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Russian bunker market: state and development trends

April 2008 | 58 pages | ID: R7BBBF238B6EN
Information agency CredInform North-West

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Main research objectives are:
1. State estimation and development prospects of the Russian bunker market from standpoint of investment appeal.
2. Expediency definition and possibility of investors penetrate to the Russian bunker market.

The research period is 2003-2007гг. The general trends and development forecasts of the Russian bunker market are considered over near-term outlook.

Information sources:
1. Statistical data and forecasting information of Federal State Statistic Service, Federal tariffs service, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Energy Information Administration.
2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform – North-West ».

General conclusions:

Now the Russian bunker market is in a stage of its rapid development and is characterized by positive dynamics of growth which the main trends are: reinforcing attention to branch by the state; structure of ship fuel sales has essentially changed for last decades due to changing in a global merchant marine; demand and the basic sales volume of low-cost heavy fuel brands have grown; there is a stable growth of the market during last decade (on the average at a level of 4% per year).

Russia has a sufficient marine merchant fleet and continues to develop it. So, in 2007 the total number of marine transport fleet ships controlled by Russia was 1536.

In 2007 Russian ports processed 264.4 million tons of bulked cargoes. There was overloaded 55.0% of total cargoes volume through three ports (Novorossiysk, Primorsk, Saint-Petersburg). The greatest share of freight turnover had been done in the Northwest basin (46%).

Experts consider that existing manufacturer capacities of oil-loading complexes are not enough for providing market demands. So, it is required to build new ones which are capable to provide additional annual transshipment not less than 30 million tons of oil and petroleum products.

There are a lot of suppliers on the Russian bunker market oriented on demands of consumers engaged in sphere of oil processing, transportation, storage, and trade of oil and petroleum products. The brief information on the leading companies of the Russian bunker market is presented in the report as well.

For more information on participants of the Russian bunker market see Companies Directories, created by «CredInform – North-West», in which companies are grouped using main code of Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED).

More detailed information on any firm can be received on-line at Agency website where in accessible form reference company data is presented not only, but also in comparative form its financial figures, foreign economic activity data and etc.


Marine transport characteristic
Price aspect
Russian bunker market capacity (freight turnover)
Leaders of an industrial-marketing chain of the RF bunker market







1.1. The Russian marine transport fleet detailed on ships registration regions in 2007
1.2. Composition of the marine transport fleet controlled by Russia, and detailed on purposes in 2007
1.3. Trends of the marine transport fleet controlled by Russia, and detailed on purposes, 1992 and 2007
1.4. Availability of the marine transport fleet controlled by Russia for the period of 2004-2007
1.5. Availability of Russian shipping companies marine carriers operated under the Russian flag for the period of 2004-2007
1.6. Marine fleet structure controlled by Russia in 2007
1.7. Average age of the fleet controlled by Russia detailed on purposes in 2007
1.8. Average age of global and Russian fleet ships in 2007
1.9. Bunker fuel prices trend in Saint Petersburg port against world ports prices in 2007
1.10. Export of oil and petroleum products from Russia in 2007
1.11. Initial petroleum refining and manufacture of principal types of oil products in Russia in 2007
1.12. The Russian leading companies engaged in storage and warehousing of oil and its processing products, (TOP-10 detailed on annual turnover)
1.13. The Russian leading companies engaged in oil products transportation (TOP-10 detailed on annual turnover)
1.14. The Russian leading companies in the shipping sector detailed on the annual turnover (TOP-10)
1.15. Wholesale trade leading enterprises (TOP-10 detailed on annual turnover)
2.1. Freight turnover of the Big Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg and Primorsk port for 12 months of 2007
2.2. Cargo processing volumes of oil-loading products in seaports of the Russian Northwest basin in 2003-2007.
2.3. Delivery of petroleum products to Far North regions and such localities (as of January 1, 2008.)
2.4. Volume of oil-loading products shipped by water transports to Far North regions in 2007
3.1. Marine oil terminals in Russia


1.1. Average prices for Russian Urals brand oil in 2003-2007
1.2. Prices for the Russian Urals brand oil in 2007-2008 (2) detailed on months
1.3. Prices trend for bunker fuel in Saint Petersburg port in 2002-2007
1.4. Prices trend for bunker fuel in Saint Petersburg port in 2007-2008 (2) detailed on months
1.5. Volumes trend of Russian cargoes reloading through Russian seaports in 2004-2007
1.6. Leading enterprises shares of initial petroleum refining in Russia in 2007 (TOP - 10)


1. Example of the brief supplemental information on a company
2. Analysis of financial figures of a firm "X"
3. Analysis of foreign trade activities of a firm "X"

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