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Production and Market of Polyacrylamide in China

May 2012 | 79 pages | ID: P4961476B02EN
Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CCM)

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As one of the largest producer of PAM in the world, China has witnessed a rapid growth in 2007-2011 with a CAGR of about 16%. The output comes up to around 600,000 tonnes in 2011. It’s estimated that the capacity and output will continue to increase in the coming five year. In spite of this, there are some disadvantages in China’s PAM industry. This report elaborates not only the advantages and disadvantages of PAM industry but also current production situation of PAM in China and also in the future.

Currently, there are four categories of PAM in domestic market, anionic PAM (APAM), cationic PAM (CPAM), nonionic PAM (NPAM) and amphoteric PAM (AmPAM). Among these, APAM plays a leading role no matter in production or in consumption. But CPAM shows a faster rising than APAM during 2007-2011. What about the latest market situation about each category in China? And what’s the future trend of them?

This report will keep you informed with the latest intelligence of PAM key producers. As of March 2012, there are more than 100 producers of PAM in China, but the production scale of them is usually small. The top 13 producers take up around 80% share by capacity in March 2012. Different producers have different core products of PAM. And parts of them are going to expand their production lines of PAM.

Meanwhile, China is a large consumer of PAM in the world too, whose consumption volume accounted for about 40% of the global's total in 2009. And it is mainly consumed in petroleum industry, water treatment industry, papermaking industry, mine exploitation industry, etc. PAM consumption in each downstream industry are on the rise in 2007-2011. It’s noteworthy that water treatment, benefiting from the strict environment protection policy, consumes more and more PAM, especially CPAM. PAM consumption volume, consumption pattern and application fields and future trend will be presented in detail in the report.

To figure out these questions, CCM International carries out a deep investigation into China’s PAM industry. In this report, following aspects are highlighted:
  • Production situation (2007-March 2012)
  • Production technology
  • Key producers’ dynamic (March 2012)
  • Raw material supply
  • Price change (2007-2011)
  • Import and export (2011)
  • Consumption situation (2007-2011)
  • Future trend in production and consumption (2012-2016)



1.1 Overview of PAM production
1.2 Production Situation of PAM
1.3 Key producers of PAM
1.4 Problems the PAM Industry in China facing
1.5 Price of PAM in China
1.6 Production Technology
  1.6.1 Overview of the production technology
  1.6.2 Technology development
1.7 Raw Materials Supplying Situation
  1.7.1 Acrylamide
  1.7.2 Acrylonitrile


2.1 Import & Export Summary
2.2 PAM Import & Export Analysis


3.1 Consumption situation of PAM in China
3.2 Consumption segment in China
3.3 Petroleum Industry
  3.3.1 Overview of petroleum industry in China
  3.3.2 PAM consumption in petroleum industry in China
  3.3.3 End users
3.4 Water treatment
  3.4.1 Overview of water treatment in China
  3.4.2 PAM consumption in water treatment in China
  3.4.3 End users
3.5 Papermaking Industry
  3.5.1 Overview of papermaking industry in China
  3.5.2 PAM consumption in papermaking industry in China
  3.5.3 End users
3.6 Mine Exploitation Industry
  3.6.1 Overview of mine exploitation industry in China
  3.6.2 PAM consumption in mine exploitation industry in China
  3.6.3 End users
3.7 Other end use segmentations


4.1 Key factors in PAM industry
4.2 Forecast the development of PAM industry in China (2012-2016)
  4.2.1 Forecast on capacity and output of PAM
  4.2.2 Forecast on consumption of PAM



6.1 Profiles for key producers of PAM in China
  6.1.1 PetroChina Daqing Refining & Chemical Company


  6.1.10 Anhui Jucheng Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
6.2 Profiles for key end users of PAM in China
  6.2.1 End users of petroleum industry Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Co., Ltd.
  6.2.2 End users of PAM from water treament Wuhan Shanzhen Industry Holding Co., Ltd.

.... Nanhai Development Company Limited
  6.2.3 End users of papermaking industry Shandong Chenming Paper Group

.... Shanxi Lanhua Sci-tech Venture Co., Ltd.


PetroChina Daqing Refining & Chemical Company, SNF China Flocculants Co., Ltd., Beijing Hengju Chemical Group Corporation, Anhui Tianrun Chemicals Co., Ltd., Shandong Polymer Bio-chemicals Co., Ltd.

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