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US Biotech Market Analysis

December 2011 | 65 pages | ID: UB8AA855D09EN
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The US represents the world’s largest biotechnology market, leading with its innovation, extensive R&D, and regular company developments in various spheres of the biotechnology sector. On the back of rising instances of innovations in the information technology, world-class healthcare infrastructure, and active participation by private players, the US biotech industry has grown stupendously in the past few years.

The report, “US Biotech Market Analysis”, covers the Medical Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, and Industrial Biotechnology segments of the sector. The research finds out which is the largest segment in the biotechnology sector, and why. It also discusses the wider role of the technology.

According to our report, biotech funding has been a major source of growth in the US biotech industry as venture capital and financing by other sources continue to provide the momentum. The structure of financing has been strengthening over the past few years with IPOs, FPOs, public and private sector, and venture funds contributing significantly to the industry developments. Rising focus of companies towards drug development, increasing coverage of various diseases, and significant market potential are some of the prominent factors propelling investments in the recent years.

The report also elaborates the important Bio-clusters prevailing in the US and analyses their growth. It observed that California accounted for the highest growth and attracted maximum funds for research activities. How much employment this cluster generated in the biopharmaceutical sector, has also been covered in the study.

Biotechnology is a priority sector for the government, which has been backing significant developments in the industry. The report identifies key trends in the sector. Of these, bio-similars are found to drive the market positively. It also highlights the competitive landscape in the US biotechnology sector, and lists significant developments of the key players in the segment.

The report finds that the future outlook of the US biotech sector is positive with a substantial amount of investment expected in the research and entrepreneurship development in near future.


2.1 Market Performance
2.2 Market Segments
  2.2.1 Medical Biotechnology
  2.2.2 Agricultural Biotechnology
  2.2.3 Industrial biotechnology


3.1 Rising Consolidation Activities in the Industry
3.2 Biosimilars: Promising Industry Driver
3.3 Wider Role of Biotechnology in Food Industry



5.1 California
5.2 Massachusetts
5.3 New York
5.4 Pennsylvania
5.5 Washington




8.1 Amgen
8.2 Biogen Idec
8.3 Baxter International (Bioscience Division)
8.4 Genzyme Corporation
8.5 Monsanto Company
8.6 Pioneer Hi-Bred


Figure 2-1: Global - Biotechnology Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 2-2: Biotechnology Market (Billion US$), 2010-2014
Figure 2-3: Share of Public and Private Sector Companies in Biotech Industry (2010)
Figure 2-4: Bio-pharmaceutical Exports (Billion US$), 2005 & 2010
Figure 2-5: Bio-pharmaceutical R&D Expenditure (Billion US$), 2007-2010
Figure 2-6: Farm Scale Revenues from Major Genetically Modified Crops (Billion US$), 2008-2010
Figure 2-7: Ethanol Production (Billion Gallons), 2009-2014
Figure 4-1: Biotech Financing (Billion US$), 2007-2010
Figure 4-2: Biotech Financing by Type (%), 2010
Figure 5-1: Massachusetts - Share in US Biotech Venture Capital Investment (2007-2010)
Figure 5-2: Massachusetts - Number of Drugs under Development Phases
Figure 5-3: New York - Employment in Biotechnology R&D (2007 & 2010)
Figure 6-1: Number of Clinical Trials by Phase (2010)
Figure 6-2: Number of Clinical Trials by Disease Area (2009)


Table 2-1: Revenues from Public Sector Biotech Companies (Billion US$), 2009 & 2010
Table 2-2: FDA Approvals for Biopharmaceutical (2010)
Table 2-3: Global - Area for Biotech Crops by Major Country (Million Hectare), 2010
Table 2-4: Leading Bio-agricultural Products
Table 3-1: Key M&As in Biotech Industry (2011)
Table 5-1: NIH Funding by State (Million US$), 2010
Table 5-2: Employment in Biotech R&D by State (2007 & 2010)
Table 5-3: Number of Employees in Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing by State (2010)
Table 5-4: California - Number of Bio-pharmaceutical Products in Pipeline by Disease Area (2010)
Table 5-5: New York - Status of Bio-science Industry (2010)
Table 5-6: Pennsylvania - Status of Bio-science Industry (2009)
Table 6-1: Number of Clinical Trials by State (2010)
Table 8-1: Amgen - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 8-2: Biogen Idec - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 8-3: Baxter International - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 8-4: Genzyme Corporation - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 8-5: Monsanto Company - Strengths & Weaknesses

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