The Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China

Date: April 23, 2009
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The Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China
China has been producing succinic anhydride for several years, but the market is not very flourishing before 2009. In order to provide a completed picture for SAN industry in China, this report has described the overall production, raw materials and technology, price, consumption, export of succinic anhydride, and environmental protection. Besides, the active manufacturers and some end users are also listed.

In this report, you can easily find out:
  • What's the current production status of succinic anhydride in China?
  • Who may be your potential competitors?
  • What’s the current raw materials and technology of succinic anhydride in China?
  • What’s the current export status of succinic anhydride as of 2009 and 1Q 2010 in China?
  • Which countries consume succinic anhydride?
  • What's the current consumption status of succinic anhydride in China?

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- Overview
- Capacity expansion, output, distribution
- Concentration in west and central regions
- Sulphate process vs. chloride process
- Feedstock situation
- Price


- Overview of manufacturers
- Reasons for choosing these manufacturers
- Jinzhou Titanium
  Strength and weakness
    Distribution network
    Waste treatment
    Feedstock supply
    Technology innovation
    Research investment
    Cost structure
- Panyu Titanium
- Jinan Yuxing
- Shanghai Jianghu
    Reason for presenting this company
    Product standard
    Waste treatment cost
    How to decrease cost by coating


1 Amortisation
2 DuPont's entry(2005-now)
3 No joint venture of chloride process
4 Policy


- Price trend
- Import distribution
- Export destination
- Manufacturers' export situation


- Mass balance
- Market share
- Quality requirement
- Consumption habits
- Development trend


- Raw material production
- Enterprise merger
- Product structure optimisation & quality improvement


- Drivers
- Barriers
- Qualitative forecast
- Quantitative forecast


Table I-1 Top 30 TiO2 manufacturers by capacity, Mar. 2009
Table I-2 Dispersed TiO2 capacity by region, 2009
Table I-3 Capacity of top10 TiO2 producers, Mar. 2009
Table I-4 New plants under construction, Mar. 2009
Table I-5 Import origins of titanium ore in China by share, 2006-2008
Table I-6 List of nanometer titanium dioxide manufacturer, Mar. 2009
Table I-7 Chemical fiber grade and electronic titanium dioxide manufacturer, Mar. 2009
Table II-1 Characteristics of the four benchmarking companies
Table II-2 Production cost of Jinzhou Titanium, Mar. 2009
Table II-3 Management cost of Jinzhou Titanium, Mar. 2009
Table II-4 Profit structure of Jinzhou Titanium, Mar. 2009
Table II-5 Production cost of Panyu Titanium, Mar. 2009
Table II-6 Management cost of Panyu Titanium, Mar. 2009
Table II-7 Profit structure of Panyu Titanium, Mar. 2009
Table II-8 Production cost of Jinan Yuxing, Mar. 2009
Table II-9 Management cost of Jinan Yuxing, Mar. 2009
Table II-10 Profit structure of Jinan Yuxing, Mar. 2009
Table II-11 Comparison of additional cost and profit between anatase and rutile TiO2
Table II-12 Profit comparison among the benchmarking enterprises, Mar. 2009
Table IV-1 TiO2 import distribution by end use sector, 2008 (unit: tonne)
Table IV-2 TiO2 import situation by end use sector, 2008
Table IV-3 China's TiO2 export destinations, 2008 (unit: quantity: kg; price: USD/kg)
Table IV-4 Export situation of main TiO2 manufacturers, 2008 (unit: tonne)
Table V-1 TiO2 apparent consumption evolution, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-2 Output evolution of coating products, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-3 TiO2 consumption in coating, 2005~2008, tonne
Table V-4 Main end users in coating industry, 2008
Table V-5 Output evolution of plastic products, 2005-2008, '000 tonnes
Table V-6 TiO2 consumption in plastic, 2005~2008, tonne
Table V-7 Main end users in plastic industry, 2008
Table V-8 Output evolution of paper products, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-9 TiO2 consumption in papermaking, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-10 Main end users in papermaking industry, 2008
Table V-11 Output evolution of enamel, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-12 TiO2 consumption in enamel, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-13 Main end users in enamel industry, 2008
Table V-14 Output evolution of welding rod, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-15 TiO2 consumption in welding rod, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-16 Main end users in welding rod industry, 2008
Table V-17 Consumption of synthetic rubber, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-18 TiO2 consumption in synthetic rubber, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-19 Main end users in rubber industry, 2008
Table V-20 Output evolution of chemical fiber, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-21 TiO2 consumption in chemical fiber, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-22 Main end users in chemical fiber industry, 2008
Table V-23 Output evolution of ink, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-24 TiO2 consumption in ink, 2005-2008, tonne
Table V-25 ain end users in ink industry, 2008
Table VI-1 Unit capacity comparison of domestic and global TiO2 projects, 2008, t/a
Table VII-1 China's titanium ore import dependence rate, 2005~2008
Table VII-2 Forecast on China's demand for TiO2, 2009~2013, tonne
Table VII-3 Forecast on China's TiO2 output, 2009~2013, tonne


Figure I-1 Expanding capacity and decreasing operating rate
Figure I-2 Capacity structure of TiO2 in China, 2005-2009, t/a
Figure I-3 Geographic distribution of TiO2 capacity in China, Mar. 2009
Figure I-4 Trend of capacity concentration to Central and West China
Figure I-5 Unreasonable product structure, by process
Figure I-6 China's self-sufficiency rate of titanium ore, 2005-2008
Figure I-7 Capacity share of titanium ore by region, 2008
Figure I-8 Price decline of titanium dioxide and sulfuric acid, Jul. 2008 and Mar.2009
Figure I-9 Capacity change of specialty TiO2, 2003-2009, t/a
Figure IV-1 Import/export price of TiO2, 2008
Figure VI-1 China's import dependence rate of titanium ore, 2005~2008
Figure VI-2 Domestic titanium ore supply by origin, 2008
Figure VII-1 China's GDP evolution, 2001~2008
Figure VII-2 Chinese people's income evolution, 2003~2008
Figure VII-3 Chinese international trade evolution, 2003~2008


Jilin Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Company Ltd. Roquette China Co., Ltd. Nikken Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Towa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Guangxi Khalista (Liuzhou) Chemical Industries Ltd. Roquette Korea Ltd. PT. Sorini Agro Asia Corporation TBK PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo

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The Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China
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