5.15 Corel
5.16 CrownPeak
  5.16.1 CrownPeak UI for Enterprise Cloud CMS
5.17 Dell
  5.17.1 Dell/Wyse Technology
  5.17.2 Dell Record Fiscal Year 2012 Highlighted By Enterprise Solutions and Services Strength
  5.17.3 Dell/Wyse
5.18 Descartes Global Leader in Uniting Logistics-Intensive Businesses in Commerce
  5.18.1 Descartes Systems FY12 Financial Results
5.19 Deutsche Telekom
5.20 EMC
  5.20.1 EMC Velocity? Atmos Partner Program
  5.20.2 EMC/VMware
  5.20.3 EMC Virtual Storage
  5.20.4 EMC Supports Information Technology (IT)
  5.20.5 Information Storage Segment
  5.20.6 EMC Symmetrix Systems
  5.20.7 EMC CLARiiON Systems
  5.20.8 EMC Celerra IP Storage Systems
  5.20.9 EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Systems
  5.20.10 EMC Connectrix Directors and Switches
  5.20.11 EMC Consumer and Small Business Products Division
  5.20.12 EMC /Decho Corporation
  5.20.13 EMC Content Management and Archiving Segment
  5.20.14 EMC RSA Information Security Segment
  5.20.15 EMC Global Services
  5.20.16 EMC VMware Virtual Infrastructure Segment
  5.20.17 EMC Information Storage Segment
  5.20.18 EMC Big Data
  5.20.19 Cisco and EMC
5.21 Enki
  5.21.1 ENKI Technology
5.22 Enomaly
5.23 Eucalyptus
5.24 FaceBook
  5.24.1 Facebook Technology
  5.24.2 Facebook Platform
  5.24.3 Facebook Funding
5.25 FedEx
  5.25.1 FedEx Revenue
  5.25.2 FedEx
5.26 Flexiant (Privately Held)
5.27 France Telecom-Orange
5.28 FrontRange Solutions
  5.28.1 FrontRange Solutions Empowers Global Channel Partners for Success with ITSM SaaS Solution
5.29 Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform Service Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure
  5.29.1 Fujitsu FGCP/A5 Cloud Service Provides Reliability, Control, And Compliance
  5.29.2 Fujitsu FGCP/A5 Cloud Service Sales Target
  5.29.3 Fujitsu Cloud Opportunities
  5.29.4 Fujitsu Cloud Challenges
  5.29.5 Fujitsu IT-Based Business Solutions
  5.29.6 Fujitsu OSS/NOS
  5.29.7 Fujitsu SOA 5.29.8 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance
5.30 GigaSpaces (Private Company)
5.31 Google
  5.31.1 Google/Motorola
  5.31.2 Google Search
  5.31.3 Google Advertising
  5.31.4 Google YouTube
  5.31.5 You Tube
  5.31.6 youtube.com Statistics
  5.31.7 YouTube Partner Program
  5.31.8 youtube.com Monetization
  5.31.9 youtube.com Product Metrics
  5.31.10 youtube.com Content ID
  5.31.11 youtube.com Social
  5.31.12 YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011
  5.31.13 YouTube Play
  5.31.14 Google Mobile
  5.31.15 Google Local
  5.31.16 Google Operating Systems and Platforms
  5.31.17 Google Apps Enterprise
  5.31.18 Google Q4 Revenue
  5.31.19 Google Organizes The World’s Information to Make It Universally Accessible.
  5.31.20 Google Business
  5.31.21 Google Search Advertising
  5.31.22 Google Display Advertising
  5.31.23 Google Mobile Advertising
  5.31.24 Google Tools for Publishers
5.32 Hewlett Packard
  5.32.1 Polycom Buys Hewlett Packard Halo/HVEN Network
  5.32.2 Hewlett Packard Positioning
  5.32.3 HP Products and Services; Segment Information
  5.32.4 Hewlett Packard Segment Revenue
  5.32.5 Hewlett Packard Personal Systems and Solutions Groups
  5.32.6 Hewlett-Packard Revenue
5.33 Huawei
  5.33.1 Huawei Videoconferencing System for Shenshuo Railway Co. Ltd.
  5.33.2 Huawei Telepresence Benefits
  5.33.3 Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System for Shandong Electric Power Corporation
  5.33.4 Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System Requirement Analysis
5.34 IBM
  5.34.1 IBM Smarter Planet
  5.34.2 IBM Growth Markets
  5.34.3 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization
  5.34.4 IBM Cloud Computing
  5.34.5 IBM Business Model
  5.34.6 IBM Business Segments And Capabilities
  5.34.7 IBM Software Capabilities
  5.34.8 IBM WebSphere
  5.34.9 IBM Systems and Technology
  5.34.10 IBM Global Financing
  5.34.11 IBM Information as a Service Strategy
  5.34.12 IBM Business Partnering Strategy
  5.34.13 IBM Strategic Priorities
  5.34.14 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA 5.34.15 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients
  5.34.16 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture
  5.34.17 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And Collaboration Services
  5.34.18 IBM Revenue
  5.34.19 IBM Software Capabilities
  5.34.20 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities
  5.34.21 IBM Worldwide Organizations
  5.34.22 IBM Integrated Supply Chain
  5.34.23 IBM Security
  5.34.24 IBM Cloud Computing
  5.34.25 IBM Business Model
  5.34.26 IBM Business Segments And Capabilities
  5.34.27 IBM GTS Strategic Outsourcing Services Capabilities
  5.34.28 IBM Global Process Services.
  5.34.29 IBM Integrated Technology Services.
  5.34.30 IBM GTS Services Delivery
  5.34.31 IBM Application Management Service
  5.34.32 IBM Premier Globally Integrated Enterprise
  5.34.33 IBM Integrated Supply Chain
5.35 Intermedia
  5.35.1 Cloud Services Provider Intermedia Now Offering Microsoft Office
5.36 Joyent
  5.36.1 Joyent Cloud Partners with enStratus to Deliver Comprehensive Cloud Management Capabilities for Security, Governance, and Resource Control
  5.36.2 Joyent Cloud Powers 300 Million Monthly Unique Visitors
5.37 Juniper
  5.37.1 Juniper Network
  5.37.2 Juniper Innovation
5.38 Kaltura
  5.38.1 Kaltura – Creating Value with Video
  5.38.2 Kaltura Team
  5.38.3 Kaltura Open Video
  5.38.4 Kaltura Customers
  5.38.5 Kaltura Open Source Online Video Platform
5.39 Layered Technologies
  5.39.1 Layered Tech Calibrated Range Of Managed Dedicated Hosting Solutions
5.40 Linked In
  5.40.1 LinkedIn Facts
  5.40.2 LinkedIn Worldwide Membership
  5.40.3 LinkedIn and Business
5.41 Mediafly
  5.41.1 Mediafly OnAir
5.42 Microsoft
  5.42.1 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments
  5.42.2 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices
  5.42.3 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology
  5.42.4 Microsoft Entertainment
  5.42.5 Microsoft Search
  5.42.6 Microsoft Communications And Productivity
  5.42.7 Microsoft Sales
  5.42.8 Microsoft/Skype
  5.42.9 Skype Viral Marketing
  5.42.10 Skype Strategic Relationships and Partners
  5.42.11 Skype Peer-To-Peer Software Architecture
  5.42.12 Skype Revenue
  5.42.13 Skype Users And Financial Performance
  5.42.14 Microsoft
  5.42.15 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices
  5.42.16 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology
5.43 NetSuite
  5.43.1 Netsuite Cloud Helps Global Services Organization
5.44 Novell
  5.44.1 New Novell Solution Streamlines Device Management and Security
5.46 OpenOffice
5.47 Oracle
  5.47.1 Oracle Revenues:
  5.47.2 Oracle Acquisitions/Sun, BEA, AmberPoint
  5.47.3 Oracle Fiscal 2011 Acquisitions Including Art Technology Group, Inc. (ATG)
  5.47.4 Oracle Fiscal 2010 Acquisitions
  5.47.5 Oracle Software Business
  5.47.6 Oracle SOA 5.47.7 Oracle/Amberpoint
  5.47.8 Oracle SOA Suite
  5.47.9 Oracle JDeveloper –
  5.47.10 Oracle/Stellent
5.48 Progress Software
  5.48.1 Progress Software and FFastFill Partner to Deliver First Low-latency Hosted FX Aggregation and Algo Trading Solution
5.49 Quark
  5.49.1 Publication-based iPad App with QuarkXPress
5.50 Rackspace
  5.50.1 Rackspace Acquires SharePoint911
5.51 RedHat
5.52 Rightscale
  5.52.1 RightScale and Equinix Partnership Delivers New Cloud Management Service for Private and Public Cloud Infrastructure
5.53 Sage Group, plc/Sage CRM
5.54 Salesforce.com
  5.54.1 Salesforce Rypple Enables Aligning People Across The Employee Social Network
5.55 Service-now.com
5.56 Software AG
5.57 Sprint Nextel
5.58 SugarCRM
5.59 SumTotal
  5.59.1 SumTotal End-to-End and Integrated Strategic HCM
5.60 Symantec
5.61 TelX
5.62 Telstra
  5.62.1 Telstra Broadband 5.63 Tenzing
  5.63.1 Tenzing Service Approach
  5.63.2 Tenzing Operations Model:
5.64 Tibco
  5.64.1 Tibco Challenge: Big Data & Meeting the Demands of Digital Consumers
  5.64.2 Harness the Power of TIBCO's Event-Enabled Enterprise Platform
  5.64.3 Tibco Software Middleware And Infrastructure Software
  5.64.4 Tibco Software Products
  5.64.5 Tibco SOA and Core Infrastructure
  5.64.6 Tibco Business Optimization
  5.64.7 Tibco Process Automation And Collaboration
  5.64.8 Tibco BPM Business Process Management, Software
  5.64.9 Tibco Services
  5.64.10 Tibco Revenue
  5.64.11 TIBCO Platform
5.65 Twitter Information Network
  5.65.1 Twitter for Businesses
  5.65.2 Twitter Around The World
  5.65.3 Twitter On The Go
  5.65.4 Twitter for SMS
5.66 Ustream
5.67 Verizon Technologies
  5.67.1 Verizon In The Wireless Market
  5.67.2 Verizon Operates Advanced Broadband Backbone Networks
  5.67.3 Verizon Owns And Operates Much Of The Infrastructure That Comprises The Internet
5.68 nPhase
5.69 Vodafone
  5.69.1 Vodafone Cloud Features:
5.70 Windstream
5.71 Workday Software as a Service (SaaS)
  5.71.1 Workday SaaS
5.72 Yahoo!
  5.72.1 Yahoo! Acquires Interclick and Agreements
  5.72.2 Yahoo! Communications and Communities
  5.72.3 Yahoo! Search and Marketplaces
  5.72.4 Yahoo! BOSS
  5.72.5 Yahoo! Media
  5.72.6 Yahoo! Debuted MLB.com
  5.72.7 Yahoo! Screen
  5.72.8 Yahoo! User Offerings
  5.72.9 Yahoo! Communications and Communities
  5.72.10 Yahoo! Display Revenue
  5.72.11 Yahoo Net Sales by Regional Segment
  5.72.12 Yahoo! Business Highlights
  5.72.13 Yahoo Net Sales by Segment


Table ES-1 Cloud Office Productivity Application Suite Market Driving Forces
Table ES-2 Cloud Office Productivity Application Suite Advantages
Figure ES-3 Cloud Office Applications Software Market Shares, Worldwide, 2011
Figure ES-7 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications and Cloud Services Provider Applications Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 1-1 IBM SOA Foundation Business, Infrastructure, and Data Information Architecture
Figure 1-2 IBM SOA Services Foundation
Figure 1-3 IBM SOA Governance Lifecycle
Figure 1-4 Private Cloud Attributes
Table 1-5 Private Cloud Computing Model Characteristics
Table 1-6 Office Productivity Software Products And Services
Table 1-7 Team Based Productivity Tools
Figure 1-8 Cloud Computing Hole of the Internet
Table 2-1 Cloud Office Productivity Application Suite Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2 Cloud Office Productivity Application Suite Advantages
Figure 2-3 Cloud Office Applications Software Market Shares, Worldwide, 2011
Table 2-4 Cloud Office Productivity and Collaboration Applications Software Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011
Figure 2-5 Cloud Services Provider Productivity Applications Market Shares, Dollars, 2011
Table 2-6 Cloud Office Applications Services Providers Market Shares, Dollars, US, 2011
Figure 2-7 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications and Cloud Services Provider Applications Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-8 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications and Cloud Services Provider Applications Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-9 Cloud Office Productivity and Collaboration Applications Software Markets Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-10 Cloud Office Productivity and Collaboration Service Provider Applications Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-11 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2011
Table 2-12 Cloud Office and Collaboration Productivity Applications Regional Market Segments, 2011
Table 3-1 Microsoft Office 365 Email and Calendar Features
Table 3-2 Microsoft Office 365 Office Apps
Table 3-3 Microsoft Office 365 Web Conferencing Features
Table 3-4 Microsoft Office 365 Web File sharing
Table 3-5 Microsoft Office 365 Web Website
Figure 3-6 Microsoft Office
Figure 3-7 Microsoft Cloud Applications Positioning
Figure 3-8 Microsoft Application Controller
Figure 3-9 Microsoft Windows Sharepoint
Table 3-10 Microsoft SharePoint Online Functions
Table 3-11 IBM LotusLive Connections Social Networking And Collaboration Tools
Table 3-12 IBM LotusLive Engage and LotusLive Connections Features
Table 3-13 IBM Social Cloud LotusLive iNotes Plans Components
Table 3-14 IBM Lotus Collaboration Features
Figure 3-15 IBM SmartCloud
Table 3-16 IBM SmartCloud Benefits
Figure 3-17 IBM SmartCloud Email
Figure 3-18 IBM SmartCloud Calendar
Table 3-19 IBM SmartCloud Calendar Features
Table 3-20 Google Apps For Small Business Features
Table 3-21 Google Apps for Medium Business Features
Table 3-22 Google Apps for Enterprise Features
Table 3-23 Google Cloud Connect Features
Figure 3-24 Apple Documents in the Cloud
Figure 3-25 Apple iCloud
Figure 3-26 Apple Find My Friends and Find My iPhone
Table 3-27 Amazon Web Services Benefits
Figure 3-28 Amazon Web Services Capacity vs. Usage Comparison
Table 3-29 Amazon EC2 Benefits
Table 3-30 Amazon RDS Service Highlights
Table 3-31 Adobe Creative Cloud Services
Figure 3-32 Adobe Online Business Optimization
Figure 3-33 Adobe Digital Marketing Suite
Table 3-34 Adobe Digital Marketing Suite Features
Table 3-35 Wyse Thin Client Solutions Portfolio
Table 3-36 Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Features
Table 3-37 Corel WordPerfect Office X5 Features
Figure 3-38 OpenOffice Writer
Figure 3-39 OpenOffice Calc Graph
Figure 3-40 Open Office.Calc Formatting
Table 3-41 Salesforce.com Positioning
Table 3-42 Facebook Groups Share Options
Figure 3-43 Facebook Positioning
Table 3-44 AppScale Cloud Features
Table 3-45 Verizon nPhase M2M Features
Figure 3-46 Workday Integration Cloud
Table 3-47 Intermedia's hosted Office Communications Server 2007 Features
Table 3-48 AT&T TopLineISV Features
Table 3-49 AT&T Cloud Storage Features
Figure 3-50 Comcast ROI/TCO for E-Mail and Messaging, 100 Employees, Year One
Figure 3-51 Comcast ROI/TCO for E-Mail and Messaging, 100 Employees, After Year One
Table 3-52 Comcast ROI/TCO for E-Mail and Messaging, 100 Employees, After Eight Years
Table 3-53 Comcast Business Services Portfolio
Figure 3-54 Century Link National Footprint
Figure 3-55 Century Link Data Center Footprint
Table 3-56 Sprint Collaboration Solution Packages
Figure 3-57 Orange Cloud Collaboration Services
Table 3-58 Vodafone Cloud Services Features
Table 4-1 Web Services and SOA Tier Architecture
Table 4-2 Registry Engine
Table 4-3 Google Dynamic Architecture
Figure 4-4 Microsoft .Net Dynamic Definition of Reusable Modules
Figure 4-5 Microsoft .NET Compiling Source Code into Managed Assemblies
Figure 4-6 Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing
Table 4-7 Process Of SOA Implementation Depends On N-Dimensional Interaction Of Layers That Can Be Modeled by Business Analyst
Table 4-8 IBM SOA Business I Services Layers
Figure 4-9 IBM Smart SOA Continuum
Table 4-10 SOA Foundation Reference Architecture
Table 4-13 Business Components Chained Together To Comprise A Business Service
Table 4-14 Design Concerns For Integration System Architecture
Table 4-15 Soap-Based Web Service Production Environment Testing
Table 4-16 Metadata Repository
Table 4-17 Metadata Functions
Table 4-18 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions
Table 4-18 (Continued) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions
Table 4-19 Integration Engine XML Processing Functions That Drive Business Process Electronically End-To-End
Table 4-20 Web Services Input Formats
Table 4-21 Web Services Output Formats
Table 4-22 Web Services Protocols
Table 5-1 Adobe Systems Software Target Audience
Table 5-2 Adobe Systems Software Target Compelling Content Uses
Table 5-3 ADP Payroll Services
Table 5-4 ADP Payroll Services and Payroll Solutions Business Sizes
Figure 5-5 Akamai Intelligent Platform, Cloud, and Content Delivery Solutions
Table 5-6 Akamai Customers
Figure 5-7 Akamai Global 500 Customer Analysis
Figure 5-8 Akamai Go To Market Channel Partners
Figure 5-9 Akamai Customers
Figure 5-10 Akamai Segment Revenue Analysis
Figure 5-11 Akamai Segment Growth Analysis
Figure 5-12 Akamai Cloud vs. Content Delivery Analysis
Figure 5-13 Akamai Video Mobile Device Content Delivery
Figure 5-14 Akamai Video Traffic Delivery Challenges
Figure 5-15 Akamai Media Growth Analysis
Figure 5-16 Akamai Content Delivery vs. Cloud Services Revenue
Figure 5-17 Akamai Content Server per Day Analysis
Figure 5-18 Akamai Mobile Traffic Delivered per Day
Figure 5-19 Akamai Commerce Transacted per Day
Figure 5-20 Akamai Traffic Growth Analysis
Figure 5-21 Akamai Security
Figure 5-22 Akamai Peak Attack Traffic
Figure 5-23 Akamai Platform Adoption
Table 5-24 Amazon Web Service Benefits
Table 5-25 Amazon DynamoDB Benefits
Table 5-26 Amazon Business Focus
Table 5-27 AT&T Mobile Security Benefits
Table 5-28 CA Technologies Network Automation
Table 5-29 CA Strategic Positioning For Growth
Table 5-30 Analysis Of CA Strategy
Figure 5-31 Centurylink Key Strategic Initiatives
Figure 5-32 Centurylink Positioning
Figure 5-33 Centurylink Q3 2011 Financial Summary
Table 5-34 Cisco Target Markets
Table 5-35 Cisco Business Model And Foundational Priorities
Figure 5- 36 Cisco Forecasts 10.8 Exabytes per Month of Mobile Data Traffic by 2016
Figure 5-37 Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by Region
Table 5-38 EMC Storage Systems Environment Types
Table 5-39 ENKI Managed Cloud Computing Fully Managed Virtual Private Data Centers Positioning
Table 5-40 ENKI Virtual Servers
Table 5-41 ENKI Highly Available CPanel For Hosting Providers
Table 5-42 Facebook Statistics
Table 5-43 Facebook User Statistics
Table 5-44 Facebook Platform Description
Table 5-45 Facebook Platform Metrics
Table 5-46 FedEx Express Segments
Table 5-47 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features
Table 5-48 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management Information
Table 5-49 Google Strategic Business Initiatives 2011
Table 5-50 Hewlett Packard HP Product Set
Table 5-50 (Continued) Hewlett Packard HP Product Set
Figure 5-51 Huawei Telepresence Solution
Figure 5-52 Huawei Hardware And Software Videoconferencing System For Shenshuo Railway Co. Ltd.
Figure 5-53 Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System Solution
Figure 5-54 IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach
Table 5-55 IBM Strategic Priorities
Figure 5-56 Kaltura Customers
Table 3-57 Oracle SOA Positioning
Table 3-58 Oracle’s Open, Integrated SOA Stack
Table 3-59 Oracle: Amberpoint SOA Advantages
Table 3-60 Oracle SOA Suite Features
Table 3-61 Oracle SOA Product Suite:
Table 5-62 Oracle/Stellent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Solutions
Table 5-63 Software AG Capabilities
Table 5-64 TelX Capabilities
Table 5-65 Telstra Activities
Figure 5-66 Tibco Software Middleware And Infrastructure Software
Table 5-67 TIBCO Software Platform Major Groups
Figure 5-68 Ustream Eagles Hatching
Figure 5-69 Ustream Video Content
Table 5-70 Vodafone Cloud Features
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