Analyzing the Major Mines of the World

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Analyzing the Major Mines of the World
The mining industry has been key to the development of civilization, underpinning the iron and bronze ages, the industrial revolution and the infrastructure of today's information age. Downstream beneficiation and minerals processing of these raw materials adds further value as raw materials and products are created to serve all aspects of industry and commerce worldwide.

The last decade of the twentieth century saw the creation of mega-commodity corporations that increasingly moved downstream into the beneficiation area, leaving exploration for new mineral deposits increasingly to small junior mining companies. Application of new technology has led to productivity gains across the value chain.

Apart from Antarctica (which has a treaty in place preventing short to medium term exploitation and exploration of minerals), mining takes place in all of the world’s continents. Traditional mining countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Chile dominate the global mining scene. These countries have become the traditional leaders in mining and exploration methods and technology. Exploration and development funding has changed over the past few years with emphasis shifting to areas that have been poorly explored or have had poor access for reasons of politics, infrastructure or legislation. Gold, base metal, diamonds and platinum group elements (PGE’s) are the more important commodities explored for and developed globally.

Aruvian’s R’search brings an entire in-depth coverage of over 100 major mines of the world in the research report Analyzing the Major Mines of the World. This extensive report covers comprehensive profiles of the mines profiled, which includes production data, location data, geographic data, and much more. Commodities such as copper, gold, iron, diamonds, platinum, and coal are amongst some of the mines profiled in the report. Since no mining report would be complete without an analysis of the global metals & mining industry, we also analyze the same in this report, along with the environmental legacy of the mining industry.

B. Introduction

B.1 One of the World’s Oldest Professions – Mining
B.2 Techniques Deployed for Mining
  B.2.1 Surface Mining - Strip, Open Pit, Mountain Top, Dredging
  B.2.2 Sub-Surface Mining – Long Wall, Room & Pillar
B.3 Mining’s Environmental Impact – The Major Culprits


C.1 Introduction
C.2 Industry Definition
C.3 Global Metals & Mining Market Overview
C.4 Market Value
C.5 Market Volume
C.6 Market Segmentation
C.7 Competition in the Industry


D.1 Abcourt-Barvue Zinc-Silver Mine
D.2 Aguablanca Nickel Mine
D.3 Aguas Tenidas Copper Mine
D.4 Agua Rica Mine
D.5 Ahafo Gold Mine
D.6 Aitik Copper Mine
D.7 Akdala Uranium Mine
D.8 Alamo Dorado Silver Mine
D.9 Albian Sands
D.10 Alumbrera Copper Mine
D.11 Alegria Iron Mine
D.12 Ambatovy Nickel Mine
D.13 Antamina Copper Mine
D.14 Antelope Coal Mine
D.15 Argyle Diamond Mine
D.16 Batu Hijau Copper Mine
D.17 Bengalla Coal Mine
D.18 Bingham Canyon Copper Mine
D.19 Brockman Iron Mine
D.20 Broken Hill Zinc Mine
D.21 Brunswick Zinc Mine
D.22 Bulyanhulu Gold Mine
D.23 Campbell Gold Mine
D.24 Candelaria Copper-Gold Mine
D.25 Cannington Silver Mine
D.26 Cantung Tungsten Mine
D.27 Cardinal River Coal Mine
D.28 Carlin Trend Gold Mine
D.29 Cempaka Diamond Mine
D.30 Cerro Casale Gold-Copper Mine
D.31 Cerro Negro Gold-Silver Mine
D.32 Channar Iron Mine
D.33 Chelopech Copper Mine
D.34 Chino Copper Mine
D.35 Cigar Hill Uranium Mine
D.36 Coal Mountain Mine
D.37 Collahuasi Copper Mine
D.38 Cortez Gold Mine
D.39 Cowal Gold Mine
D.40 Cozamin Copper Mine
D.41 Crixas Gold Mine
D.42 Diavik Diamond Mine
D.43 Donlin Creek Gold Mine
D.44 Eastern Range Iron Mine
D.45 Ekati Diamond Mine
D.46 El Abra Copper Mine
D.47 El Morro Copper-Gold Mine
D.48 Elkview Coal Mine
D.49 Ellendale Diamond Mine
D.50 Escondida Copper Mine
D.51 Everest PGM Mine
D.52 Fording River Coal Mine
D.53 Fort a la Corne Diamond Mine
D.54 Galore Creek Gold Mine
D.55 Gatsuurt Gold Mine
D.56 Gibraltar Copper Mine
D.57 Goldstrike Gold Mine
D.58 Goro Nickel Mine
D.59 Grasberg Copper Mine
D.60 Greenhills Coal Mine
D.61 Gurupi Gold Mine
D.62 Hamersley Iron Mine
D.63 Highland Valley Copper Mine
D.64 Hollister Gold Mine
D.65 Hope Downs Iron Mine
D.66 Huaron Silver Mine
D.67 Impala Platinum Mine
D.68 Invicta Gold-Silver Mine
D.69 Jacobina Gold Mine
D.70 Jericho Diamond Mine
D.71 Kalgoorlie Gold Mine
D.72 Kaunisvaara Iron Mine
D.73 Kemess Gold Mine
D.74 Kevitsa Nickel Mine
D.75 Kidd Creek Copper Mine
D.76 Kiruna Iron Mine
D.77 Kisladag Gold Mine
D.78 Kroondal PGM Mine
D.79 Kumtor Gold Mine
D.80 La Coipa Gold Mine
D.81 La Granja Copper Mine
D.82 La Parrilla Silver Mine
D.83 Lac des Iles PGM Mine
D.84 Lagunas Norte Gold Mine
D.85 Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine
D.86 LaRonde Gold Mine
D.87 Lihir Gold Mine
D.88 Line Creek Coal Mine
D.89 Lisheen Lead Mine
D.90 Lumwana Copper Mine
D.91 Malmberget Iron Mine
D.92 Marandoo Iron Mine
D.93 Maricunga Gold Mine
D.94 Marikana Platinum Mine
D.95 Marula Platinum Mine
D.96 McArthur River Uranium Mine
D.97 McClean Lake Uranium Mine
D.98 Midwest Lake Uranium Mine
D.99 Mimosa PGM Mine
D.100 Mnogovershinnoye Gold Mine
D.101 Morenci Copper Mine
D.102 Mount Isa Copper Mine
D.103 Mt. Arthur Coal Mine
D.104 Murowa Diamond Mine
D.105 Musselwhite Gold Mine
D.106 Myra Falls Zinc Mine
D.107 Navachab Gold Mine
D.108 Neves Corvo Copper Mine
D.109 Northparkes Copper Mine
D.110 Obuasi Gold Mine
D.111 Olympic Dam Copper Mine
D.112 Oyu Tolgoi Gold-Copper Mine
D.113 Palabora Copper Mine
D.114 Pogo Gold Mine
D.115 Porcupine JV Gold Mine
D.116 Porgera Gold Mine
D.117 Raglan Nickel Mine
D.118 Ranger Uranium Mine
D.119 Rapu Rapu Copper Mine
D.120 Red Dog Zinc Mine
D.120 Red Lake Gold Mine
D.121 Robe River Iron Mine
D.122 Rosebel Gold Mine
D.123 Rossing Uranium Mine
D.124 Round Mountain Gold Mine
D.125 Ruby Hill Gold Mine
D.126 Safford Copper Mine
D.127 Samarco Iron Mine
D.128 Sierrita Copper Mine
D.129 Sleeping Giant Gold Mine
D.130 Snap Lake Diamond Mine
D.131 South Deep Gold Mine
D.132 Stillwater PGM Mine
D.133 Suncor Oil Sands
D.134 Syncrude Oil Sands
D.135 Tanjianshan Gold Mine
D.136 Tara Zinc Mine
D.137 Target Gold Mine
D.138 Tropicana Gold Mine
D.139 Tulawaka Gold Mine
D.140 Turquoise Ridge JV Gold Mine
D.141 Ulan Coal Mine
D.142 Veladero Gold Mine
D.143 Venetia Diamond Mine
D.144 Victor Diamond Mine
D.145 Voiseys Bay Nickel Mine
D.146 Weipa Bauxite Mine
D.147 West Angelas Iron Mine
D.148 Westwood Gold Mine
D.149 Yanacocha Gold Mine
D.150 Yandicoogina Iron Mine
D.151 Zaldivar Copper Mine
D.152 Zimplats PGM Mine



Figure 1: Global Metals & Mining Industry Value ($ Billion) 2006-2010
Figure 2: Global Metals & Mining Industry Volume (in million metric tons) 2006-2010
Figure 3: Global Metals & Mining Industry Segmentation (%), 2010
Figure 4: Aitik Mining Area Plan View
Figure 5: Aitik Mining Area Profile
Figure 6: Aitik Grinding Circuit
Figure 7: Aitik Mine Site
Figure 8: Akdala Deposits & Resources/Reserves
Figure 9: Akdala Mine Site
Figure 10: Albian Sands Map of Property Leases
Figure 11: Albian Sands Geology
Figure 12: Albian Sands Primary Separation Vessel Operation
Figure 13: Alumbrera Open Pit
Figure 14: Alumbrera SAG Mill
Figure 15: Antamina Open Pit
Figure 16: Antamina Conveyor Belt Radial Stacker
Figure 17: Batu Hijau Concentrator
Figure 18: Bingham Canyon Open Pit
Figure 19: Bingham Canyon inside a SAG Mill
Figure 20: Bingham Canyon Smelter
Figure 21: Brunswick Mine Site
Figure 22: Brunswick Mine Layout
Figure 23: Bulyanhulu Mine Site
Figure 24: Bulyanhulu Process Flowsheet
Figure 25: Cantung Process Flowsheet
Figure 26: Coal Mountain - Typical Section Showing the Mist Mountain Seams
Figure 27: Collahuasi Concentrator Flowsheet
Figure 28: Cortez - Plant, Pit & Exploration
Figure 29: Ekati Panda Open Pit
Figure 30: Escondida - Process Overview
Figure 31: Gibraltar Minesite
Figure 32: Highland Valley Copper - Mill, Stockpiles & Waste Dumps
Figure 33: Kemess Crusher & Stockpile
Figure 34: Kumtor Mill Flowsheet
Figure 35: Lagunas Norte - Process Flowsheet
Figure 36: Mnogovershinnoye - Regional Deposits
Figure 37: Mount Isa - Processing Infrastructure Location
Figure 38: Musselwhite - Mill Processes
Figure 39: Porcupine JV - Flowsheet for Dome Mill
Figure 40: Red Dog - Ore Bodies & Open Pit
Figure 41: Tara - Orebody & Mine Infrastructure
Figure 42: Veladero - Process Flowsheet
Figure 43: Voiseys Bay - Demonstration Hydrometallurgy Plant Process Layout
Figure 44: Yanacocha - Process Flowsheet


Table 1: Global Metals & Mining Industry Value ($ Billion) 2006-2010
Table 2: Global Metals & Mining Industry Volume (in million metric tons) 2006-2010
Table 3: Global Metals & Mining Industry Segmentation (%), 2010
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Analyzing the Major Mines of the World
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