The AstraZeneca Intelligence Dossier

Date: March 23, 2010
Pages: 69
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The AstraZeneca Intelligence Dossier
One step forward, two steps back.

At least that’s what the last two quarters of 2009 seemed like for pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca.

Despite a strong showing in news analysis — of 221 articles published internationally on the company over seven months, the news sentiment was largely positive or neutral — the company has faced a troubled 2009. Although the fourth quarter drew profits of $1.6 billion, they still fell below the predicted $1.96 billion, due largely to generics and restructuring, which will involve 8,000 job losses over four years, 3,500 of them in R&D. A $1.2 billion lawsuit filed over the antipsychotic drug, Seroquel , also dampened the company’s performance.

Yet as 2010 unfolds, one thing has become apparent: AstraZeneca is already stepping into the future. In late 2009, the company hired car assembly plant experts to help improve manufacturing efficiency. It found a new collaborative partner in Dako, to develop diagnostic tests for oncology projects. It’s moving ahead with the $505 million purchase of Novexel and will partner with Forest to develop combination antibiotic treatments. And it is working hand in hand with Korean-based CrystalGenomics to expand its pipeline, and discover and develop a novel anti-infective for use as an antibacterial agent.

As the pharmaceutical industry takes one step forward and two steps back, AstraZeneca is finding new partners to dance with. But will it be enough to move ahead of the competition?

Key insights on critical developments at AstraZeneca

FirstWord’s The AstraZeneca Intelligence Dossier charts the company’s current position and future moves by examining the news events behind 221 headlines, covering everything from lawsuit outcomes and layoffs to new drug developments and innovative collaborations. In the intriguing 70-page dossier, FirstWord analyzes not just news sentiment and content, but offers a breakdown of topics covered both in charts and in concise, clear-visioned reporting.

The report reviews events from Q3 2009 through January 2010 to establish:
  • Efforts by AstraZeneca to maintain its relevance at a time when generics are biting into profits
  • The greatest areas of news coverage, divided by drug and research, corporate and financial categories

The report
  • Offers a detailed synopsis of major events, their coverage and corporate responses
  • Includes in-depth analysis of share buybacks, litigation developments, the outcome of price manipulation decisions and events of international scope
  • Reviews which news stories garnered positive and negative spins by quarter and topic, including acquisitions, pipeline developments, R&D and restructuring
  • Discusses critical collaborative strategies by AstraZeneca to overcome the influx of generics
  • Delivers a full descriptive list of drug approvals, clinical trials, outcomes and marketing

Critical information included in this report
  • Quarter by quarter news sentiment analysis, cross referenced and analyzed by subject
  • Overview of ongoing strategies by AstraZeneca to invest in novel pipeline developments
  • Point by point breakdown of all news events by category of drugs, research, corporate or financial

Key brands included in this report
  • Symbicort
  • Seroquel XR
  • Onglyza
  • Crestor
  • Vimovo
  • Motavizumab
  • TC-5619
  • Brilinta
  • Cangrelor
  • CM3



Corporate Developments
Clinical Trials
Sales and Marketing
Generics & Patents




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The AstraZeneca Intelligence Dossier
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