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Energy Industry Scouting Report

June 2010 | 9 pages | ID: ED840C2932FEN
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Executive Summary

The Energy industry is the 7th largest in the world in terms of technology spending and the industry is projected to experience the largest CAGR of the top twelve global industries through 2012. 2010 has presented new challenges to the Energy industry in addition to the existing vacillating oil prices and utility rates remaining from the economic downturn With the BP oil rig explosion and massive oil spill off the Gulf Coast of the United States, offshore drilling is facing heightened scrutiny as public opinion becomes increasingly skeptical of its safety. New regulations are being discussed, but the clean-up efforts have not been successful thus far which remains the primary public issue. In the utilities sector there are many fears about the sustainability of the energy grid. Also with the rise of green technologies and energy consciousness, there has been a massive shift toward implementing efficient, clean, and renewable energy sources. The Utilities sector faces increased regulations and pressures to keep consumer power rates low although some states have recently approved rate increases. As a result, cost savings, efficiency, safety regulations, and planning initiatives are primary objectives to guarantee sustainability and promote profitability in a fluctuating market.
The Energy Industry Scouting Report is a resource for executive and sales professionals in the technology and services industries. This Scouting Report is designed to:
  1. Segment the market into key types of target customers, and provide a brief overview of the differences between the segments
  2. Identify the right titles to approach within your target
  3. Make you smarter about your customer’s business so that you are comfortable with a business conversation
  4. Help you position your product or service to address the precise pain of your customer
  5. Provide you a conversation starter to help secure a meeting
  6. Give you the typical technology landscape within the industry so that you can come better prepared to the meeting

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