Sourcing Report: Indonesia - Basketware

Date: August 22, 2011
Pages: 100
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Sourcing Report: Indonesia - Basketware
Report Overview

Indonesia’s basketware industry is supported by several factors that help it remain viable in the face of mounting difficulties resulting from the effects of the global economic crisis.

The sector enjoys easy access to a wide selection of indigenous raw materials, many of which are not readily available to suppliers in other countries. Because of this, the line has developed numerous sourcing centers located in nearly all major islands throughout the archipelago. Each hub employs distinctive methods of creating and styling products.

Baskets from Indonesia are mostly handmade. Depending on buyers’ preferences, they can be crafted to feature modern designs in an assortment of colors, or traditional styles that have a plain look. In addition to their practical applications, several models are constructed as decorative ornaments.

This report focuses on the main types of basketware from Indonesia – bamboo, natural and synthetic rattan, and natural material models.

This Indonesia Sourcing Report is part of the Developing Country Sourcing Report series designed to provide buyers with information on new products from export manufacturers in Southeast Asia that specialize in hand-made merchandise.

Global Sources is offering Developing Country Sourcing Reports as part of its corporate social responsibility undertakings in partnership with the Kearny Alliance, a non-governmental development organization whose mission is Aid through Trade

What you'll get
  • In-depth profiles of 15 verified suppliers with a comprehensive look at their product and pricing strategy, manufacturing and export capability, product and market focus, verified contact details, and more
  • 148 full-color images that depict popular export models of leather goods, with detailed product descriptions and minimum order requirements
  • Verified supplier contact details of an additional 18 exporters, including names, e-mails, telephone numbers, websites and key products
  • Supplier information in tabular format to help you compare suppliers at a glance
  • Results of the custom-designed supplier survey, which forecasts industry trends for the next 12 months
  • An extensive overview of the industry discussing the main challenges facing suppliers
  • An in-depth examination of the supplier base highlighting key characteristics of the different types of companies
  • Details of the primary production centers
  • An update of the latest trends in design, R&D, materials and components
  • A review of the key factors that influence the price and quality of low-end, midrange and high-end products
  • Comprehensive pricing tables featuring export price ranges

Supplier summary
Export statistics
Products & prices
Production & export statistics
Price guides
Supplier survey
Export prices
Export sales
Export markets
Major challenges
R&D focus


Supplier matrix
Raw materials & exports
Supplier profi les


Top-selling export products

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Sourcing Report: Indonesia - Basketware
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