Leading Thoughts on Pharma & Social Media

Date: March 23, 2010
Pages: 75
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Leading Thoughts on Pharma & Social Media
Out of 430 million Facebook users, 60 million Twitter accounts and countless blogs, the cacophony of voices and opinions on the Internet is relentless.

But that doesn’t mean the pharmaceutical industry shouldn’t listen.

Social media has revolutionized not just how we conduct personal relationships, express our opinions and interact with the global marketplace, it’s also changed how we do business. Yet despite a few exceptions, the pharmaceutical industry has yet to fully harness its power for either marketing or to open dialogue amongst stakeholders like patient groups, regulatory bodies, physicians and each other.

But some are talking—and their opinions, criticisms and thoughts are being heard. Foremost amongst these are pharmaceutical media commentators whose blogs and ‘tweets’ on Twitter are gathering increasing numbers of followers. From insights into social media in Europe and ePharma summits to the discussion surrounding the very real issue of social media hype fatigue, social media commentators are determining not just the content, but the direction conversations are taking about the pharmaceutical industry, its issues and its presence on social media networks.

Key insights from nine key opinion-makers

In Leading Thoughts on Pharma and Social Media, FirstWord gathers together the actual conversations, discussions and posts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs written over four months by nine key social media commentators who focus on the pharmaceutical industry. The report not only analyzes the content of the posts, but offers a breakdown of who the commentators are, how active they are, what their theme clouds include. By laying bare the actual conversations, FirstWord’s well-compiled dossier sets the context for the industry to truly examine the comments and criticisms the commentators have made about the way the pharmaceutical industry itself engages in social media.

The report reviews the activities of nine key social media commentators to establish:
  • The issues of greatest concern to them, and what they have to say
  • How they are using social media to express—and elicit—dialogue

The report
  • Offers a professional profile of each commentator, including a statistical breakdown of their activity, their blog contents and an overview of the main threads of their conversations
  • Examines how each commentator uses Twitter and re-tweets, as well as their content
  • Includes theme clouds for each individual, which gives a visual of their most common discussion threads
  • Outlines the most common themes found on Twitter and blogs
  • Includes full appendices on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube activity
  • Includes a full glossary of words and definitions

Commentators covered by the report
  • John Mack
  • Jonathan Richman
  • Phil Baumann
  • Wendy Blackburn
  • Fabio Gratton
  • Shwen Gwee
  • Silja Chouquet
  • Andrew Spong
  • Steve Woodruff




Wendy Blackburn
Phil Baumann
John Mack
Shwen Gwee
Jonathan Richman
Fabio Gratton
Silja Chouquet
Andrew Spong
Steve Woodruff


#hcsmeu (Health Care Social Media Europe)
ePharma Summit



Appendix 1: Twitter
Appendix 2: Blogs
Appendix 3: YouTube
Appendix 4: Facebook
Appendix 5: LinkedIn


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