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Tendencies, Development Directions and Prognoses of the Insurance Market

July 2011 | 100 pages | ID: TE99ACF90ABEN
Euroresearch & Consulting

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The number of insurance companies in Russia is gradually declining – many firms are not able to compete in the new environment. At the same time, foreign firm develop local presence further. In large part, this comes from flaws in strategy plans of Russian players as well as from lack of sufficient information to develop solid decisions. On the other hand – solid information is important competitive advantage of international firms.

The research product is focused on providing detailed information and analysis with respect to present situation, prospects and trends of Russian insurance industry.

Value to customers:
  • Research described more than fifty insurance firms, operating in Russia. The report includes financial and economic information with respect to the firms. This helps to save the customers’ time with respect to searching for the required information.
  • The main trends and tendencies of development of the Russian insurance industry are analyzed in depth, including legal requirements as well as requirements with respect to assets of the insurance firms.
  • Life insurance, medical insurance and pension insurance industries are described and analyzed in details. The information could be used to develop marketing strategy, company strategy development and product strategy for any market player as well as for a firm, related with Russian insurance market.
  • Risk map as well as major trends and directions of life insurance industry was analyzed. The research has a large volume of data on statistics if the life insurance industry, including regional breakdown. We also included industry ratings of the companies.

Report details:

Short version of table of content:
  • Main characteristics of insurance industry in Russia
  • Structure of personnel insurance industry by segment
  • Life insurance industry
  • Voluntary medical insurance
  • Obligatory medical insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Attachment (big volume of statistics)

Euroresearch & Consulting is a firm, operating in Russia and is fairly new to international market. However, it is a well-known brand in Russia with over 50 analysts.

In addition to development of research product we provide intelligence services to evaluate local partners and companies.

The products are developed by professional researches. As an example, the project manager of this research project graduated from University of Oxford, MBA program, and worked as a senior manager in Deloitte, associate on the project – former employee of GFK, Moscow office. Partner on the project – former vice president of international investment bank.

Guarantee: the customer is given 3 month guarantee with respect to the product from the product developer (Euroresearch & Consulting). We will give back your money back with pleasure.

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