Global Gene Therapy Market Analysis

Date: June 1, 2013
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Global Gene Therapy Market Analysis
Gene therapy is the treatment of a disease by replacing, altering, or supplementing a gene that is absent or abnormal and whose absence or abnormality is causing the disease. It has evolved as one of the most sought after research objectives for ‘difficult to cure’ diseases. The gene therapy market in spite of presenting few marketable products and being nascent in terms of revenue generation holds tremendous growth potential. As per a new estimation carried out in our latest study, the global gene therapy industry has the potential to become a multi-million dollar industry by the end of 2017 as new products, especially those in the advanced stage of clinical studies or with pending approvals, may enter the market to boost the growth.

According to RNCOS’ new research report, “Global Gene Therapy Market Analysis”, major focus has been made on the ongoing clinical trials for the development of innovative products. Majority trials are focused on oncology and they prove promising on global scale for US. In this context, the study provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of clinical trials in the gene therapy market such as phases, geographies, vector types etc.

The report provides an in-depth and prudent analysis of the industry and research developments taking place at the global level. Primarily the market is presently dominated by oncology applications with several companies and academic institutions focusing on novel and ‘difficult to treat’ cancers. Other therapeutic areas seeing developments on gene therapy include cardiac conditions, genetic disorders and neurological diseases. An effective analysis of the key therapeutic areas has been included in the report.

Brief overview of the key geographies in the gene therapy market and the regulatory scenario governing the industry has also been included in the study to present a balanced outlook. The report covers how major trends and drivers, including gene silencing, advanced therapies etc will propel the industry’s growth. With a view to understanding the competitive landscape, the profiles of key market players are included in the report to present a complete picture of the global gene therapy market.



3.1 Classification of Gene Therapy Techniques
3.2 Physical Methods of Gene Transfer
  3.2.1 Electroporation
  3.2.2 Hydrodynamic
  3.2.3 Microinjection
  3.2.4 Particle Bombardment
  3.2.5 Ultrasound-mediated Transfection
3.3 Vectors for Gene Therapy
  3.3.1 Adenoviral Vectors
  3.3.2 Adeno-associated Virus Vectors
  3.3.3 Retroviral Vectors
  3.3.4 Lentiviral Vectors
  3.3.5 Plasmid DNA


4.1 Gene Silencing: Gaining Momentum
4.2 Advanced Therapies: Combining Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Technology
4.3 Immunodeficiency Syndromes: The Focus of Gene Therapy
4.4 Nanotechnology: Empowering Gene Therapy
4.5 Gene Therapy: A New Hope to Treat Blindness


5.1 By Geography
5.2 By Indication
5.3 By Gene Type
5.4 By Vector
5.5 By Clinical Trial Phase


6.1 Market Size and Growth
6.2 By Application
  6.2.1 Oncology Key Approaches Recent Advancements
  6.2.2 Infectious Diseases Key Approaches Recent Advancements
  6.2.3 Genetic Disorders Key Approaches Recent Advancements
  6.2.4 Cardiovascular Disorders Key Approaches Recent Advancements
  6.2.5 Diabetes Mellitus Key Approaches Recent Advancements
  6.2.6 Neurological Disorders Key Approaches Recent Advancements
6.3 Key Geographical Markets
  6.3.1 US Regulatory Landscape Recent Advancements
  6.3.2 Europe Regulatory Landscape Recent Advancements
  6.3.3 Australia Regulatory Landscape Recent Advancements
  6.3.4 Canada Regulatory Landscape Recent Advancements
  6.3.5 Japan Regulatory Landscape Recent Advancements
  6.3.6 China Regulatory Landscape
  6.3.7 India Regulatory Landscape Recent Advancements
6.4 Advanced Gene Therapy Drugs
  6.4.1 Collategene
  6.4.2 Allovectin-7
  6.4.3 Generx


7.1 AnGes MG, Inc
7.2 Ark Therapeutics
7.3 Ceregene, Inc
7.4 Cobra Biologics
7.5 GenVec, Inc
7.6 Genzyme Corporation
7.7 Vical, Inc
7.8 Oxford BioMedica


Figure 5-1: Number of Gene Therapy Clinical Trials Approved Worldwide (2003 to 2012)
Figure 5-2: Percentage of Gene Types Transferred in Gene Therapy Trials till 2012
Figure 5-3: Percentage of Vectors Used in Gene Therapy Trials till 2012
Figure 5-4: Percentage of Gene Therapy Trials by Phase till 2012
Figure 6-1: Global - Gene Therapy Market (Million US$), 2012 & 2017
Figure 6-2: US - Number of New Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy Products Submission to FDA (2003-2010)
Figure 6-3: Japan - Evaluation System of Gene Therapy Clinical Trial


Table 5-1: Gene Therapy Clinical Trials by Geography till 2012
Table 5-2: Gene Therapy Clinical Trials by Indication till 2012
Table 5-3: Human Gene Transfer Trials Approved by Condition till 2012
Table 5-4: Key Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
Table 6-1: Prevalence of Key Single Gene Disorders
Table 6-2: Vectors Used for Cardiovascular Gene Transfer
Table 6-3: Number of Approved Gene Therapy Protocols
Table 6-4: China - Key Players and their Products in Gene Therapy
Table 6-5: Key Advanced Gene Therapy Drugs
Table 6-6: Unmet Need Analysis for Collategene
Table 6-7: Potential Market Size of Allovectin-7 in the US and EU (Million US$)
Table 6-8: Potential Market Size of Generx (Million US$)
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Global Gene Therapy Market Analysis
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