Supply and Demand of Enzyme in China

Date: February 23, 2010
Pages: 67
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Supply and Demand of Enzyme in China
Chlorpyrifos is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide in China with sales volume ranking first among all organophosphorus insecticides worldwide at present. China’s chlorpyrifos industry has witnessed remarkable progress since the first registration of chlorpyrifos technical came out and approved in early 1990s. Thanks to the advanced production technology of STCP production, China’s chlorpyrifos industry has seen notable changes, especially in recent 4-5 years. Now, China has been the globally largest production base (by capacity) of chlorpyrifos technical, and it will surely capture a more considerable market share in the global market.

Under the backdrop of Chinese government’s rising awareness of environmental protection, pesticide industrial reconstruction, challenges from global financial crisis and RMB appreciation, what’s the development trend for China’s chlorpyrifos industry? You can find the answer in this edition of China’s chlorpyrifos industry. Moreover, this report also serves you in aspects of:
  • Latest data related to chlorpyrifos industry from technical and formulations in China in the past five years, including registration, supply, demand, etc.
  • Identifying the key players and potential producers of chlorpyrifos industry in China.
  • Emphasizing on demand volume and value of chlorpyrifos market in 2006-2010, as well as the consumption structure by both crops and regions.
  • Figuring out the development status and influencing factors including drivers and barriers.

1.1 Production of enzyme in China
  1.1.1 Glucoamylase (GA)
  1.1.2 α-amylase
  1.1.3 Protease
  1.1.4 Lipase
  1.1.5 Cellulase
  1.1.6 Non-starch polysaccharides enzymes (NSP enzymes)
  1.1.7 Phytase
  1.1.8 Rennin
  1.1.9 Pectinase
  1.1.10 Xylanase
  1.1.11 β-Glucanase
1.2 Import and export situation
  1.2.1 Import situation
  1.2.2 Export situation


2.1 Market size of enzyme preparations
  2.1.1 Overall market size
  2.1.2 Market size by enzyme
  2.1.3 Market size by segment
2.2 Consumption pattern of major enzyme preparations
2.3 Introduction to major segments
  2.3.1 Technical enzyme preparations Starch processing Detergent Textile Leather Paper & pulp
  2.3.2 Food enzyme preparations Beer Juice Wheat-based products
  2.3.3 Feed enzyme preparations
  2.3.4 Pharmaceutical enzyme preparations


Novozymes, Hunan Jinshi Hongyingxiang Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Zhaodong Sun Shine Enzyme Co., Ltd., Wuxi Syder Bio-products Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shuangqiao Co., Ltd., Luzhou Food Group Co., Ltd., Nice Group Co., Ltd., Huafang Joint Stock Co., Ltd., Beijing Yanjing Brewery Group Co., Ltd.
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Supply and Demand of Enzyme in China
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