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Polycarbonate Market Research (China)

December 2005 | | ID: PC7C9374721EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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This report provides a comprehensive study on the polycarbonate in China, from aspects of production, technology, import & export, consumption & end uses, etc. It is mainly delivered in forms of excels, with some key findings and explanations. The systematic Excel matrix is used to outline the current situation and scientific methodology is used for future forecast.

  - All the producers in China, either active or idled or potential, have been sourced and contacted. Their situation has been verified and compiled as in the appendix.
  - The competitiveness of Chinese production has been discussed in order to uncover the mystery of ever-increasing capability of Chinese manufacturing.
  - The import & export analysis for the situation in the recent three years has been conducted.
  - The consumption pattern of the researched subject has been carried out in order to breakdown the end uses into different segments. The major end users under each major end use segments have been identified.
  - The scientific methodology has been employed to conduct the quantitative forecast on this subject in the future 5-10 years.

The aim of this report is to provide powerful assistance to the strategy group and the management team in making correct decision as how to penetrate the ever-increasing China market and how to catch the maximum commercial opportunities. The report is formulated independently by CCM’s professional market researchers, based on the first-hand and primary data which are analyzed by scientific methodology, confirmed with both manufacturers/end users/traders and legal authorities, and presented in a logic way.

Data is provided in Excel matrix


Teijin Polycarbonate China Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Factory
GE Plastics China Ltd.

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