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Research Report on China's Gold Market, 2010-2012

December 2010 | 50 pages | ID: C9A8E9A0264EN
China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd.

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In 2009, China's gold output was 313.98 tons, increasing by 11.34% YOY and having maintained the first in the world for 3 years. China's gold production involves the gold produced by gold mining companies, the gold produced by non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises and the gold produced by gold smelting enterprises. Gold mining and gold extracting are labor-intensive industries. Only over ten or tens grams of gold can be extracted even from a ton of high-grade ores, while only several grams of gold can be extracted from a ton of general ores, and 1 gram of gold is extracted from tons of low-grade ores. It takes much labor to exploit, select, or extract ores in changing the gold mine into the finished product. Seen from the quality, the majority of gold ores are low-grade in China, which needs much more labor relatively. The reduction of gold output in South African in recent years mainly lies in the increasing difficulty of exploitation and the increased labor costs, which made nonprofits to traders and reduced output. The case is also true of other traditional mineral gold powers. In recent years, China's gold output has kept increasing mainly due to extensive use of cheap migrant workers in new mine production, which has ensured low-cost gold production. One of the major reasons for the phenomenon that some foreign gold ore traders have been entering China to exploit mine gold in recent years is the cheap Chinese labor.

In 2009, China's top 10 large-scale gold enterprises produced 148.55 tons of gold, accounting for 47.31% of the total in China. Their gold reserves accounted for over 60% of the total in China. The number of China's gold production enterprises reduced from over 1,200 in 2002 to over 700 in 2009. The market concentration of China's gold industry is on the rise.

Against the background of sharp fluctuations of various kinds of assets caused by the global financial crisis, international gold price maintains high, the function of gold against the financial crisis gradually reveals, and official and civilian interest in holding real gold increases continually. Since 2009, the international gold price has been running at record levels.

China's gold market is also active. In 2009, the total turnover of various gold products in Shanghai Gold Exchange reached CNY1027.80 billion for 4705.90 tons; the turnover of 6,812,500 in total of gold futures in Shanghai Futures Exchange reached CNY 1527.28 billion.

Although China has become a gold producing giant, it has not been a gold producing power. Seen from the overall strength, China's gold enterprises are still lagging far behind the international level.

Chinese people have a tradition of reserving and investing in precious metals. Gold becomes the first choice of investment and reservation due to its prosperity.

China's gold demand is particularly strong, reaching 430 tons in 2009, increasing by 8.7% over 2008 which leads the world in terms of the amplification.

Because of the increasing demand for gold, the gold price in Chinese market rised up by over 200% during the past 10 years, and China's gold import volume is also on the rise. In January-October 2009, China imported 209.72 tons of gold, increasing by 480% over the total imports in 2009. In China, although the national sense of investment in gold has enhanced in recent years, it still lags behind the international standards. So far, the gold holding per capita in China has been less than 5 grams, while that in the world has reached 25 grams, indicating huge development space of China's gold market.

Following and more information can be acquired from this report:
  • Production Status of China's Gold
  • Demand for China's Gold Market
  • Development Environment of China's Gold Market
  • China's Major Gold Manufacturers and Their Operations
  • Price Trend of China's Gold
  • Analysis on Hot Investment Spots in China's Gold Market
  • Factors Influencing Development of China's Gold Market
  • Prediction on Development Trend of China's Gold Market
Following people are suggested to buy this report:
  • Gold Exploiting and Smelting Enterprises
  • Gold Trade Enterprises
  • Jewelry Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Investors Focusing on China's Gold Market
  • Research Institutions Focusing on Gold Market

1.1 Overview of International Gold Market, 2009-2010
  1.1.1 Supply Analysis
  1.1.2 Demand Analysis
  1.1.3 Analysis on Development Trend of Supply and Demand
1.2 Analysis on Major Gold Producing Countries in the Would
  1.2.1 South Africa
  1.2.2 China
  1.2.3 Canada
  1.2.4 Russia
  1.2.5 Others
1.3 Analysis on Price Trend of International Gold, 2009-2010
  1.3.1 Factors Affecting Gold Price
  1.3.2 Analysis and Prediction on Gold Price Trend


2.1 Supply Analysis
2.2 Demand Analysis
  2.2.1 Demand Overview
  2.2.2 Industrial Demand
  2.2.3 Jewelry Demand
  2.2.4 Investment Demand
2.3 Analysis on Import and Export of China's Gold Market
2.4 Analysis on Price Trend of China's Gold


3.1 Shandong
  3.1.1 Overview of Gold Mine Distribution
  3.1.2 Output Analysis
  3.1.3 Development Trend Analysis
3.2 Henan
3.3 Jiangxi
3.4 Heilongjiang
3.5 Jilin
3.6 Others


4.1 Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.
  4.1.1 Company Profile
  4.1.2 Company Operations
  4.1.3 Development Strategy Analysis
4.2 Zhongjin Gold Co., Ltd.
  4.2.1 Company Profile
  4.2.2 Company Operations
  4.2.3 Development Strategy Analysis
4.3 Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.
4.4 Hunan Chenzhou Mining Group Co., Ltd.
4.5 Shandong Humon Smelting Co., Ltd.
4.6 Lingbao Gold Co., Ltd.
4.7 Others


5.1 Introduction about Gold Derivatives
  5.1.1 Gold Forward Contract
  5.1.2 Gold Futures
  5.1.3 Gold Option
  5.1.4 Gold Swap
  5.1.5 Comparisons of Major Gold Derivative Markets in the World
5.2 Analysis on Development Environment of China's Gold Derivative Market
  5.2.1 Macro-economic Environment
  5.2.2 Policy Environment
5.3 Analysis on China's Gold Derivative Market
  5.3.1 Development Course and Status Quo
  5.3.2 Status Quo
  5.3.3 Existing Problems
  5.3.4 Development Trend


6.1 Analysis on Investment Opportunities of China's Gold Market
  6.1.1 Market Opportunities
  6.1.2 Futures Market Opportunities
  6.1.3 Other Opportunities
6.2 Recommendations on Investment
  6.2.1 Mistaken Ideas in China's Gold Market
  6.2.2 Development and Investment Proposals for China's Gold Market


Chart Gold Output in the World, 2003-2010
Chart Gold Output in China, 2003-2010
Chart Gold Price Trend on International Market, 2007-2010
Chart Gold Demand in China, 2003-2010
Chart Gold Output in Major Gold Producing Countries in the World, 2009
Chart Demand Structure of China's Gold Market, 2009
Chart Gold Demand of China's Jewelry Industry, 2005-2009
Chart Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd., 2005-2010
Chart Gold Output of Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd., 2005-2010
Chart Analysis on Development History of China's Gold Derivative Market
Chart Gold Price Trend in China's Market, 2003-2010
Chart Prediction on China's Gold Output, 2011-2015

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