Survey of Fluor polymer in China

Date: March 23, 2011
Pages: 16
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Publisher: Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)
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Survey of Fluor polymer in China
Flame retardants have been studied for years for its incomparable function in various products to prevent ignition of fire. At present, flame retardants are mostly applied in plastics and rubber which are used in the manufacture of PCB, electrical & electronics, wire & cable, motor vehicles etc., and textile and coating as well.

China has become a key player of flame retardants both in production and consumption. It can produce most common flame retardants with output of approximately 600,000 tonnes in 2011, and has witnessed domestic consumption almost 400,000 tonnes in 2011, both with CAGR over 15% in the past five years. And along with the global development trend of flame retardants, production and consumption of flame retardants in China is switching to some more eco-friendly products such as PFRs and ATH&MH. However, Chinese producers are still focusing on developing technologies of some secondary products while foreign producers have started the R&D of some up-scaled and specified products.

On another hand, as China is a flame retardant export-oriented country, international policies and regulations in flame retardants are important to its domestic flame retardant industry. With encouragements or restrictions to different types of flame retardants, what the producers and end users choose would be vital to the future prospect of flame retardants in China.

Generally speaking, with the domestic market volume enlarging greatly in recent years, there are various commercial opportunities in China’s flame retardant industry.

In order to state the detailed and accurate flame retardant industry situation in China in the past five years and to make a forecast in the coming five years, the report includes:
  • CCM International focuses on domestic production for different flame retardant types, including BFRs, PFRs, CFRs and inorganic flame retardants, to discover their present domestic situation and future prospects.
  • CCM International pays great attention to the major products and their producers in China.
  • CCM International analyzes domestic consumption by application field.
  • CCM International provides insights into key factors influencing flame retardant such as relevant policies and technologies in China.
CCM International forecasts future demand and output for each flame retardant type from 2012 to 2016 based on all the information.

CCM International analyzes the business environment of flame retardant industry in different products with Michael Porter's Five Forces Model and points out some opportunities.

Through the above penetrations in this report, the latest dynamics and development trends of Chinese flame retardant industry will be clearly presented, which is valuable for investors, traders (both exporters and importers), technology providers, overseas competitors, etc.

1.1 Fluor Resins
  1.1.1 Overview of fluor resin in China
  1.1.2 Technology
  1.1.3 Market status of fluor resins in China
  1.1.4 Development trend
1.2 Fluor Rubber
  1.2.1 Overview of fluor rubber in China
  1.2.2 Technology
  1.2.3 Market status of fluor rubber in China
  1.2.4 Development trend


Dakin (China) Industry Ltd., Shanghai 3F New Material Co., Ltd., Juhua Group Corporation, Dongyue Group, Sichuan Zhonghao Chenguang Institute
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Survey of Fluor polymer in China
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