The Impact of iPads on pharma: a Primer

Date: July 23, 2011
Pages: 33
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The Impact of iPads on pharma: a Primer
With the launch of Apple's iPad in April 2010, the way we use technology changed forever. Instant, portable and quick, the iPad is expected to sell 50 million units in 2011 alone.

Its impact on Pharma is still being measured, but for an industry notoriously reluctant to adopt new technology, there is no doubt the iPad and tablets in general have changed the game. Already, major players such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Abbott, Novartis, Eli Lilly and sanofi-aventis have embraced the digital age, with more to come.

Yet many companies are still hesitating or are in the process of choosing technology, creating content and finding ways not only to integrate tablets, but use their functionality in innovative ways.

Report Overview

The Impact of iPads on Pharma: A Primer offers complete insight into how the iPad is being used and why. Logically broken down into a step-by-step approach, the report discusses all the major areas, from the business case for iPads and choosing a device to creating localized content and capturing iPad data in closed loop marketing to physicians. Containing interviews with some of the industry's leading experts, the report is an up-to-the-minute look at iPads, their growth potential and how the industry's relationship with digital technology is likely to evolve.

Key features
  • The business case for tablets in sales representative-physician interaction, increasing internal efficiency, minimizing costs and improving customer perception
  • Profile of major devices, including the debate over Android alternatives and cloud-based content
  • Examination of the four key points business must address in creating a tablet strategy
  • Discussion of the importance not only of content, but of using GPS to localize it
  • Maximizing the benefits of statistics gathered for closed-loop marketing
  • Importance of training in technology introduction strategies
Key Benefits
  • Clear guidelines on what tablets mean for the industry and how to implement them
  • A step-by-step approach that touches on the major issues, benefits and potential problems
  • Expert input that presents a balanced and intelligent approach to tablet deployment
Key Questions Asked
  • What has the industry learned since the introduction of iPad and tablet technology?
  • Who most benefits from tablet use and where is the growth occurring?
  • Which device is best and which has greater integration capability?
  • What is the best implementation and content delivery strategy?
  • How can tablet information be used in an iterative approach to closed loop marketing?
Who Should Read This Report
  • Sales directors/managers
  • Marketing directors/managers
  • Brand managers
  • International directors
  • Key account and territory managers
  • SFE/CRM managers
  • Communication and technology support teams

Making the business case for tablets
Choosing a device
Cementing a strategy
Embracing content creation
The value of data
Introducing tablets


Optimizing rep-physician interaction
Increasing internal efficiency
Minimizing cost
Everyone else is doing it


The iPad appeal
Android or agnostic?


Identifying the problem
"Get in line"
Internal competence and coordination
Ensuring proper external partners
Speed of deployment


Taking advantage of touch
Creating physician value
Content is king


Closing the loop on closed loop marketing
Overcoming software challenges
Ensuring ROI


'Get to the basics'
Teaching advanced functionality
An iterative approach
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The Impact of iPads on pharma: a Primer
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