Artificial Intelligence (AI): Market Research Report

Date: July 22, 2009
Pages: 548
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Publisher: Global Industry Analysts, Inc
Report type: Strategic Report
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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Market Research Report
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Millions of US$.

The market for ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is analyzed by the following technologies and applications.

The different Technologies analyzed include: Artificial Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Belief Networks, Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Software Agents, and Other Technologies.

The Applications markets analyzed include: Business Intelligence, CRM, Fraud Detection, Biometrics, and Other Applications.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Europe,Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World.

Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2006 through 2015.

The report profiles 150 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Actutate Corporation, ECtel Ltd., Fair Isaac Corporation, Firepond, Inc., i2 Technologies, Inc., Information Builders, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, ImageWare Systems, Inc., L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Microstrategy Incorporated, Oracle Corporation, Qlik Technologies, Inc., SAP AG, Business Objects S.A., SAS Institute Inc., SPSS Inc., Sybase Inc., Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and SRI (Stanford Research Institute) Artificial Intelligence Research Center.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics
Product Definitions and Scope of Study



Current and Future Analysis


Global Nature of AI
Ethical Issues
Emergence of AI
AI Milestones
Countries into AI
Japan and Europe
BI (Business Intelligence) Market
Emergence of BI
End-User QRA Market
Advanced Analytics Market
BI Market Drivers
Emerging BI Trends
Enterprise Search Market


AI and Predictive Intelligence
AI to Remain the Technology of Choice
AI – the Present and the Future
Turing Test and AI Milestone
Military and Commercial Robot Systems on the Anvil
Robots in Everyday Lives
Robots to Fight Crime in the Future
Man to Meet His Match by 2029
Dictation Software to Accelerate Medical Transcription
AI Technique in Advanced Wireless Networks
Korea to Turn AI Digital Brain into Reality
BI Market Slows Down in the US
New Algorithm to Power Advanced Internet Search
Computer Model Mimics Human Visual Information Process
MIT Pioneers Optics on a Chip
AI to Assist UK Police to Fight Crime
Robot Wheelchair to Respond to Verbal Commands
Autonomous Helicopter Uses AI to Fly Itself
Robot Pets Might Substitute Real Ones
Intelligent Walker to Provide Respite to the Needy
Robots to Feature Enhanced Man-Machine Interactions
AI for All Means


History of AI
The 1950s
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
The 1990s
The New Millennium
Rise of AI
Science of AI
Smart Computers
AI Program
Developing an AI System
Multi-Agent Systems
AI and Brain
AI and Biological Intelligence
Intelligent System Characteristics
AI and Information Retrieval
AI Systems in Practice
Intelligent System Methodologies
Expert Systems (ES)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Belief Networks
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Algorithms (GA)
Intelligent Software Agents (ISA)
Case-Based Reasoning (CBR)
Data Mining
Language Technology (LT)
Types of AI
Weak AI
Strong AI
Other AI Domains
Intelligent System Families with Broad Applicability
Intelligent Simulation Systems (ISS)
Intelligent Information Resources
Intelligent Project Coaches


General AI Techniques
Broad AI Applications
AI in Business
History of Commercial AI Applications in Business
AI Methods in Business
Expert Systems (ES)
Expert System Applications in Various Domains
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
ANN Techniques
Artificial Neural Networks Applications in Various Domains
Evolutionary Algorithms (EA)
Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Programming
Evolutionary Programming & Evolution Strategies
Evolutionary/Genetic Algorithm Applications in Various Domains
Hybrid Systems
Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems
Data Mining
Business Areas using AI
AI Applications in Business


CRM - Behavior Analysis
CRM – Support and Marketing
Company Management
Production Management
Finance Management
Other Applications
Credit Card Issuers and Collectors
Insurance and Mortgage
Content Management
Future of AI in Business
Company Management
Examples of Intelligent Systems in Business
Neural Networks
Expert Systems
Intelligent Agents
Case-Based Reasoning
Language Technology
AI in Speech Recognition
Applications of Speech Technologies
Recorded Book Assistant
Telephone Number Detector
Minutes Taker
Live Language Dictionary
Customizable Radio (Radio Broadcasting Based on Requests)
Navigation System
AI in Medicine
AI Methods in Medicine
Producing Alerts and Reminders
Diagnostic Assistance
Information Retrieval Agents
Therapy Analysis and Planning
Image Recognition and Interpretation
AI Applications in Medicine
General AI Applications in Medicine
AI in Education
History and Aim of AI in Education
AI Systems in Education
AI in Space
AI in Space Technology
AI Techniques for Space Applications
Future Space Missions Using AI
AI in Computer Games
AI Methods in Computer Games
Game AI
History of Video Games
AI in Entertainment
AI in Animation
AI in Movies and TV Shows
AI Applications in Movies
AI in Robotics
AI in E-Commerce
AI and Fraud Detection
AI in Vehicles
AI in Engineering
AI in Law
AI and Stock Trading
AI in Factories
AI in Insurance Industry
AI in Media
AI and Real Estate Valuation
AI and Hearing Aids
General Applications of AI
AI Behind the Scenes
Companies Using AI


Oracle Introduces Single-Occupant, Enterprise Edition of Siebel CRM On-Demand
Fair Isaac Unveils Debt Manager 7 for Lending Institutions
Oracle Launches Integrated Utilities Network Management System
ECtel Unveils IRMA Global Social Network
Oracle Launches Siebel CRM On-Demand Partner Subscription Option
Fair Isaac Launches Decision Simulator
Cognos Releases New Analytic Software for Accurate, Faster Credit Risk Insights
Fair Isaac Launches Falcon Fraud Manager 6 0 Scoring Server
Cognos Releases New Performance Management Solution for Business Users
i2 Unveils i2 Sales and Operations Management Solution
Cognos Releases Major Improvements to IBM Cognos BI Solution
Fair Isaac Releases New Anti-Fraud Solution for Faster Payments
Cognos Releases Enhanced Version of Performance Management Software
ECtel Unveils New Fraud Management Solution
IBS Launches Strategic Partner Program for AI-Based Business Solutions
Genalytics Provides On-Demand Targeting for Businesses
Acxiom Launches On-Demand Targeting for Best Prospect Determination
Business Objects Unveils New Version of OnDemand BI Software
Bioscrypt Launches VisionAccess 3D Face Reader
Business Objects Unveils New Version of Most Complete, Unified BI Platform
IBM Releases BI Software Solution for Mainframe Customers
Business Objects Releases Latest Version of Metadata Management Software
IBM Releases New Change Data Capture Software
QPR Launches QPR ProcessGuide Xpress for Enhanced Business Processes
L-1 Identity Solutions Unveils New Version of Advanced Iris Technology
IBM Releases Advanced Enterprise Health Analytics
Business Objects Unveils Industry’s First Intelligent Platform
ImageWare Unveils a Suite of Biometric Capabilities
IBM Unveils Optim Technology for Better Management of Information Growth
Sybase Launches New Analytics Appliance for Out of Box Extreme Analytics
Sybase Unveils Sybase IQ Real-Time Loading Solution
SAS Releases Comprehensive Customer Intelligence Solutions
Business Objects Introduces First Unified BI Platform
Business Objects and SAP Release 9 Joint Solution Packages for Business Users
Equinox Unveils Complete Mediation and Revenue Assurance Solution
IntelliCorp Unveils New Edition of Intelligent Impact Analysis Solution for SAP
Infor Introduces Workforce Management Solution for Mid-Sized Businesses
Infor Offers SaaS Option for Infor ERP SyteLine
Infor Unveils New Version of Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning Capability
Ingenix Unveils Clinical Assessment Solutions for Medicare and Medicaid Risk Adjustment
Consona CRM Introduces CRM Solution for Local Government Organizations in the UK
Infor Launches New CRM Solution to Enhance Marketing Efficiency
Gensym Unveils Gensym G2 8.3 R2 Solution
BCA Launches New Multi-Tasking & Memory Booster
Vantage Communications Releases New CRM Solution for SMBs
Neurotechnology Introduces New Universal Object Recognition Technology
M2SYS Launches New Biometric AI Technology
Oracle Introduces New Oracle CRM Gadgets
Oracle Launches Siebel CRM Version 8.1.1 Under Applications Unlimited Program
Oracle Rolls Out Oracle Business Approvals for iPhone Applications
Oracle Unveils Integrated Oracle CRM On Demand and Siebel CRM Solution
Oracle Introduces New On-Demand CRM Service with Powerful Social Capabilities
Oracle Launches Mobile Sales Assistant for CRM On-Demand Customers
Hugin Launches New Enhanced HUGIN Software
Hugin Launches New Version of HUGIN GUI
DIAGNOS Introduces New Computer Aided Retinal Analysis Application
intellichat Launches Control Panel that Provides Campaign Design Tools
iRobot Introduces iRobot Negotiator for Public Safety Professionals
GHX Unveils New AI-Based Technology for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
Xaitment Introduces Five AI Modules
TrendSoft Launches New AI Stock Trading Software Program
Dassault Systemes Unveils Enhanced Product Lifecycle Management Software
Prescient Group to Launch Innovative iSentry Software
Sobha Renaissance Launches New Technology to Embed AI into Search Engines
Oracle Unveils CRM Applications with New Enhancements
IBS Unveils AI-Based Inventory Management System
IBS Launches Intelligent Tourism Demand Forecasting Software in India
iRobot Introduces Pool-Cleaning Robots for Cleaner Pools
Oracle Launches New PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management 9.0 Version
SurfControl Launches New Versions of Virtual Content Agent
Amika Launches Mobility Server for Enterprise Customers
Hugin Introduces New Versions of HUGIN GUI and HUGIN Decision Engine
IBM Launches New Data Server with Enhanced Technology
IBM Introduces Client Data Management Solution for Financial Institutions
ECtel Introduces Multilingual Version of Revenue Assurance Solution
IBM Releases Information Server Blade for Enterprises
i2 Unveils i2 POS Demand Sensing for Consumer Goods Organizations
IBM Introduces New Dynamic Warehousing Strategy
IBM Unveils New Analytics Software to Improve Business Insight
Optel Informatik and Fair Isaac Unveil Roaming Data Exchange Gateway
SAP Introduces Next-Generation CRM Solution
Knowledge Discovery Lab Unveils PROXIMITY 4.3 Open-Source Platform
Vignette Releases Enhanced Content Management Offering
SAP Facilitates End-to-End, Secure, Compliant Identity Management Solution
ImageWare Introduces Advanced Biometric Identity Vetting Solution for Passports
QPR Unveils QPR WorkFlow for Business Process Management
Business Objects Launches Virtual Appliance for Business Intelligence Management
Sybase 365 Unveils CardHolder Verification System
Carnegie Mellon Launches New Internet-Controlled Robots
AmikaNow! Unveils AmikaMobile for Simpler, Smarter Mobile Messaging
Business Objects Introduces New BI Appliance for Mid-Market
Business Objects Launches Final Edition of BusinessObjects Edge Series Mid-Market Suite
Business Objects Releases New Mid-Market Product Suite
Gensym Unveils G2 Version 8.3 with New Integration Technology
IBM Rolls out IBM Balanced Warehouse Foundation Solution
Ingenix Launches Web-Based Tool for Hospitals
Netezza and Business Objects Unveil Unified Mid- Market BI Product
Harmonex Introduces New Psychiatric Assessment Tool
iRobot Introduces New Vacuums Line
Oracle Releases Integrated E-Business Suite and Siebel CRM Trade Management Solution
Oracle Launches New Siebel CRM On-Demand Version 14
Oracle and Cisco WebEx to Jointly Introduce CRM Solution


Oracle Takes Over Primavera
Microsoft Acquires Rapt
IBM Acquires Cognos
SAP Acquires Business Objects
ECtel Acquires Compwise
Fair Isaac Takes Over Dash Optimization
JD Power & Associates Takes Over Umbria
L-1 Identity Solutions Acquires Digimarc’s ID Systems Business
L-1 Identity Solutions Acquires Bioscrypt
Consona Acquires Configuration Solutions
Autodesk Acquires Realviz and Kynogon
Ingenix Acquires Bull Services
Fair Isaac Partners with EURODECISION to Expand Business into France
Fair Isaac Partners with Memento to Assist Financial Services Fight Internal Fraud
Fair Isaac Partners with Adeptra for Faster Fraud Detection Solutions
Fair Isaac Extends Global Alliance with IBM
IntelliCorp Signs Deal with Net Partners to Expand Product Distribution
Infosys and Fair Isaac Sign Collaboration Agreement
Amdocs and ECtel Collaborate for Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution
Cable & Wireless Partners with Fair Isaac to Check Roaming Fraud Activities
i2 and Konvergence Sign Reseller Agreement for European Market
McKesson Partners with IBM to Provide BI Solutions to Health Plans
SAS Partners with Wipro to Offer Analytics and BI
ImageWare and GE Security Sign Global OEM Deal for Enhanced Security Functionality
Ingenix Partners with ACS to Offer MMIS Decision Support Solutions
Xtranormal Partners with Coginov for Unique Solution
RhodesDahl Partners with IMPACTS to Offer Predictive Intelligence
L-1 Identity Solutions and Sarnoff to Provide Breakthrough IOM Product
IBM and European Union Partners Collaborate for Mobile Web Application Software
Oracle and Intel Partner to Speed Up Enterprise-Ready Cloud-Computing
Espion Signs Multifaceted Strategic Partnership Deal with enano Computers
Germinait Partners with MyBest to Create Product for Organization Management
TIS and ITyX Collaborate to Provide European Customers with Joint Solution
ImageWare Receives New Orders US$1 Million
L-1 Identity Solutions Secures Task Orders
ImageWare Receives New Orders of US$ 3. 5 Million
DIAGNOS Inks Service Contract with Grand Peak
iRobot Secures New xBot Order from the US Army
EMC Establishes Data Warehouse and BI Competency Center
Gene Network Sciences Establishes Fina Technologies
MTS Implements ECtel’s FraudView and IRM Solutions for Ukrainian Operations
Del Monte Implements S&OP Processes Using i2 Solutions
SSAB’s Plate Division Upgrades Use of i2 Supply Chain Solutions
Molla Selects i2 Manufacturing Management Solutions to Enhance Business Performance
Kelvin Hughes Chooses Firepond CPQ OnDemand Solution for Sales Process Automation
Move Deploys Oracle BPEL Process Manager to Improve Customer Service
Oracle’s Siebel CRM Chosen by IDEA Cellular to Improve Customer Service
KPN Relies on Oracle Siebel CRM to Improve Customer Service
FairPoint Licenses Equinox’s Protector 10 Software
Associated Network Licenses Fraud Management Software of Equinox
MIT Researchers Develop New Robotic Underwater Craft
Japanese Firm Develops New Robotic Girlfriend
Oracle Database Vault Certified for Use with Oracle Siebel CRM
Oracle to Acquire Application Software Business of Skywire Software
VShield to Acquire License for GCLISP Developer
Infor to Expand Tie-up with Microsoft for SQL Server Sales and Support
Ingenix to Collaborate with Wisconsin Health Information Organization
Sage Gold to Deploy DIAGNOS’ CARDS AI Technology for Resource Exploration
Raydon to Deploy AI.implant Solution of Presagis for Dynamic, Immersive Training
DIAGNOS to Deploy AI Solution to Target Lexam Uranium Property
American Airlines to Use Fair Isaac’s Xpress-MP Solutions
KongZhong to Use BroadVision OnDemand CHRM Solution
Telekom Srpske to Use ECtel IRM Solutions for Business Efficiency
GENBAND to Expand Use of Firepond Technology in New Solutions
iBilt to Distribute ImageWare’s Biometric Solutions in India
Business Objects Acquires Cartesis to Offer Comprehensive EPM Applications
Infor Acquires Workbrain and Hansen
Versata Acquires Gensym
Business Objects Acquires Inxight Software
Consona Acquires KNOVA Software
Upstream Biosciences Takes Over Pacific Pharma
L-1 Identity Solutions Acquires Advanced Concepts
L-1 Identity Solutions Acquires McClendon
L-1 Identity Solutions Acquires ComnetiX
ICBS Takes Over 50% Stake in TrendSoft
i2 Takes Over Blue Agave to Address Store level Challenges
ImageWare Systems Acquires Sol Logic
SAP Acquires Pilot Software to Expand Analytic Applications Portfolio
NeuroPower Acquires PriMetrica Asia Pacific
JDA Completes Final Integration Initiatives of Acquisition of Manugistics
Ingenix Enters into Strategic Partnership with Precyse
Infor Partners with Teradata for CRM Solution
Zvents Signs Technology Deal with Fetch for Event Search
Genalytics and Anchor Partner to Provide Access to Predictive Modeling
US Gold Signs Contract with DIAGNOS for AI
DIAGNOS Agrees to Offer Services for Cancer Programs of Miraculins
Business Objects Expands Partnership with Netezza to Benefit SAP Customers
Unibanco Renews Agreement with Fair Isaac for Fraud Detection Solution
DIAGNOS Signs Agreement with Phincorp Capital to Provide AI Service
LEDAS Partners with Laboratory of Theoretical Genetics for Bioinformatics Products
Ingenix Inks EDI Alliances with Aetna
Fair Isaac Enters into Alliance with Aconite
i2 Partners with IBM to Provide Transportation Management Solution Via SaaS Model
Fair Isaac Enters into Exclusive Technology Pact with Think Partnership
IBM and Business Objects Enter into New Strategic Agreement
ImageWare Systems and Lockheed Martin Enter into AFIS Licensing Agreement
Probaris Enters into Partnership with ImageWare
Cognos and IBM Enter into Agreement for Workforce Performance Management Solution
BlueStreak and QPR to Provide Advanced Solutions in SaaS Delivery Model
Business Objects Partners with SPSS to Offer Predictive Analytics
Carnegie Mellon Announces Collaboration with National Biometric Security Project
Business Objects Extends Partnership with Accruent
ImageWare and Honeywell Sign Licensing Agreement
Oracle Supplies Siebel CRM to PNC for Enhanced Customer Services
AXCESS Secures Order for Sensor System and Integrated RFID in Barbados
L-1 Secures HIIDE Biometric Recognition Devices Supply Contract from the US Army
L-1 Delivers Multi-Modal Biometric Identification Solutions to DoD
SiNSYS Deploys Fair Isaac’s Fraud Manager in Ten European Nations
Akbank Completes Implementation of Fair Isaac’s Falcon ID Solution
Golden Telecom Chooses ECtel’s FraudView for Fraud Loss Reduction
Matrix Telecom Selects Equinox Protector 10 Software for Telephone Fraud Protection
O2 Chooses ECtel’s Advanced Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution
VSC Technologies Chooses IBM Information Server for French Online Travel Firm
BroadVision Establishes BVOD
ZoomInfo Expands Business Operations
CAF Joint Venture Establishes NEM for Innovations in Railway Maintenance
Digital Vision Sets Up Office in India
Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon Set Up Center for Computational Thinking
Business Objects Establishes New Subsidiary in Poland
uMind AI Software to Capture eLearning World
M2M Becomes Consona to Signify CRM and ERP Success
Technion Researchers Develop Software for Intelligent Functions
FP Technology Renamed Firepond
ANI Networks Licenses Software Applications from Equinox
Oracle Acquires Hyperion Solutions
Oracle Identity Management Certified with New Oracle Applications Versions
Business Objects to Acquire FUZZY! Informatik to Expand EIM Offerings
Accenture to Extend Collaboration with SAS on Business Intelligence Services
Artificial Life to Venture into 4G Technology and Korean Mobile Market
IBS to Establish 5 New AI R&D Centers in India
CURRENT to Extend Smart Grid Solution with KJT Acquisition
PAETEC to Deploy Protector Software of Equinox for Fraud Protection
Staccato Gold Resources to Use DIAGNOS’ AI Technology


Actutate Corporation (USA)
ECtel Ltd. (Israel)
Fair Isaac Corporation (USA)
Firepond, Inc (USA)
i2 Technologies, Inc (USA)
Information Builders, Inc (USA)
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) (USA)
ImageWare Systems, Inc (USA)
L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc (USA)
Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Microstrategy Incorporated (USA)
Oracle Corporation (USA)
Qlik Technologies, Inc (USA)
SAP AG (Germany)
Business Objects S.A. (France)
SAS Institute Inc. (USA)
Sybase Inc (USA)
Research Organizations
Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (UK)
Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Germany)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) (USA)
SRI (Stanford Research Institute) Artificial Intelligence Research Center (USA)


Table 1. World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Artificial Intelligence by Geographic Region – US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 2. World 10-Year Perspective for Artificial Intelligence by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World Markets for Years 2006, 2009 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 3. World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Artificial Intelligence by Technology – Artificial Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Belief Networks, Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Software Agents, and Others Technologies Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 4. World 10-Year Perspective for Artificial Intelligence by Technology – Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Artificial Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Belief Networks, Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Software Agents, and Other Technologies Markets for Years 2006, 2009 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 5. World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Artificial Intelligence by Application – Business Intelligence, CRM, Fraud Detection, Biometrics, and Other Applications Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales in US$ Million for Years 2006 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
Table 6. World 10-Year Perspective for Artificial Intelligence by Application – Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Business Intelligence, CRM, Fraud Detection, Biometrics, and Other Applications Markets for Years 2006, 2009 &2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)


Total Companies Profiled: 150
The United States
The United Kingdom
Rest of Europe
Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan)8
Middle East
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