Brazil Generics Market Forecast to 2012

Date: January 22, 2011
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Brazil Generics Market Forecast to 2012
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Since the initial launch of policies, Brazil generic drugs market has been experiencing a stupendous growth. The country is the largest generics market in Latin America and is poised to become one of the fastest growing regions in coming years. This marvelous performance of the sector is accredited to various factors such as, patent expirations, liberal government policies, aging population, high investments etc. The Brazilian generics market is expected to witness a significant rise in revenue and consumption in future as good quality products, untapped space for growth, and the government support will back the industry. It is expected that the generics market will post a CAGR of nearly 19% during 2010 - 2012.

According to our latest report entitled “Brazil Generics Market Forecast to 2012”, various segments of the Brazilian generic drugs sector has supported the overall market growth. Segments such as, diabetes, antithrombotics, erectile dysfunction, oral contraceptive, antiretroviral, and cardiovascular are the key growth areas of the industry. Of these, diabetes, antiretroviral, cardiovascular, and oral contraceptive holds a significant potential for future growth.

Our research report has found that there are various market trends that may impact the industry developments in near future. Growing presence of multinational players, rising registration of generics, and focus on generic active ingredients are some of the important trends. Emphasis on generic active ingredients is rising as the patents of older branded substances are about to expire and manufacturers are beginning to launch new versions. This trend holds prominent significance as it may further boost the generics and bring in investments.

The report provides a complete overview and rational analysis of the Brazilian generics market. It has covered key aspects of the industry and thoroughly examined market performance in recent years. A prudent analytical review of market drivers, disease profile, regulatory scenario, and industry restraints has also been provided that will help clients understand the key factors associated with the industry. Moreover, the competitive landscape section elaborates upon the recent developments of key players and their strengths and weaknesses.




4.1 Strong Investments
4.2 Government Initiatives
4.3 Patent Expiries
4.4 Aging Population
4.5 Increasing Prescription Rate


5.1 Market Size & Growth
5.2 Pharma Market Vs Generics
5.3 By Therapeutics
  5.3.1 Antiretroviral
  5.3.2 Oral Contraceptives
  5.3.3 Erectile Dysfunction
  5.3.4 Anti-thrombotics
  5.3.5 Cardiovascular Drugs
  5.3.6 Anti-diabetics


6.1 Increasing Share of Foreign Firms
6.2 Rising Generic Registrations
6.3 Global Expansion
6.4 Focus on Generic Active Ingredients



8.1 Dependence on Imported Raw Materials
8.2 Over-reliance of Domestic Generic Firms on Domestic Market
8.3 Lack of Awareness & Slow Acceptance by Physicians
8.4 Prevalence of ‘Similar Drugs’
8.5 Counterfeit Drugs


9.1 EMS Sigma Pharma
9.2 Medley
9.3 Eurofarma Laboratories Ltd
9.4 Aché Pharmaceutical Laboratories S/A
9.5 Ranbaxy


Figure 4-1: Population aged above 65 Years (%), 2006-2010
Figure 4-2: Share of Prescriptions for Branded & Generic Drugs in Pharmaceutical Market (2008 & 2009)
Figure 5-1: Generic Drugs Market (Billion BRL), 2008-2012
Figure 5-2: Share of Generic Drugs in Pharmaceutical Market (2010)
Figure 5-3: Generic Drugs Market (Million Units), 2007-2010
Figure 5-4: Growth of Pharmaceutical & Generics Market (%), 2010-2012
Figure 5-5: Number of HIV Patients & HIV Patients on HAART (‘000), 2009
Figure 5-6: Share of Key Players in Oral Contraceptives Market
Figure 5-7: Share of Key Drugs in Erectile Dysfunction Market (2008)
Figure 5-8: Deaths from Cardiovascular Diseases (%), 2006 & 2030
Figure 5-9: Cardiovascular Drugs Market (Million US$), 2005 & 2006
Figure 5-10: Share of Branded & Generic Drugs in Cardiovascular Drugs Market (2009)
Figure 5-11: Insulin Market (Million BRL), 2007-2009
Figure 6-1: Share of Domestic & Multinational Companies in Generics Market (2010)
Figure 7-1: Government Medicines Expenditure by Type (%), 2007
Figure 8-1: Share of Imported & Locally Produced Raw Material for Pharmaceutical Market (2008)
Figure 9-1: Share of Key Players in Generics Market


Table 4-1: Patent Expiry of Key Drugs
Table 5-1: Market Share of Top Pharmaceutical Companies
Table 5-2: Erectile Dysfunction Market Overview (2007 & 2008)
Table 5-3: Diabetic Patients in Age Group 20-79 Years ('000), 2010
Table 5-4: Forecast for Diabetic Patients in Age Group 20-79 Years ('000), 2030
Table 9-1: EMS Sigma Pharma - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 9-2: Medley - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 9-3: Eurofarma Laboratories Ltd - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 9-4: Aché Pharmaceutical Laboratories S/A - Strengths & Weaknesses
Table 9-5: Ranbaxy - Strengths & Weaknesses
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Brazil Generics Market Forecast to 2012
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