Polyamide Market Research (China)

Date: May 23, 2006
Pages: 82
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Polyamide Market Research (China)
This report provides general understanding to Chinese polyamide technology, production, price, raw material, import & export, consumption, manufacturers, as well as government role. Key factors & difficulties, competitiveness, foreign involvement are also discussed deeply. Historical data (1990~2005) and long-term forecasts (till 2010) are presented. Major producers in China are profiled.

Executive summary
Introduction & definition


I-1 Historic PA Technology Trends

I-2 Current PA Technology Assessment
  I-2.1 PA 6 Technology Assessment
  I-2.2 PA 66 Technology Assessment
  I-2.3 Other PA Technology Assessment

I-3 Innovations in PA technology
  I-3.1 Innovation in PA6 Technology
  I-3.2 Innovation in PA66 Technology
  I-3.3 Innovation in Other PA Technology

I-4 Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Technologies


II-1 Global Overview of PA

II-2 Historic and Current Market Size

II-3 Current Production Situation

II-4 Product Types of PA

II-5 Raw Material Supply Situation
  II-5.1 Situation of Caprolactam
  II-5.2 Situation of PA66 Salt
  II-5.3 Situation of Isophthalic Acid
  II-5.4 Situation of Long Chain Dibasic Acid(DC10-DC 18)
  II-5.5 Situation of Adipic Acid

II-6 Key Factors and Difficulties influencing PA Production

II-7 Competitiveness of Chinese Production and Supply

II-8 Foreign Involvement in Chinese Production

II-9 Historic Import and Export Analysis of PA II-9.1 Situation in the Past Year II-9.2 Import & Export Analysis of PA in 2003-2005

II-10 Role of the Government in the PA Industry


III-1 Historic Pricing of PA (for Major Specifications)

III-2 Factors Resulting in Price Changes


IV-1 Analysis of PA Applications

IV-2 Consumption in Chinlon
  IV-2.1 Market of Chinlon
  IV-2.2 Product Structure of Chinlon
  IV-2.3 Future Development of Chinlon

IV-3 Consumption in Engineering Plastic
  IV-3.1 Consumption in Electronics and Spare Parts
  IV-3.2 Consumption in Auto

IV-4 Consumption in Other Fields

IV-5 Summary of Major End Users

IV-6 Key Factors Influencing the Mass Consumption of PA

IV-7 Demand for PA and Future Growth Areas


V-1 Driving Forces in the PA Industry

V-2 Quantitive Forecasts of PA Market in the Next 5-10 Years


VI-1 List of Chinese Traders Importing and Exporting PA

VI-2 Profiles of Current PA Manufacturers
  VI-2.01 Zhenjiang Ningbo Hengrun Polymers Co., Ltd.
  VI-2.14 Rhodia (Shanghai) Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.


Table 1. Consumption pattern of PA in China in 2005
Table I-1.1 PA 6 equipments introduced during the period of 1981-1998
Table I-2.1.1 PA6 technologies being applied in China
Table II-1.1 PA Output in the World, 1996-2005
Table II-1.2 Percentage of PA Output in the World, 1996-2005
Table II-1.3 World Top PA Manufacturers
Table II-2.1 Market of PA in the past years
Table II-2.2 Percentage of major PA serials
Table II-2.3 Market of major PA serials in the past years
Table II-3.1 Major PA producers in China
Table II-5.1.1 Capacity and demand of caprolactam in the world
Table II-5.1.2 Top 10 caprolactam manufacturers in the world
Table II-5.1.3 Consumption pattern of caprolactam in 2004 in the world
Table II-5.1.4 Caprolactam situation in China
Table II-5.1.5 Caprolactam manufacturers in China
Table II-5.1.6 Unit energy consumption in caprolactam production in SinoPec Baling in 2003
Table II-5.1.7 Caprolactam consumption pattern by region in 2005
Table II-5.2.1 Market of PA66 Salt in the Past Years
Table II-5.3.1 Global major isophthalic acid manufacturers in 2003
Table II-5.3.2 Consumption Pattern in Major Consuming Countries
Table II-5.5.1 Capacity of major producers in the world in 2004
Table II-5.5.2 Average Price of Adipic Acid in the Past Years
Table II-8.1 Major foreign companies involved in Chinese PA production
Table II-9.1.1 Import & export situation of PA in the past years
Table II-9.2.1 Export volume by month in 2003
Table II-9.2.2 Export by Destination in 2003
Table II-9.2.3 Export by Exporter in 2003
Table II-9.2.4 Export by Month in 2004
Table II-9.2.5 Export by Destination in 2004
Table II-9.2.6 Export by Exporter in 2004
Table II-9.2.7 Export by Month in 2005
Table II-9.2.8 Export by Destination in 2005
Table II-9.2. Export by Exporter in 2005
Table II-9.2.10 Import by Month in 2003
Table II-9.2.11 Import by Origin in 2003
Table II-9.2.12 Import by Importer in 2003
Table II-9.2.13 Import by Month in 2004
Table II-9.2.14 Import by Origin in 2004
Table II-9.2.15 Import by Importer in 2004
Table II-9.2.16 Import by Month in 2005
Table II-9.2.17 Import by Origin in 2005
Table II-9.2.18 Import by Importer in 2005
Table II-10.1 Import tariff of PA related products
Table II-10.2 Tariff of PA serials in 2006
Table III-1.1 Price of major PA serials in the past years
Table III-1.2 Price changes of PA's major raw materials in the past years
Table IV-1.1Consumption pattern of PA in China in 2005
Table IV-2.1.1 Market of Chinlon in the past years
Table IV-2.2.1 Capacity of different Chinlon in 2005
Table IV-2.2.2 Market of filament fiber for civil use in China
Table IV-2.2.3 Major producers of filament fiber for civil use in China
Table IV-2.2.4 Output of Bias tyre and its demand of Chinlon
Table IV-2.2.5 Major Producers of filament fiber for industry in China
Table IV-2.2.6 Major producers of staple fiber in China
Table IV-3.1 China's demand of various engineering plastics in recent years
Table IV-3.2 The demand of PA in making engineering plastics in China in the future
Table IV-3.2.1 PA application in autos in China, 2005
Table IV-3.2.2 The major PA engineering plastics manufacturers in China
Table IV-3.2.3 Output of Motor Vehicle in China from 2000 to 2005
Table IV-3.2.4 Forecast of the output of motor vehicle in China in the future
Table IV-5.1 Major PA end users in China
Table VI-1.1 List of Chinese top PA importers
Table VI-1.2 List of Chinese top PA exporters


Zhenjiang Ningbo Hengrun Polymers Co., Ltd.; Liaoning Second Fiber Factory; Shandong Weihai shanhua Carpet Group; Heilongjiang Nylon Factory; Shanghai Sailuluo Factory; more……

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