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Social Media influencers in Marketing Businesses in GCC

January 2017 | 13 pages | ID: S7C07E676CAEN
Sadia Saeed

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Social media is the influential force of the modern business world that changes the marketing trends and marketing strategies in the GCC. The number of users of the social media are gradually enhancing every year in all countries of the gulf region that make the marketers in the Arab world to change their marketing strategies as now they cannot just focus on the traditional marketing tools because of the growing importance of the social media in the GCC. In this report we will evaluate the social media influencers on the markets in the GCC. We will include the various perspective of this analysis as to evaluate the rising number of the social media users in the GCC and how they impact the marketers in the Arab zone to change their marketing strategies, what are the reasons for changing marketing trends in the GCC, what are the most influential social media platforms in different countries of the GCC and how it made the marketing easy and convenient for the marketers of the Arab world. All of this will be included in the analysis section that will come after the introduction and background section of this report. After this we will conclude our discussion and will make recommendations for the marketers as how they can make best use of the social media to get positive results with enhanced sales and profits for the company. Cont... (2500 words of this report)
Executive Summary
Larger number of users of social media influences the change
Use of Different Social Media Sites in GCC Provide easy Access to Customers
Social Media Preferred Platforms Assists Marketers to Move from Traditional Marketing to Social Media Marketing tools
Internet Penetration Rate
Conclusion and Recommendations

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