Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Update Bulletin #2 [March 2018]

Date: March 1, 2018
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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Update Bulletin #2 [March 2018]
This edition presents the views and insights from three world leading key opinion leaders (KOLs) from North America and Europe on a variety of recent events in the type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) market, including; the European Commission’s approval of Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic (semaglutide), a once-weekly GLP-1 receptor agonist, for T2DM; The US FDA approval of Merck & Co’s Steglatro (ertugliflozin), an oral SGLT2 inhibitor, and the fixed-dose combination Steglujan (ertugliflozin) and DPP-4 inhibitor (sitagliptin) for T2DM; and Sanofi announcing its long-acting insulin glargine therapy Toujeo, is on par with Novo Nordisk's Tresiba (insulin degludec) in the head-to-head BRIGHT study in patients with T2DM.

Business Questions:
  • On current evidence, will Ozempic’s incremental efficacy benefits over Trulicity be enough to significantly change treatment practices within the GLP-1 receptor agonist class?
  • How important will CVOT data be, which will be reading out for Trulicity and Ozempic in the near future?
  • What evidence will GLP-1 receptor agonists need to show to continue to move up the T2DM treatment pathway?
  • Are Steglatro and Steglujan sufficiently differentiated from their marketed competitors and where will they fit in the treatment pathway?
  • How concerned are KOLs over the potential for serious side-effects with Steglatro and Steglujan?
  • What evidence will be required to increase utilisation of the SGLT2 inhibitors?
  • What are the key barriers to use of the SGLT2 inhibitor/DPP-4 inhibitor fixed-dose combinations?
  • According to the KOLs, what factors are most important to the success of the Steglatro and Steglujan franchise?
  • Is the BRIGHT study likely to alter long-acting insulin prescribing behaviour?
  • What factors are likely to impact the decision to use Toujeo?
  • Are biosimilars a threat to Toujeo and Tresiba?
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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Update Bulletin #2 [March 2018]
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