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Vaccines Manufacturing Technology and Services: Commercial Prospects 2010-2025

September 2010 | 141 pages | ID: V1C333DFD8AEN

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Our new report will show you how the industry and market for vaccines manufacturing will develop. You can indentify where the greatest opportunities will lie for human-use vaccines. There will be trends to watch from 2010 onwards, with areas of revenue growth. You can have our report today, staying ahead.

Which vaccines manufacturing segments will grow fastest from 2010? What are the commercial trends to watch? How will leading companies perform? We aim to save you time and benefit your work.

Vaccine shortages during recent outbreaks - such as avian flu and swine flu - highlighted the shortcomings of some production methods and operations. Newer manufacturing systems are being developed, with manufacturers influenced by demand-side and regulatory needs. Our report covers the general and contract manufacturing sectors.

Emerging processes can increase the yield of vaccine production, reduce time-to- market and improve cost efficiencies. We show you how the sector can harness those developments, predicting commercial results.

Our report captures significant developments in vaccine manufacturing that are replacing traditional production methods. Vaccines Manufacturing Technology and Services: Commercial Prospects 2010-2025 analyses and discusses strengths, weaknesses and revenue trends of the sector from 2010 to 2025.

This study provides data on the current and future of the vaccines market, covering sales and production capacity. We cover the overall world market and those of leading regions.

Our report shows how you could benefit. Where will the best commercial opportunities lie? How will industry/market drivers and restraints affect the sector? We show you opportunities and challenges, with revenue trends for 2009 to 2025.

There, you will discover commercial prospects at global, sub-market and regional levels. You can assess the potential of the vaccines manufacturing industry and market now.

Industry and market analysis to save you time and aid your decisions

Our new report examines the vaccines manufacturing technology and services sector critically. We harness primary and secondary research to meet your needs. We provide revenue forecasts, market share analyses, pipeline developments and other data. You can discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the sector. We include 59 tables and figures and two expert interviews - shown in the contents lists with this message.

How you can benefit from Vaccines Manufacturing Technology and Services: Commercial Prospects 2010-2025

This report gives you the following benefits in particular:
  • You will receive hard data for the vaccines industry and market, including our revenue predictions for 2010-2025
  • You will receive sales analyses for the overall vaccines market and its main components from 2010-2025, helping you to stay ahead
  • You will receive production forecasts for prominent regional sectors from 2010-2025 (North America, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Austria), including growth rates and market shares
  • You will discover prospects for the sector in general, as well as for contract vaccine manufacturing
  • You will gain insight into outsourcing for the vaccines sector, with revenue forecasts for contract manufacturing from 2010-2025
  • You will discover how the overall sector will change and adapt from 2010-2025
  • You will assess leading companies in vaccine manufacturing and contract vaccine manufacturing, discovering their activities and capabilities
  • You will discover the drivers, restraints, competition and opportunities influencing the sector from 2010 onwards
  • You will discover opportunities for established companies and new market entrants
  • You will receive expert views from our survey, including interview transcripts
  • You will find out where vaccines manufacturing is heading - technologically and commercially - from 2010 onwards.

1.1 Summary Points of this Report
1.2 Aims, Scope and Format of this Report
  1.2.1 Chapter Outlines
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods


2.1 Immunisation and Types of Vaccine
  2.1.1 Vaccines: A Healthcare Triumph
  2.1.2 The Immune System and Natural Immunity
  2.1.3 Edward Jenner Laid the Foundation for Modern Vaccines
  2.1.4 Vaccines Work by Creating Artificial Immunity
  2.1.5 Vaccine Formulation
  2.1.6 Types of Vaccine
  2.1.7 Live, Attenuated Vaccines
  2.1.8 Recombinant Live Vaccines
  2.1.9 Inactivated Vaccines
  2.1.10 Toxoid Vaccines
  2.1.11 Subunit Vaccines
  2.1.12 Conjugate Vaccines
  2.1.13 Recombinant Subunit Vaccines
  2.1.14 DNA Vaccines
  2.1.15 Recombinant Vector Vaccines
2.2 Vaccine Preventable Diseases
  2.2.1 Chickenpox and Shingles
  2.2.2 Cholera
  2.2.3 Diphtheria
  2.2.4 Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib) Diseases
  2.2.5 Hepatitis A
  2.2.6 Hepatitis B
  2.2.7 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - Cervical Cancer
  2.2.8 Influenza
  2.2.9 Seasonal Influenza
  2.2.10 Pandemic Influenza
  2.2.11 Influenza Vaccination
  2.2.12 Japanese Encephalitis
  2.2.13 Measles
  2.2.14 Meningococcal Diseases (Neisseria Meningitidis)
  2.2.15 Mumps
  2.2.16 Pertussis
  2.2.17 Polio
  2.2.18 Rabies
  2.2.19 Rotavirus Infections
  2.2.20 Rubella
  2.2.21 Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infections
  2.2.22 Tetanus
  2.2.23 Tick-Borne Encephalitis
  2.2.24 Tuberculosis
  2.2.25 Typhoid
  2.2.26 Yellow Fever


3.1 Global Vaccines Market, 2009
  3.1.1 Vaccine Types
  3.1.2 Leading Vaccine Types
  3.1.3 Leading Vaccine Brands
  3.1.4 Leading Vaccine Manufacturers
3.2 Global Vaccine Market Forecast, 2010-2025
  3.2.1 Opportunities in the Vaccines Market
  3.2.2 The World Vaccine Market Will Double by 2015
  3.2.3 The World Vaccine Market: Fastest- and Slowest-Growing Categories
3.3 Growth in Vaccine Market to Drive Efficiency in Vaccine Manufacturing


4.1 The Current State of Vaccines Manufacturing: The Supply Perspective
  4.1.1 Conservative Nature: Market Slowly Opening to New Technology
  4.1.2 Classification of Vaccine Manufacturers
  4.1.3 Vaccine Manufacturing Market by Value, 2009: Dominated by A Few Global Manufacturers
  4.1.4 Vaccine Manufacturing Market by Volume, 2009: A Contrasting Picture
4.2 Global Vaccine Production Forecast, 2010-2025
  4.2.1 Vaccine Production Forecasting Method
  4.2.2 Production Forecast for Vaccines, 2010-2020
  4.2.3 Production Forecast for Vaccines, 2020-2025
4.3 Leading National Markets for Vaccine Manufacturing
  4.3.1 Leading Vaccine Manufacturing Destinations, 2009
  4.3.2 Vaccine Manufacturing: Regional Forecast, 2010-2025
  4.3.3 Europe as the Manufacturing Hub of Global Vaccine Manufacturers Vaccine Manufacturing Units of Top 10 Vaccine Manufacturers in European Countries
  4.3.4 Vaccine Production in Developing Countries Developing Countries as Leading Manufacturers for Specific Vaccine Types Promoting Vaccine Production in Developing Countries Factors Driving the Shift towards Developing Countries


5.1 The Challenges in Outsourcing
5.2 Contract Manufacturing Market for Vaccines, 2009-2025
  5.2.1 Market Size for Contract Manufacturing of Vaccines, 2009
  5.2.2 Market Forecast, 2010-2025: Witnessing Growth Parallel to the Vaccines Market
5.3 Outsourced Activities
5.4 Changes in the Vaccine Market to Drive Contract Manufacturing
5.5 Prominent Contract Manufacturers with Vaccine Production Capabilities
  5.5.1 SynCo Bio Partners B.V. Overview Facilities and Equipment Capabilities Focus on Vaccines
  5.5.2 Baxter BioPharma Solutions Overview Facilities Capabilities Future Outlook
  5.5.3 Meridian Life Science, Inc. Overview Facilities Capabilities Focus on Vaccines Revenues Future Outlook


6.1 Steps Involved in Vaccine Production
  6.1.1 Egg-Based Manufacturing for Viral Vaccines: Traditional Technology
6.2 Development in Vaccine Manufacturing: Novel Technologies Reaching the Market
6.3 New Substrates for Vaccine Production
  6.3.1 Egg-Based Manufacturing to Cell-Based Manufacturing Technology
  6.3.2 Cell-Based Techniques have Advantages over Egg-Based Vaccine Production
  6.3.3 Mammalian Cell Lines MCDK (Madin Darby Canine Kidney Cells) Vero Cells Per C6 Cells
  6.3.4 Avian-Derived Cell Lines EB66 Stem Cell Technology: Vivalis AGE1.CR: A Patent-Protected Duck Cell Line Developed by ProBioGen AG
  6.3.5 Plant-Based Vaccines Medicago's Proficia VLP Vaccine Technology iBioLaunch Vaccine Technology: Plant-Based Production Platform from iBio
  6.3.6 Insect Egg Based Production Systems Novavax Protein Sciences Corporation (PSC)
6.4 Next-Generation Expression Systems and Vectors: Increasing Production Yield
  6.4.1 AdVac Technology: Crucell
  6.4.2 AdCEV Vectors: AfriVax
  6.4.3 Pfenex Expression Technology: Pfenex (A part of Dow Chemical Company before December 2009)
6.5 Increasing Use of Disposables/ Single-Use Systems


7.1 Principal Strengths
  7.1.1 Vaccines as Important Agents for Disease Control
  7.1.2 New Vaccine Technologies Vaccine Manufacturers are Expanding the Scope of Vaccines New Types of Vaccine New Adjuvants for Vaccines New Vaccine Delivery Mechanisms and Formulations Other Developments in Vaccine Technology
  7.1.3 New High-Margin Vaccines
  7.1.4 Vaccines Will Not Face Significant Generic Competition
  7.1.5 Personalised Vaccines
7.2 Weakness
  7.2.1 Difficult to Forecast Demand for Vaccines
  7.2.2 High Costs and Complex Manufacturing Processes
  7.2.3 Unknown Viral Strains
  7.2.4 Limitations of the Production Facility: Difficult to Change Over to Different Product
7.3 Opportunities for Vaccine Manufacturers and Manufacturing Countries
  7.3.1 China, India and Brazil Will Become Hubs for Manufacturing Paediatric Vaccines
  7.3.2 Vaccines for Diseases Currently Without a Vaccine
  7.3.3 Biodefence The Future for Bioterrorism Vaccines
  7.3.4 Pandemic-Preparedness
  7.3.5 Changing World Demographics Population Increase Emerging-Market Economies
7.4 Threats
  7.4.1 Consolidation Among Vaccine Manufacturers
  7.4.2 Vaccines in the Developing World Vaccine Distribution Networks Vaccine Costs in Developing Countries


8.1 Mr. Patrick Lucy, Vice President, Business Development, Pfenex Inc.
  8.1.1 About the Pfenex Technology
  8.1.2 On Pfenex' Service Offerings
  8.1.3 On Current State of Vaccine Manufacturing
  8.1.4 On Novel Platforms Driving Vaccines Market
8.2 Dr Roger Lias, President & Group Commercial Director, Eden Biodesign, Inc.
  8.2.1 On The Contract Manufacturing Market
  8.2.2 On Future Growth Prospects of Vaccines Contract Manufacturing
  8.2.3 About Eden Biodesign and its Capabilities
  8.2.4 Industry Drivers


9.1 The Vaccines Market Can Experience Strong Growth from 2010 to 2025
9.2 Drivers for Change in Vaccines Manufacturing
9.3 Comparison of Vaccine Manufacturing Capabilities
9.4 Concluding Thoughts


Table 2.1 Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Statistics from Recent Years
Table 2.2 Influenza Virus Types
Table 3.1 Definition of Vaccine Types Used in this Report
Table 3.2 Vaccine Sales ($bn) and Shares (%) by Type, 2009
Table 3.3 Vaccine Sales ($bn) and Shares (%) by Brand, 2009
Table 3.4 Vaccine Sales ($m) and Shares (%) by Manufacturer, 2009
Table 3.5 Global Vaccine Market Forecast ($bn), 2010-2025
Table 3.6 Global Vaccine Market Forecast by Vaccine Type ($bn), 2010-2025
Table 4.1 Global Vaccine Production (bn doses), 2009
Table 4.2 Global Vaccine Production (bn doses): Forecast, 2009-2020
Table 4.3 Global Vaccine Production (bn doses): Forecast, 2020-2025
Table 4.4 Vaccine Production (bn doses) in Leading National Sectors, 2009
Table 4.5 Vaccine Production (bn doses) in Leading European Countries, 2009
Table 4.6 Vaccine Production (bn doses): Forecast by Leading National Markets, 2009-2015
Table 4.7 Manufacturing Facilities of Top 10 Vaccine Manufacturers, 2010
Table 4.8 Manufacturing Sites of Top 10 Vaccine Manufacturers: Location and Number in Europe, 2010
Table 4.9 Prominent Emerging Vaccine Manufacturers, 2010
Table 4.10 Development of Influenza Vaccine Production in Developing Countries, 2010
Table 5.1 Vaccines Contract Manufacturing Market Revenues ($m), 2009
Table 5.2 Vaccines Contract Manufacturing Market Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2009-2015
Table 5.3 Vaccines Contract Manufacturing Market Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2016-2025
Table 5.4 Some Outsourcing Deals In the Vaccine Manufacturing Space
Table 5.5 Prominent Contract Manufacturing Organisations Offering Vaccine Manufacturing, 2010
Table 5.6 Meridian Life Science Revenue ($m), 2008 and 2009
Table 6.1 Cell-Culture Based Vaccine Manufacturing Technologies and Product Developments, 2010
Table 6.2 Commercial Licensing Deals for Vivalis' EB66 Cell Technology
Table 6.3 Licensing Deals for ProBioGen AG's AGE1.CR Cell Technology
Table 6.4 Vaccine Development Pipeline using Medicago's Proficia VLP Vaccine Technology, 2010
Table 6.5 Vaccine Development Pipeline using iBio's iBioLaunch Vaccine Technology, 2010
Table 6.6 Vaccine Development Pipeline using Protein Sciences Corporation's BEVS Vaccine Technology, 2010
Table 6.7 Vaccine Development Pipeline using Crucell's AdVac Technology, 2010
Table 6.8 Benefits and Drawbacks of using Disposable Technology for Vaccine Production, 2010
Table 6.9 Companies Providing Disposable Biomanufacturing Platforms/ Systems, 2010
Table 7.1 SWOT Analysis for the Global Vaccine Manufacturing Sector, 2010


Figure 3.1 Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Type, 2009
Figure 3.2 Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Brand, 2009
Figure 3.3 Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Manufacturer, 2009
Figure 3.4 Global Vaccine Market Forecast ($bn), 2010-2025
Figure 3.5 Global Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Vaccine Type, 2010
Figure 3.6 Global Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Vaccine Type, 2015
Figure 3.7 Global Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Vaccine Type, 2020
Figure 3.8 Global Vaccine Market Shares (%) by Vaccine Type, 2025
Figure 4.1 Shares (%) of Global Vaccine Production by Volume, 2009
Figure 4.2 Global Vaccine Production (bn doses): Forecast, 2009-2025
Figure 4.3 Regional Shares (%) of Global Vaccine Production, 2009
Figure 4.4 Vaccine Production Shares (%) by Leading European Countries, 2009
Figure 4.5 Regional Shares (%) of Global Vaccine Production, 2010
Figure 4.6 Regional Shares (%) of Global Vaccine Production, 2015
Figure 4.7 Regional Shares (%) of Global Vaccine Production, 2020
Figure 4.8 Regional Shares (%) of Global Vaccine Production, 2025
Figure 4.9 Regional Shares (%) of Manufacturing Facilities of Top 10 Vaccine Manufacturers, 2010
Figure 5.1 Market Shares (%) of Vaccines in Biologics Contract Manufacturing, 2009
Figure 5.2 Vaccines Contract Manufacturing Market Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2009-2025
Figure 5.3 Revenue Share (%) of Meridian Life Science in Meridian Bioscience Revenues, 2009
Figure 6.1 Steps in Vaccine Production, 2010
Figure 6.2 Egg-Based Production Process for Viral Vaccines, 2010
Figure 6.3 Influenza Vaccine Production Using Cell-Based Manufacturing Method, 2010
Figure 6.4 Novavax' Insect Egg-Based Vaccine Production Process, 2010
Figure 9.1 Comparison of Vaccine Manufacturing Capabilities of Different Organisation Types, 2010


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