The Eli Lilly Intelligence Dossier

Date: March 23, 2010
Pages: 46
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The Eli Lilly Intelligence Dossier
From the ashes of recent economic fires, a new leader is rising.

Following one of the worst years ever for the pharmaceutical industry, in which economic downturn was compounded by regulatory crises, the onward march of generics and lagging profits in all but emerging markets, some companies are proving their mettle. Eli Lilly is one of them.

Having sustained a significant, $3.6 billion fourth quarter loss in 2008 resulting from the purchase of ImClone Systems, the pharmaceutical giant needed to claw back ground and re-establish its financial stature. And it’s done just that, posting a fourth quarter 2009 profit of $915 million and an overall revenue increase of 14% for the quarter to $5.90 billion, a result that has exceeded industry expectations.

And 2010 promises to be the start of an even more compelling R&D story. Faced with sceptical analysts who’ve suggested that the company will be unable to recover from generic competition as four of its major brands go off patent between 2011 and 2014, the drug maker took a stand, boldly announcing plans at its annual investor meeting to have 10 compounds in late stage development by 2011, with two new drugs being launched a year starting in 2013. Yet those promises aside, analysts are still left wondering if Eli Lilly can deliver.

Key insights on critical developments

FirstWord’s The Eli Lilly Intelligence Dossier charts the company’s rise from the economic ashes by examining the news events behind 179 headlines, covering everything from corporate moves and financials to acquisitions and regulatory issues. In the dossier, FirstWord analyzes not just news sentiment and content, but offers a breakdown of topics covered both in charts and in concise, clear-visioned reporting.

The report reviews events from July 2009 to January 2010 to establish:
  • Eli Lilly’s strategies to reassert itself and develop its pipeline into the next decade
  • The greatest areas of news coverage, divided by drug and research, corporate and financial categorie

The report
  • Offers a detailed synopsis of major announcements, their coverage and corporate responses including negative news regarding filings, clinical trials and generics
  • Recounts company strategies, including the use of outside contractors to develop several drugs for launch by 2013
  • Reviews which news stories garnered positive and negative spins by month and topic, including on mergers, acquisitions, patient support programs, R&D and regulatory updates
  • Examines the details of several deals, such as the recently announced research collaboration to develop Alizé Pharma’s unacylated ghrelin (UAG) agonists for the treatment of type II diabetes
  • Updates news on all research, clinical trials and new releases on products such as Byetta LAR, Zyprexa, Cymbalta, Effient and Erbitux

Critical information included in this report
  • Quarter by quarter news sentiment analysis, cross referenced and analyzed by subject
  • Overview of ongoing strategies by Eli Lilly to counterbalance the impact on revenue streams of proprietary drugs going off patent
  • Point by point breakdown of all news events by category of drugs, research, corporate or financial



Corporate Developments
Clinical Trials
Sales and Marketing
Generics & Patents




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The Eli Lilly Intelligence Dossier
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