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Impact of Social Media on Society of Kuwait, Thesis

January 2017 | 10 pages | ID: I9765DA93BEEN
Sadia Saeed

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The impact of social media on our society will be described in detail in this essay. An essential role is played by social media in enhancing cultural values, customs and pints of view that are eventually accepted by the person who are social media’s viewers. A variety of foreign substance can be attained through Face Book or twitter. The people can contact for foreign clothing and trends by using social media. As a result, the western culture is being adopted by people. They think that high life style will be sign of higher standard status. Kids are young people started to demand each thing. The social media ads influenced people a lot to purchase unnecessary things. They are becoming fond of social media. After watching the picture of pretty females in various pages of celebrities and ads, the females of nation think that they are not beautiful. The women are using various things to look beautiful. They think that they should be like celebrities. The social media is affecting other things as well. The cases of cyber bullying and online crimes are increasing. Cyber bullying is becoming a trend on Face Book (Nabi& Riddle, 2008). Cont... (2800 words of this report)
Literature Review
Most used Social media
Positive impacts of social media
Unfavorable influence of social media
Research Methods
Theoretical Frame Work
Results and Findings
Analysis and Discussion

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