Production and Market of Non-Crop Pesticides in China

Date: October 23, 2010
Pages: 86
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Production and Market of Non-Crop Pesticides in China
As a branch of pesticide industry comparatively to crop pesticide, Chinese non-crop pesticide industry has been witnessing fast development in the first 10 years of the 21st century, valuing USD1,996.80 million in 2009 at the end-user level, with CAGR of 14.21% from 2000 to 2009.

In the study, research scope of non-crop pesticide market includes eight segments, namely self-applied, public health, seasonal and ornamental crops, industrial weed control, forestry, turf, timber treatment and animal heath.

By the downstream application segments, self-applied dominates non-crop pesticide market in China, due to large population of China and high added value of self-applied pesticides.

And by the pesticide type, insecticides, especially pyrethroids, occupy absolute predominance in the non-crop pesticide market.
  • Insecticides. Pyrethroid is the largest class capturing over 70% share of total non-crop insecticide market. There are nine insecticides with over 3% share, and only one doesn’t belong to pyrethroids, and new active ingredients has gradually seized market share of traditional ones.
  • Rodenticide. Bromadiolone and sodium diphacinone are the most popularly used two rodenticides in China, accounting for about 43% and 25% share in the rodenticide market respectively.
  • Fungicide. Seasonal and ornamental crops, turf and forestry are the three largest market segments of non-crop fungicides. Chlorothalonil, carbendazim and mancozeb are the largest fungicides for non-crop use in China, totally accounting for 32% share.
  • Herbicide & PGR. Glyphosate and paraquat are the most popular herbcides for non-crop use, with the value of USD20.73 million and USD10.98 million in 2009 respectively, and gibberellic acid is the most popularly used PGR for non-crop use.

As for the supply of non-crop pesticide technical, Jiangsu Yangnong, Aestar (Zhongshan), and Changzhou Kangmei, as the three largest domestic pyrethriod manufacturers dominate over 90% of the whole supply of pyrethroids for non-crop application, while other non-crop pesticide technical is mostly supplied by the pesticide manufacturers regarding crop pesticides as main business.

For the industry structure of non-crop pesticide industry, all of the top 10 manufacturers take self-applied pesticides as main business, totally capturing 53.16% of total sales amounts of non-crop pesticide industry in 2009, and the distribution and marketing of self-applied manufacturers are also different from that of pesticides in public health and other non-crop segments.

With the sustained healthy development of Chinese economy, non-crop pesticide industry will also exert commercial opportunities, including:
  • Stable market growth of self-applied pesticides especially for cockroach control
  • R&D and promotion of water-based formulation
  • Non-crop fungicides applied in flower, urban landscaping, forestry, home garden, etc.
  • New fumigants to substitute existing products which are harmful to environment.

This is CCM’s first edition report as well the first report with in-depth study of China’s non-crop pesticide market. It attaches importance to the following parts:
  • Market value of non-crop pesticides and market share by segments.
  • Market structure of non-crop pesticides by pesticide types and active ingredients.
  • Detailed study of eight market segments, from aspects of market size, active ingredients, brand, formulation types, use habit and so on.
  • Supply and demand situation of non-crop pesticides by active ingredients.
  • Identification of major market player of non-crop pesticide industry and their market share
  • Marketing and distribution channels of non-crop pesticide manufacturers
  • Commercial opportunities of non-crop pesticide industry.

This report is helpful to:
  • Companies engaged in production, R&D and sales of non-crop pesticides
  • Agents, distributors and retailers paying close attention to China’s non-crop pesticide industry and market
  • Analysts and consultants trying to gain insight into non-crop pesticide market in China
  • Associations paying attention to non-crop pesticide industry and market in China



I-1 Definition
I-2 Classification and major products
I-3 Factors influencing non-crop pesticide industry


II-1 General
  - Market size by value
  - Market segment by pesticide type
II-2 Product overview
  - Insecticide
  - Rodenticide
  - Fungicide
  - Herbicide & PGR
II-3 Market segments
  II-3.1 Self-applied
    - Mosquito
    - Rodent
    - Fly
    - Cockroach
    - Ant & termite, others
  II-3.2 Public health
  II-3.3 Seasonal and ornamental crops
  II-3.4 Industrial weed control
  II-3.5 Forestry
  II-3.6 Turf (Residential , Golf、Pasture)
  II-3.7 Timber treatment
  II-3.8 Animal heath


III-1 Pyrethroids
  - Tetramethrin
  - Permethrin
  - Prallethrin
  - Rich-d-t-prallethrin
  - D-allethrin
  - Esbiothrin
  - Summary
III-2 Rodenticide
  - Bromadiolone
III-3 Herbicide
  - Glyphosate
  - Paraquat
III-4 Chlorothalonil
III-5 Phoxim
III-6 Others


IV-1 General
IV-2 Market share of top 10 companies and their marketing strategies
  - Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
  - Shanghai Johnson Co., Ltd.
  - Hebei Kangda Co., Ltd.
  - Zhejiang Zenden Industrial Co., Ltd.
  - Lizi Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
  - Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  - Zhejiang Black Cat God Group
  - Aestar (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
  - Jiangxi Hilltop Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
  - Fujian Jinlu Daily Chemical Co. Ltd.
IV-3 Production and R&D
IV-4 Marketing
IV-5 Distribution
IV-6 Commercial opportunities
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Production and Market of Non-Crop Pesticides in China
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