Yeast Extract Market Research (China)

Date: January 23, 2006
Pages: 82
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
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Yeast Extract Market Research (China)
The report looks at xylose in the past, at present and in the future, especially about its production situation, price, import & export situation, consumption situation and technology. Except that,the market zise of xylose in 2001~2006 is presented. xylose manufacturing cost in key producers is also discussed and analyzed. As the raw material of xylose, corn cob is surveyed from aspects of distribution, consumption and price. All the active manufacturers are profiled.

Executive summary
Introduction & definition


I-1 Definition of Yeast Extract or Flavor Related

I-2 Flavor Enhancers and Position of Yeast Extract in China

I-3 Brief Introduction to Yeast Extract in China

I-4 Summary of Chinese Manufacturers & Production Situation Nowadays

I-5 Import & Export Analysis of Yeast Extract in 2002 to June 2004
  I-5.1 Import & Export Summary Under Different HS Codes
  I-5.2 Export Analysis
  I-5.3 Import Analysis

I-6 Application of yeast extract

I-7 Consumption pattern of yeast extract
  I-7.1 Instant Noodle
  I-7.2 Composite Seasoning
  I-7.3 Processed Meat
  I-7.4 Soy Sauce
  I-7.5 Biochemical Medium
  I-7.6 Health Food
  I-7.7 Inflated Food
  I-7.8 Others

Conclusion & Recommendation


II-1 Introduction to Active Producers in China
  II-1.01 Hubei Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.
  II-1.21 Henan Yanshi City Baota Light Chemical Co. Ltd.


Table I-2-1 Production flavorings in China
Table I-4-1 Summary of Chinese yeast extracts producers - basic information
Table I-4-2 Summary of Chinese yeast extracts producers - raw materials and product species available
Table I-4-3 Summary of Chinese yeast extracts producers - production data
Table I-4-4 Summary of Chinese yeast extracts producers - end users'
Table I-5.1-1 Import and export of yeast extract under different HS codes
Table I-5.2-1 Export price of yeast extract in the past years
Table I-5.2-2 Exporters of yeast extract
Table I-5.2-3 Export destination countries of yeast extract
Table I-5.2-4 Export price of yeast extract manufacturers
Table I-5.2-5 Export price of Hubei Angel
Table I-5.2-6 Export price of Hubei Angel
Table I-5.2-7 Export price of Hubei Angel
Table I-5.2-8 Export price of Yi Pin Xian
Table I-5.2-9 Export price of Tianxiangyuan
Table I-5.2-10 Export price of Jiangmen Center
Table I-5.2-11 Export price of Zhejiang Tuopu
Table I-5.3-1 Importers of yeast extract
Table I-5.3-2 Import price
Table I-5.3-3 Origin import countries
Table I-6-1 Use levels of yeast extract in foods
Table I-7-1 Consumption pattern of yeast extract in China
Table I-7.1-1 The history production situation of instant noodles in China
Table I-7.2-1 The market shares (by volume) of the main manufacturers in 2001
Table I-7.3-1 Top 5 meat processors in China (2002)
Table I-7.3-2 The history production situation of meat, processed meat and ham sausage in China
Table I-7.4-1 The top ten (in 2002) soy sauce manufacturers and their yeast extract application situation
Table I-7.4-2 The history production situation of soy sauce in China


Hubei Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.; Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd.; Chongqing Yayuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd.; Shandong Jiing Sunkee Biological Co. Ltd.; Zhejiang Deqing Tuopu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; more……

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Yeast Extract Market Research (China)
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