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Automotive Coatings - Saudi Arabia

October 2023 | 42 pages | ID: A64C5781B4BEN
Information Research Limited

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Market Overview

These in-depth reports focus on the top country markets worldwide for Automotive coatings and

include detailed key data points including market shares, product segments and prices/values.

The reports provide, by country, consumption estimates in both volume and value for Automotive

coatings, with 2022 as the base year and forecasts to 2027.

The information in the reports is based on a comprehensive programme of interviews with key

players in each country, backed up by thorough secondary research and IRL’s in-house database of

global paints and coatings market data.

Data common to OEM, Plastic Parts and Refinishes
  • Market volumes in metric tonnes (2011-2027)
  • Market values in EUR, USD and local currency (2021 and 2022)
  • Market shares by company in volume (2021 and 2022)
  • Chemistry breakdown: Pure acrylic, alkyds, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, others (2011-
  • Technology breakdown: Water-based, solvent-based, powder, radiation-cured (2011-2027)
  • Functional layer breakdown: E-coat, primer, basecoat, clearcoat (2011-2027)
  • Type of vehicle: Passenger, light commercial, buses, trucks, motorcycles (2011-2027)
  • Value breakdown by: Chemistry, technology and functional layer (2021 and 2022)
Plastic Parts
  • Type of part: Interior, exterior (2011-2027)
  • Prices and values breakdown by: Chemistry, technology and type of part (2021 and 2022)
  • Functional layer breakdown: Refinishes (fillers, primer, basecoat, clearcoat (2011-2027)
  • Prices and values breakdown by: Chemistry, technology and functional layer (2021 and
Saudi Arabia Automotive Coatings 2023
Title Page Automotive Coatings
SA Coatings Background
1.1 SA - Background - Overview
1.2 Key Figures
1.3 Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts
  1.4.1/2 Imp/Exp: SB Polyesters
  1.4.3/4 Imp/Exp: SB Acrylics & Vinyls
  1.4.5/6 Imp/Exp: SB Polymers
  1.4.7/8 Imp/Exp: WB Acrylics & Vinyls
  1.4.9/10 Imp/Exp: WB Polymers
  1.4.11/12 Imp/Exp: Other Paints & Varnishes
Foreword - Automotive Coatings
1.1 Foreword - Automotive Coatings
SA Automotive Sector
1.1 SA - Automotive Sector Overview
1.2 Vehicles in Use
SA Automotive Refinishes Coatings
1.1 SA - Market Overview
1.2 Historical and Forecasts: Automotive Refinishes
  1.3.1 Prices and Market Values
  1.3.2 Prices and Values by Application System
  1.3.3 Prices and Values by Resin Type
  1.3.4 Detailed Prices : Water Based
  1.3.5 Detailed Prices : Solvent Based
  1.3.6 Prices and Values by Functional Layer
  1.4.1 Application System: Historical and Forecasts
  1.4.2 Resin Type: Historical and Forecasts
  1.4.3 Water Based : Historical and Forecasts
  1.4.4 Solvent Based : Historical and Forecasts
  1.4.5 Functional Layers: Historical and Forecasts
  1.4.6 Paint Grade: Historical and Forecasts
1.5 Market Shares: Automotive Refinishes

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