Production and Market of Flutriafol in China

Date: July 23, 2009
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Production and Market of Flutriafol in China
Key findings (Word) + Trade analysis (Excel)

The triazole fungicide flutriafol is used on many different types of plants including field crops, fruit trees, vegetables, and turf.

This report focuses on flutriafol's technology, patent, production, raw material supply, consumption and export situation and forecasts the flutriafol industry development in the coming 5 years.

What are the aims of this report?

1. To provide comprehensive & in-depth understanding of flutriafol industry;
2. To figure out current supply and consumption in China;
3. To analyse the production technology of flutriafol and its patent;
4. To identify major domestic suppliers of flutriafol;
5. To know key raw materials of flutriafol in China
6. To analyse flutriafol consumption in China, including its regional distribution and use pattern.
7. To analyse import & export situation of flutriafol;

What can you benefit from the report?

This study will help you to get a clear picture of flutriafol's actual production situation, technology level, pricing, consumption, trade of flutriafol and understand the future trend of Chinese flutriafol industry.

Executive summary


I-1 Flutriafol technology development in recent years
I-2 Patent about flutriafol technology in China


II-1 Summary of flutriafol production
  II-1.1 Flutriafol production (capacity&output)
II-2 Key raw materials of flutriafol in China
II-3 Flutriafol price in China
II-4 Registration of flutriafol in China
II-5 Consumption of flutriafol in China
  II-5.1 Flutriafol technical (for formulation production and for export)
  II-5.2 Use of flutriafol formulations
    - Regional distribution
    - Use pattern
II-6 Import and export of flutriafol, 2008-Apr. 2009
  II-6.1 Import situation
  II-6.2 Export situation



Table I-1.1 Comparison between Grignard reaction route and Sevencontinent route in flutriafol production
Table I-2.1 Details of Jiangsu Sevencontinent’s patent in China
Table II-1.1.1 Capacity and output of flutriafol producers in China as of May 2009 (kg)
Table II-2.1 Capacity and output of 2,4'-Difluorobenzophenone producers in China in May 2009 (Price: FOB Shanghai in May 2009)
Table II-4.1 Active flutriafol registrations in China as of Jun. 2009
Table II-5.2.1 Use volume of flutriafol on major crops in China, 2008
Table II-6.2.1 Exporters of flutriafol, 2008- Apr. 2009 (Quantity: kg, Price: USD/kg)
Table II-6.2.2 Export situation of Chinese manufacturers, 2008-Apr. 2009 (Quantity: kg; Price: USD/kg)


Figure I-1.1 Grignard reaction route of flutriafol production in China
Figure I-1.2 Sevencontinent route of flutriafol production in China
Figure II-3.1 Price change of flutriafol 95% TC, 2006~2009
Figure II-5.1.1 Consumption structure of China’s flutriafol technical (100%) by value, 2008
Figure II-5.2.1 Regional distribution of flutriafol consumption in China, 2008 (kg)
Figure II-5.2.2 Regional distribution of flutriafol consumption in China, 2008
Figure II-5.2.3 Consumption pattern of flutriafol in China, 2008
Figure II-6.2.1 Export volume of flutriafol, 2008-Apr. 2009
Figure II-6.2.2 Export price of flutriafol, 2008-Apr. 2009
Figure II-6.2.3 Export destination of flutriafol 95% TC, 2008-Apr. 2009 (Quantity: kg)
Figure II-6.2.4 Export destination of flutriafol 12.5%SC, 2008-Apr. 2009 (Quantity: kg)


Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd.;Jiangsu Fengdeng Pesticide Co., Ltd.;Jiangsu Yancheng Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.;Zhejiang Zitic Import And Export Co., Ltd.;Jiangsu Jiangyan Keyan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Production and Market of Flutriafol in China
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