Pharma Market Insights: Closed Loop Marketing

Date: February 23, 2011
Pages: 96
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Publisher: FirstWord
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Pharma Market Insights: Closed Loop Marketing
Instant feedback. Increased customer satisfaction and accessibility. The right product to the right doctor.

The potential of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) to fulfill those promises is vast. As a strategy for overcoming hurdles like regulatory restrictions and growing physician reluctance to engage in intrusion marketing, CLM effectively "closes the loop" by measuring campaign results and acting on outcomes.

"It enables companies to leverage the representative as one customer touch point and delivers a tailored and needs-based message built from information," says marketing expert Michele Lesueur of Novartis Oncology.

But as a tool, CLM is only as good as its implementation. According to Christoph Ferse, head of Global E-Excellence for Grunenthal, many marketing teams "don’t know where to put CLM within a company. It is not IT, nor is it communications. It affects everything. CLM is about optimizing communications with target audiences, be they doctors, patients or payers."

How can companies bridge that gap and implement CLM efficiently and effectively? You can find out in our limited time, special offer that combines our two best selling CLM reports for one special price.

In Creating Common Points of Reference: Expert Insight into Closed Loop Marketing, FirstWord reveals why CLM has become a force for change. Based on interviews with 13 industry specialists, the report offers a guideline on best practices, initiation approaches and how CLM can change the way the industry can engages health care professionals.

Our second report, Closing the Loop: Beyond Digital Detailing, takes readers beyond data-gathering and into strategies that will build relationships, act on intelligence and improve customer receptivity. Expertly researched, the report offers insights into why the industry has stumbled in fully implementing CLM and how to overcome those hurdles.

The reports offer key insights into:
  • Current CLM practices and what some companies are doing to implement them
  • Point-by-point advice on everything from metrics and ROI to critical success factors
  • Compelling interviews with key leaders in pharma marketing
  • A vision for how CLM testing can lead to more dynamic sales

Key features of the reports
  • Examines the efforts by leading CLM implementers to assess its potential
  • Reviews key strategies undertaken for single and multi-channel CLM
  • Offers key insights from 13 leading CLM experts through FirstWord's ExpertViews interviews
  • Summarizes a complete review of data-gathering metrics and ROI employed by marketers
  • A full breakdown of the five steps for implementing CLM
  • An analysis of the European versus American CLM experience
  • A roadmap to full CLM deployment
  • A review of data collection and analysis
  • A case study for Bayer's CLM programme

Key quotes from the reports

“CLM is not about devices. CLM is about relationship-building using data gleaned from customer interactions through various communication channels to support the continuous refining of relationships. The selection of the channel and the device to reach that channel should be driven by customer preference and/or customer receptivity.” Richie Bavasso, president of Exploria SPS

“People don't know where to put CLM within a company. It is not IT, nor is not communications. It affects everything. CLM is about optimizing communications with target audiences be they doctors, patients or payers.” Huw Tippett, Novartis' head of global sales.

CLM is “a process that 'closes the loop' between marketing, sales and physicians and measures campaign results through tracking and acting on responses. It enables companies to leverage the representative as one customer touch point and delivers a tailored and needs based message built from information gathered on prior interactions.” Michele Lesueur, of CML Marketing at Novartis Oncology

“Closed Loop Marketing is a strategic approach that leverages personal relationships between customers and sales reps to make communication more relevant to target audiences through digital channels and media, thereby driving frequency and impact of messages.” Carl Engelmarc, Director of Refreshed Wellbeing

“I think pharma is behind most other industries, certainly those within financial services. For example, we often have unsophisticated targeting systems based on data often 18 months old. We also use a segmentation process that is out-dated in a world where customers expect individual needs met with individual solutions.” Alex Butler, Communications Manager at Janssen Cilag
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