Statins: World Market Outlook 2011-2021

Date: March 23, 2011
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Statins: World Market Outlook 2011-2021
What does the future hold for the statins industry and market? Our new report shows how the patent expiry of Lipitor and others will affect statin drug revenues from 2011 onwards.

Our report gives you revenue forecasts for statin drugs from 2011 to 2021. We aim to save you time and aid your decisions through our research, data and discussions. By ordering now, you can stay ahead.

In 2009 the world statins market generated over $27bn in revenues. We show the organisations, products and activities that will shape the statins industry and market this decade.

What revenues will statin drug forms achieve from 2011 to 2021? What revenues can leading products - such as Lipitor and Crestor - achieve? What revenue trends will national markets show? How will generic sales take off?

Our new study answers those questions and many others for lipid-lowering drugs. We show you what companies are doing, and how branded and generic competition is shaping up.

From 2011 to 2021 the patent expiries of Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Crestor (rosuvastatin) will lead to rising generic competition. The overall branded statins market looks set to decline. We show you by how much, and where generic and novel drug opportunities will be.

Our report gives you revenue forecasts at world, group, product and national levels. You will also see trends in dyslipidemia R&D. We analyse opportunities in coronary heart disease.

Here, you can find data, analyses and opinion to benefit your research, calculations, meetings and presentations. Please respond now to get that information.

Analysis and expert opinion to help your work - so you won't be left behind

Our report gives you revenue forecasts, growth rates, market shares, SWOT analysis, an R&D review and expert opinion. We include 80 tables and charts and two research interviews (shown in the accompanying lists).

We can help you now, making it easier for you to stay ahead in this market.

Statins: World Market Outlook 2011-2021 shows you revenue trends, opportunities and challenges

Our report gives you the following advantages:
  • You will find hard data for the statins industry and market - seeing revenue trends
  • You will receive revenue forecasts for the global lipid-lowering drug market to 2021 - with statin and non-statin groups represented
  • You will find revenues for original-brand and generic statins from 2009 to 2021, with discussions of market potential and competition
  • You will discover revenue forecasts for atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, pitavastatin and lovastatin products to 2021
  • You will learn how the patent expiries of Lipitor and Crestor will affect the future of this therapeutic market
  • You will receive revenue forecasts for the leading national markets to 2021 (US, Canada, Japan, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and India)
  • You will examine research and development, as well as up-and-coming products
  • You will review under-met needs in the lipid-lowering drug market, with therapeutic requirements and commercial opportunities discussed
  • You will investigate strengths, competition and opportunities that will influence the statins industry and market from 2011 onwards
  • You will see what will stimulate and restrain the statins industry and market
  • You will analyse opportunities for established companies and those seeking to enter the dyslipidemia treatment market
  • You will view expert opinion from our survey, including full interview transcripts
  • You will discover where the statins industry and market are heading - technology, competition and revenues.

1.1 Review of the World Statins Market
1.2 Aims, Scope and Format of Report
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods


2.1 Cholesterol and Triglycerides
2.2 Lipoproteins as Transporters of Cholesterol and Triglycerides
2.3 Dyslipidaemia and Atherosclerosis
2.4 Cholesterol Risk Levels
2.5 The Fredrickson/World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Dyslipidaemia
2.6 Cardiovascular Disease
2.7 Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease
2.8 Cholesterol Testing
2.9 Primary and Secondary Prevention of Atherosclerosis


3.1 Statins: Types and Mechanism of Action
3.2 Atorvastatin
  3.2.1 Atorvastatin Indications
  3.2.2 Atorvastatin Brands and Generic Manufacturers
3.3 Rosuvastatin
  3.3.1 Rosuvastatin Indications
  3.3.2 Rosuvastatin Brands and Generic Manufacturers
3.4 Simvastatin
  3.4.1 Simvastatin Indications
  3.4.2 Simvastatin Brands and Generic Manufacturers
3.5 Pravastatin
  3.5.1 Pravastatin Indications
  3.5.2 Pravastatin Brands and Generic Manufacturers
3.6 Fluvastatin
  3.6.1 Fluvastatin Indications
  3.6.2 Fluvastatin Brands and Generic Manufacturers
3.7 Pitavastatin
3.8 Lovastatin
  3.8.1 Lovastatin Indications
  3.8.2 Lovastatin Brands and Generic Manufacturers
3.9 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Drugs
  3.9.1 Lovastatin/Nicotinic Acid
  3.9.2 Simvastatin/Nicotinic Acid
  3.9.3 Simvastatin/Ezetimibe
  3.9.4 Caduet (atorvastatin/amlodipine)
3.10 Other Lipid-Lowering Drugs
  3.10.1 Anion-Exchange Resins
  3.10.2 Ezetimibe
  3.10.3 Fibrates
  3.10.4 Nicotinic Acid
  3.10.5 Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters


4.1 Overview of the World Statins Market, 2011-2021
4.2 World Statins Market Will See Declining Sales, 2009-2021
  4.2.1 The Lipitor Patent Cliff
  4.2.2 Pitavastatin Will See Growing Competition from Generic and More-Established Statin Brands
4.3 Generic Products Set to Dominate the World Statins Market
4.4 Statin Drug Markets in India and China Expected to Grow from 2011-2021


5.1 Statins are Leading Therapies in the Lipid-Lowering Market
  5.1.1 The World Lipid-Lowering Market
  5.1.2 World Lipid-Lowering Drug Market Forecasts, 2009-2021
5.2 The World Statins Market
  5.2.1 The World Statins Market, 2009
  5.2.2 Scope for Further Growth: World Statins Market Forecasts, 2009-2010
  5.2.3 The Impact of Atorvastatin Generics on the World Statins Market, 2011-2015
  5.2.4 Opportunities for Generics Manufacturers: World Statins Market Forecasts, 2015-2019
  5.2.5 Prospects for the World Statins Market, 2020-2021
5.3 The Branded and Generic Statins Markets
  5.3.1 The Branded and Generic Statins Markets, 2009
  5.3.2 When Will Sales of Generic Statins Exceed Branded Revenues?
5.4 Statins Market Forecast by Drug Class, 2009-2021
  5.4.1 Will Atorvastatin Market Show Continuous Decline in Revenues from 2011-2021?
  5.4.2 Revenues of Rosuvastatin and Statin Combination Drugs Expected to Grow from 2011-2015
5.5 Atorvastatin
  5.5.1 The Atorvastatin Market, 2009
  5.5.2 Atorvastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.5.3 Lipitor Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.5.4 Prospects for Lipitor after Patent Expiry: Market Forecast, 2011-2015
  5.5.5 Lipitor Market Forecast, 2016-2021
  5.5.6 Generic Atorvastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
5.6 Rosuvastatin
  5.6.1 The Rosuvastatin Market, 2009
  5.6.2 Rosuvastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.6.3 Crestor Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.6.4 Generic Rosuvastatin Market, 2009-2021
5.7 Simvastatin
  5.7.1 The Simvastatin Market, 2009
  5.7.2 Simvastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.7.3 Zocor Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.7.4 Generic Simvastatin Market, 2009-2021
5.8 Pravastatin
  5.8.1 The Pravastatin Market, 2009
  5.8.2 Pravastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.8.3 Mevalotin/Pravachol Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.8.4 Generic Pravastatin Market, 2009-2021
5.9 Fluvastatin
  5.9.1 The Fluvastatin Market, 2009
  5.9.2 Fluvastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.9.3 Lescol/Lochol Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.9.4 Generic Fluvastatin Market, 2009-2021
5.10 Pitavastatin
  5.10.1 The Pitavastatin Market, 2009
  5.10.2 Pitavastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.10.3 Livalo Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.10.4 Generic Pitavastatin Market, 2009-2021
5.11 Lovastatin
  5.11.1 The Lovastatin Market, 2009
  5.11.2 Lovastatin Market Forecast, 2009-2021
5.12 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Drugs
  5.12.1 The Statin/Non-Statin Combination Market, 2009
  5.12.2 Statin Combination Market Will See Positive Growth in Market Size, 2009-2015
  5.12.3 Generic Drugs Will Dominate the Statin Combination Market, 2016-2021
  5.12.4 Vytorin/Inegy Market Forecast, 2009-2021
  5.12.5 Caduet Market Forecast, 2009-2021


6.1 Leading National Markets for Sales of Statins, 2009
6.2 Sales Forecasts for the Leading National Markets, 2009-2021
  6.2.1 The Statins Market in the US, 2009-2021
  6.2.2 The Statins Market in Japan, 2009-2021
  6.2.3 The Statins Market in Canada, 2009-2021
  6.2.4 The Leading European Statins Markets, 2009-2021
  6.2.5 The Statins Markets in India and China, 2009-2021
  6.2.6 The Statins Market in Brazil, 2009-2021


7.1 SWOT Analysis of World Statins Market
7.2 Drivers for and Restraints on Market Growth7.2.1 Market Drivers
  7.2.2 Market Restraints
7.3 Outlook for the World Statins Market, 2011-2021
  7.3.1 Genericisation of the World Statins Market Will be a Restraint on Market Growth
  7.3.2 Governments and Insurers Will Favour Generic Statins
  7.3.3 Emerging Economies of India and China Will See Growth in Statin Sales
7.4 Patient Compliance for Statin Medications
  7.4.1 Patients Exhibit Poor Compliance for Statin Medications
  7.4.2 Effective Contact between Patients and Healthcare Practitioners is the Key to Improving Patient Compliance
7.5 Safety of Statins
7.6 Statin OTC Switching
  7.6.1 Rationale for OTC Switching
  7.6.2 Statin OTC Switching in the UK
  7.6.3 Statin OTC Switching in the US
  7.6.4 What are the Prospects for Worldwide Statin OTC Switching?
7.7 The Role of Clinical Trials in Expanding the Size of the World Statins Market


8.1 Interview with Dr Humayun J. Chaudhry, Commissioner of Health Services, Suffolk County, New York, USA
  8.1.1 Improving Patient Compliance in Statin Therapy
  8.1.2 The Future of Cholesterol Testing
  8.1.3 Web-Based Information Technology
8.2 Interview with Professor Naveed Sattar, British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Glasgow, UK
  8.2.1 Current Research on the Therapeutic Effects of Statin Drugs
  8.2.2 Prospects for the Lipid-Lowering Drug Market after Lipitor Loses Patent Protection in 2011
  8.2.3 R&D Prospects within the Lipid-Lowering Field
  8.2.4 The Statin Pipeline


9.1 The Statin R&D Pipeline Lacks New Single Statin Drugs
9.2 Will CETP Inhibitors Succeed Statins as Blockbuster Drugs in the Lipid-Lowering Market?
9.3 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Lipid-Lowering Pipeline
  9.3.1 Simvastatin/Fenofibrate
  9.3.2 Simvastatin/Rosiglitazone
9.4 The Non-Statin Lipid-Lowering Pipeline
  9.4.1 Eicosapentaenoic Acid/Docosahexanoic Acid
  9.4.2 Eprotirome
  9.4.3 Anacetrapib
  9.4.4 Dalcetrapib
  9.4.5 Darapladib


10.1 Statins Will Remain Vital Therapies for Treating Dyslipidaemia
10.2 Future Challenges for the Statin Industry
  10.2.1 What are the Consequences of a Weak Statin R&D Pipeline?
  10.2.2 Increasing Patient Compliance is Vital for the Sustained Growth of the Statins Market
10.3 By 2017, Sales of Generic Statins Will Outperform those of Branded Statins
10.4 Emerging Markets of India and China Will See Growth in Statin Sales


Table 2.1 Risk Levels for Total Cholesterol, 2011
Table 2.2 Risk Levels for LDL Cholesterol, 2011
Table 2.3 Risk Levels for HDL Cholesterol, 2011
Table 2.4 Risk Levels for Triglycerides, 2011
Table 2.5 The Fredrickson/WHO Classification Scheme for Dyslipidaemia, 2011
Table 3.1 Leading Manufacturers of Generic Simvastatin, 2011
Table 3.2 Leading Manufacturers of Generic Pravastatin, 2011
Table 3.3 Leading Manufacturers of Generic Lovastatin, 2011
Table 4.1 Statin Lipid-Lowering Market Revenues ($bn) and Shares ($bn, %), 2009-2015
Table 4.2 Statin Lipid-Lowering Market Revenues ($bn) and Shares ($bn, %), 2016-2021
Table 4.3 Branded and Generic Statins: Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Table 5.1 World Lipid-Lowering Market Revenues ($bn), 2009
Table 5.2 World Sales ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %) for the Non-Statin Lipid-Lowering Market, 2009
Table 5.3 World Lipid-Lowering Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.4 World Lipid-Lowering Market Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.5 Revenues ($bn) of Leading Statins by Active Ingredient and Brand Names, 2009
Table 5.6 Branded and Generic Statins: Market Revenues ($bn), 2009 and 2021
Table 5.7 Branded and Generic Statins: Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.8 Branded and Generic Statins: Market Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.9 Statins Market Revenues ($bn) by Drug Class, 2009-2015
Table 5.10 Statins Market Revenues ($bn) by Drug Class, 2016-2021
Table 5.11 Atorvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.12 Atorvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.13 Atorvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.14 Rosuvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.15 Rosuvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.16 Rosuvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.17 Simvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.18 Simvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.19 Simvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.20 Pravastatin Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.21 Pravastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.22 Pravastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.23 Fluvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.24 Fluvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.25 Fluvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.26 Pitavastatin Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.27 Pitavastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.28 Pitavastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.29 Lovastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.30 Lovastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 5.31 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Drug Revenues ($bn) and Market Shares ($bn, %), 2009
Table 5.32 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2015
Table 5.33 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Drug Revenues ($bn), 2016-2021
Table 6.1 Revenues ($bn) of Statins in Leading National Markets, 2009
Table 6.2 Statins Revenues ($bn) in Leading National Markets, 2009-2015
Table 6.3 Statins Revenues ($bn) in Leading National Markets, 2016-2021
Table 7.1 SWOT Analysis of the Statins Market, 2011
Table 7.2 Expected Patent Expiries of Statins, 2009-2021
Table 9.1 Prominent Statin and Non-Statin Lipid-Lowering Agents in the R&D Pipeline, 2011


Figure 4.1 Lipitor Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 4.2 Branded and Generic Statins: Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.1 Market Share ($bn, %) in the Lipid-Lowering Market, 2009
Figure 5.2 World Lipid-Lowering Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.3 Statin Market Shares ($bn, %) by Active Ingredient, 2009
Figure 5.4 Statin Market Shares ($bn, %) by Leading Brand, 2009
Figure 5.5 World Statin Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.6 Branded and Generic Statins: Market Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.7 Statins Market Revenues ($bn) by Drug Class, 2009-2021
Figure 5.8 Statins Market Shares ($bn, %) by Drug Class, 2009
Figure 5.9 Statins Market Shares ($bn, %) by Drug Class, 2015
Figure 5.10 Statins Market Shares ($bn, %) by Drug Class, 2021
Figure 5.11 Atorvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.12 Rosuvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.13 Simvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.14 Pravastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.15 Fluvastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.16 Pitavastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.17 Lovastatin Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 5.18 Statin/Non-Statin Combination Drug Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 6.1 Statin Drug Revenues ($bn) in Leading National Markets, 2009
Figure 6.2 Market Shares ($bn, %) of the World Statins Market by Country, 2009
Figure 6.3 The US Statins Market ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 6.4 Market Shares ($bn, %) of the World Statins Market by Country, 2021
Figure 6.5 The Japanese Statins Market ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 6.6 The Canadian Statins Market ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 6.7 The Leading European Statins Markets ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 6.8 Statins Markets ($bn) in India and China, 2009-2021
Figure 6.9 The Brazilian Statins Market ($bn), 2009-2021
Figure 10.1 Branded and Generic Statins: Revenues ($bn), 2009-2021


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