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Migraine- A Detailed overview

December 2017 | 125 pages | ID: MD66A992207EN
Pharmascroll Research and Consulting Pvt Ltd

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Migraine is known to be one of the three most prevalent diseases in the world and the disease is prevalent in around 14% of the entire world population. In the US, the prevalence of Migraine is around 12% of the US population.

The report gives the overview of Migraine disease indication in detail, highlights the Migraine epidemiology split into Episodic and Chronic Migraine prevalence in the key geographies, elaborates on the drugs prescribed and expected to be prescribed in acute and prophylactic treatment of Migraine and covers the detailed market sizing drug wise and country wise in value sales and patient numbers along with forecast.

The report elaborates on the Migraine disease indication detailing the definition, causes, subtypes of Migraine, profile of the patient, Symptoms of Migraine patients, and disease progression in Migraine patient.

The report further highlights the multiple methods through which the patient can be diagnosed for Migraine. The report mentions Migraine epidemiology and prevalence split into Episodic and Chronic Migraine in the key geographies across the globe like US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan etc. The epidemiology for Migraine indication across key geographies has been forecasted till 2024 as well in the report.

The next part of the report highlights the importance of factors influencing the physician prescription decisions in Migraine like efficacy factors, Tolerability factors, Monitoring requirements and pricing factors.

The report further details the drugs prescribed or expected to be prescribed in Migraine acute and prophylactic treatment by the physicians in terms of details about the formulation, molecule, mode of administration and MoA of the drugs, their patent and trial details and the expected impact of drug in the Migraine market. The report further details the drug attribute analysis drug wise on each parameter considered important in the prescription of Migraine drugs. The report also covers the other products which are currently in the pipeline for Migraine for both Acute and Prophylactic treatments. The final part of the report gives a detailed overview of Migraine market sizing drug wise and geography wise both in terms of value sales and patient numbers. The drugs have been forecasted till 2030 both for value sales and patient numbers geography wise.
Migraine Definition
Classification of Migraine based on symptoms and severity and based on frequency of attacks
Causes of Migraine
Profile of Migraine patient
Symptoms of Migraine patient
Disease progression and impact on QoL
Disease diagnosis
Disease Epidemiology in key markets including Episodic and Chronic Migraine split
Factors influencing Physician prescription decision
DMTs for Migraine
Drug Attribute analysis
Pipeline products in Migraine
Migraine Market sizing drug wise including value sales and patient numbers

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