Japan Pharmaceutical Industry & Forecast-Focus on OTC and Prescription Drugs Market

Date: January 2, 2012
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Japan Pharmaceutical Industry & Forecast-Focus on OTC and Prescription Drugs Market
The present report entitled “Japan Pharmaceutical Industry & Forecast-Focus on OTC and Prescription Drugs Market”, discuss market size (historical, present and future) of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry and its segments. Drugs market has been categorized by distribution channels (OTC & Prescription drugs) and by type of drugs (Patent & Generic). Report also provides information on recent trends including M&A’s, regulatory structure and key issues. Report discusses major drivers promising future growth. The competition prevailing in the pharmaceutical market has also been included in the report with profile of the major players, highlighting their financials as well as growth strategies. The report also talks about future outlook of overall Japanese Pharmaceutical industry and demand for prescription and OTC drugs in coming years.

Drug stores, hospitals and clinics hold the largest demand for pharmaceuticals in Japan while supermarkets and other confectionary stores (permitted to keep general cold and flu medicines) cater to only a small percentage of the market. In Japan, prescription drugs account for the largest share of the market which is close to ~%. Renin-angiotensin system agents and anti-tumor drugs posted highest sales at USD ~ billion (~ billion yen) and USD ~ billion (~ billion yen). Asthma and COPD treatment drugs sales was on seventh place in value terms out of total revenues generated from drugs sales in the country.

At present domestic pharmaceutical companies hold a majority of market share but foreign companies are also rapidly expanding their reach supported by M&A and joint ventures. Pfizer, Roche (Chugai), Novartis and Merck has secured foothold in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.

Japanese pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow at a slow rate due to government reforms in healthcare policy aiming to control rising healthcare cost and uneven demand from outside Japan. The Japanese digestive medicines segment is witnessing a continuous fall in shipment by volume and value from last four years (2007-2010). Vitamins, Antiallergic, skincare and Antibiotics will push the OTC drugs demand which currently account for a small share of the overall pharmaceutical industry in Japan. OTC drugs market is expected to grow at CAGR 6.22% from 2011-2016. Industry consolidation is expected to continue, led by falling drug prices and increasing competition from foreign companies.

Key Findings
  • In the first quarter of 2010, the global advertising expenditures on pharmaceutical products grew 3.60% compared to the same period in 2009.
  • Pharmacies and drug stores hold 51.30% share in terms of sales of pharmaceuticals followed by hospitals and clinics.
  • In 2009, pharmaceuticals market in the country grew 8.67% to USD ~ billion. This growth was mainly driven by the treatment of chronic diseases and government healthcare spending.
  • In 2010, Japanese pharmaceutical industry recorded USD ~ billion revenues and grew by 5.79% in 2011.
  • The Japanese pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow at a CAGR 2.65% from 2011 to 2016 reaching USD ~ billion.
  • In 2011, OTC market grew by 4.26% from previous year and its share in total pharmaceutical drugs market reached 6.98% although this percentage was low from 2010 results.
  • The overall prescription drugs sales is expected to register slow growth reaching USD ~ billion by 2016 at a CAGR 2.39% from 2011-2016.
  • In Japan, generic drug market is in development stage, presently accounted for only 22.60% (by volume) and 6.75% (by value) of the total drug sales in 2010.

1.1. Global Market Overview


2.1. Pharmaceutical Market Size
  Impact of Earthquake and Tsunami over Pharmaceutical Industry in Japan
2.2. Japan Pharmaceutical Market Forecasts


3.1. Classification by Distribution Channels
  3.1.1. Ethical/Prescription Drugs
  3.1.2. Over the Counter Drugs (OTC)
    OTC Drugs Demand by Major Categories
3.2. Industry Forecast by Distribution Channels
3.3. Classification by Type of Drugs
  3.3.1. Patent Drugs
  3.3.2. Generic Drugs


Chronic Diseases
Rapidly Aging Population
Rising Medical care Expenditures
Consumer Expenditure
Health Insurance and Life Expectancy


5.1. Recent Trends
5.2. Recent Pharmaceutical Industry M&A Activities
5.3. Regulatory Structure
5.4. Key Issues


6.1. Key Findings
6.2. Political Environment
  6.2.1. Government Policy
6.3. Macro-economic Indicators
  6.3.1. GDP Recovery and Growth
  6.3.2. Population


7.1. Competitive Landscape
7.2. Takeda
  7.2.1. Business Overview
  7.2.2. Key Financials
  7.2.3. Key Findings
7.3. Astellas
  7.3.1. Business Overview
  7.3.2. Key Financials
  7.3.3. Key Findings
7.4. Daiichi Sankyo Group
  7.4.1. Business Overview
  7.4.2. Key Financials
7.5. Roche (Chugai)
  7.5.1. Business Overview
  7.5.2. Key Financials


8.1. Abbreviations
8.2. Definitions
8.3. Research Methodology
  Data Collection Methods
8.4. Disclaimer


Figure 1: Global Pharmaceutical Market by Value (2006-2011E)
Figure 2: Japan Pharmaceutical Sales by Facility in 2010 & 2011E
Figure 3: Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Revenues (2006-2011E)
Figure 4: Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Forecast (2011-2016)
Figure 5: Share of Drugs by Distribution Channels in (2006-2011)
Figure 6: Prescription Drugs Retail Sales by Value (2006-2011E)
Figure 7: OTC Drug Retail Sales by Value (2006-2011E)
Figure 8: Prescription Drugs Retail Sales Forecast by Value (2011-2016)
Figure 9 : OTC Drugs Retail Sales Forecast by value (2011-2016)
Figure 10: Generic Drugs Retail Sales by Value in Japan (2009-2011E)
Figure 11: Japan Aging Population (2006-2010)
Figure 12: Japan Medical Care Expenditures (2006-2010)
Figure 13: Medical Care Insurance (2006-2008)
Figure 14: Japan GDP (at current prices) (2006-2010)
Figure 15: Japan Total Population (2006-2010)


Table 1: Global Pharmaceutical Market by Geography (2009, 2010 & 2011E)
Table 2: Number of Pharmacies by Territories in Japan 2010
Table 3: Health Food/Vitamin Import by volume and value (2006-2010)
Table 4: Common OTC Drugs Classification and Market by Value (2006-2011E)
Table 5: Health care Sector in Japan (2005-2010E)
Table 6: Foreign Acquisitions by Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies (2007-2010)
Table 7 : Country Overview
Table 8: Japanese Economy (2010-2012)
Table 9: Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Japan in 2010
Table 10: Comparison of Key Financials in 2010
Table 11: Players Market Share in Ethical Drugs Segment in 2010
Table 12: Takeda Revenue by Geography (2010&2011)
Table 13: Astellas Revenue by Geography (2006-2010)
Table 14: Roche (Chugai) Financials
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Japan Pharmaceutical Industry & Forecast-Focus on OTC and Prescription Drugs Market
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